Male Revues Plan Their Comeback Post-Pandemic

Following the end of the pandemic, Exotique Men, a prolific troupe of male strippers from New York City, is planning a comeback. As a result of the city’s shutdowns, several male revue shows had to close. As a result, as the city recovers from the pandemic, there is a lack of entertainment for bachelorette parties and birthday parties in New York City.

While vaccines are still being issued, Governor Cuomo has begun to reopen restaurants and bars with restricted capacities. The theaters on Broadway, on the other hand, are the last to reopen. As owners await guidance and instructions from state officials, several shows and venues continue to remain closed.

One of those forced to close was Exotique Men, a well-known male revue show in New York City. “It’s been an unfortunate thing for us,” a spokesperson said. “We will, however, do everything possible to restore normalcy once we obtain approval from government authorities.”

When the pandemic is over and things return to normal, Exotique Men plans to reopen its doors and continue performing its popular NYC male strip show and male revue. According to management, there has been an increase in demand for male revue entertainment, but there is little that can be done due to the coronavirus shutdowns. “We’ll have to wait and see,” management said, adding that they’re keeping an eye on the New York City reopenings. “We want to ensure that everyone is protected, but we also want things to get back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Via its online portal, Exotique Men continues to entertain its clients with virtual lap dances and virtual bachelorette parties. While it is uncertain when things will return to normal, the company is hopeful that demand will rise once the pandemic is over. According to a company spokeswoman, “Covid has forced people to cancel their bachelorette parties and marriages.” “Once all is decided, we trust that they will go ahead with their plans, and we will see a lot of bachelorette parties and weddings.” Despite the fact that the pandemic’s end is close, many business owners are still fighting to stay afloat.

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