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Male Revues Plan Their Comeback Post-Pandemic




Following the end of the pandemic, Exotique Men, a prolific troupe of male strippers from New York City, is planning a comeback. As a result of the city’s shutdowns, several male revue shows had to close. As a result, as the city recovers from the pandemic, there is a lack of entertainment for bachelorette parties and birthday parties in New York City.

While vaccines are still being issued, Governor Cuomo has begun to reopen restaurants and bars with restricted capacities. The theaters on Broadway, on the other hand, are the last to reopen. As owners await guidance and instructions from state officials, several shows and venues continue to remain closed.

One of those forced to close was Exotique Men, a well-known male revue show in New York City. “It’s been an unfortunate thing for us,” a spokesperson said. “We will, however, do everything possible to restore normalcy once we obtain approval from government authorities.”

When the pandemic is over and things return to normal, Exotique Men plans to reopen its doors and continue performing its popular NYC male strip show and male revue. According to management, there has been an increase in demand for male revue entertainment, but there is little that can be done due to the coronavirus shutdowns. “We’ll have to wait and see,” management said, adding that they’re keeping an eye on the New York City reopenings. “We want to ensure that everyone is protected, but we also want things to get back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Via its online portal, Exotique Men continues to entertain its clients with virtual lap dances and virtual bachelorette parties. While it is uncertain when things will return to normal, the company is hopeful that demand will rise once the pandemic is over. According to a company spokeswoman, “Covid has forced people to cancel their bachelorette parties and marriages.” “Once all is decided, we trust that they will go ahead with their plans, and we will see a lot of bachelorette parties and weddings.” Despite the fact that the pandemic’s end is close, many business owners are still fighting to stay afloat.

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Best running shoes for men brands




Choosing the best running shoes for men requires a decision made upon lots of factors. Every brand designs premium running shoes which are all thoroughly tested and minutely designed. But running shoes of each brand differ aesthetically and this is what makes a great deal in tournaments and marathons. The size of your feet and your feet weight can actually make one brand more functional for you than the other. Even cushioning of different brands impacts your feet differently. While some may be super comfortable on your feet even with less cushioning. Whereas, other brands may not give you the same comfort zone even with better cushioning.

Therefore, there are a lot of variables which need to be taken into consideration before you decide which running shoe brand will work for you.

What are some considerations you need to ponder upon when deciding upon best men running shoes?

Your personal preference:

Oftentimes, even if a certain brand does not suit you to perfection, you are still not ready to let it go. This may be because of brand loyalty or a certain comfort feeling that comes to you in association with that brand.

Your style:

Men who love to feature different styles usually have multiple running shoes brands in their footwear collection. They tend to reflect their day’s style with a certain brand. Many athletes have stated that different brands help to depict their different moods which is why they sport multiple brands.

Your feet size and weight:

As stated before, feet size and weight play a crucial role in determining the best running shoes for you. Runners need to understand their feet well before buying running shoes. This is because running shoes are very expensive and you cannot risk making a lousy investment.

Your terrain:

The terrain you usually select for running is also a crucial decision variable. Many brands design functional running shoes according to different terrains.


If you are training to be an athlete or you are indulging in other sport activities, you will need to select your running shoes accordingly. The type of activity will determine which running shoes are best for your training.

Health issues:

If you are suffering from flat feet or plantar fasciitis or any other foot related health problem, then you will need to select your running shoes as per your feet health.

Which running shoes are best for men?

After going through all the variables and scrutinizing every single detail, you need to decide which brand will best work for you. Therefore, I am outlining some best brands to aid you in your decision.


One of the most popular running shoes brands, Brooks is well known for making high performance running shoes for men and women. Brooks running shoes have roomier toe boxes and DNA amp midsoles that provide more energy return than other midsoles in the market. Brooks running sneakers are also marked for their quality and functionality. They are well recognized for their high mileage shoes. Most of Brooks customers state that the brand is extremely comfortable and gives perfect fit. Since Brooks sneakers are very durable, they are great value for money. Brooks shoes are termed expensive but they are certainly cheaper than the shark brands in the market. But since they are the best, the price is certainly very ideal.

Hoka One One:

Runners are the ones who truly understand the importance of a good running shoe. Which is exactly why so many runners and joggers prefer Hoka one one as their top functional sneaker. Not only are they super attractive but they are also highly comfortable and durable. You can pair them with any of your activity outfits, and look super cool and chic. Hoka one one running shoes are glamorous and make you look like a fashionista. Since Hoka uses lightweight materials, its shoes are also lightweight but highly efficient. The midsole of a Hoka is designed in a way that it cradles the feet well and gives better support during runs. The extra cushioning also ensures that the feet remain well shielded from the shock impacts during runs. The Hoka shoes also use a booster feature of rounded sole shape which also helps to run faster with longer strides. Hoka has a wide range of different shoes for different routines. Therefore, it is very important that you make the right selection if you want to make a transition from better to best.


Asics have been designing running shoes for men using advanced technology and quality materials. ASICS gel Nimbus is the most acclaimed running sneaker in the world of athletic sports. Asics designs shoes which give maximum shock absorption. Nimbus 23 featured with the best running aesthetics is a high mileage shoe which gives longer and faster strides on any running trail. The additional support at the heel and midsole, makes it a high comfort and more padded running shoe as compared to others. Asics shoes have transformed the runners training patterns and have provided running boosters that help to make champions.


When there is talk of athletic shoes, the one name that instantly jumps to the thoughts is Nike. A global athletic and fashion shoes producer, Nike’s swoosh is in the hearts of everyone. Known for making top notch and excellent quality shoes, Nike has broken records in its running shoes sales. Branded as ultra-cool and chic, Nike’s running shoes for men are exceptional in their dynamics. Presented in classical and trendy colorways, and featuring React, Zoom X foam and Airpod Zoom in its midsole for best cushioning and shielding from shock waves. Nike’s Pegasus turbo line was the best in line for all kinds of marathon racing and fast training. Nike’s shoes are highly durable and give the best athletes in the world. Nike’s shoes are very light in weight, have a herringbone pattern and solid rubber base. They are super comfortable, provide excellent traction and are very flexible.If you are looking for the best place to shop these brands, CharmyPosh is your one stop solution to get the best value for your money and seasonal discounts on some of the biggest brands. So happy shopping!

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3 Water Filter Technologies with their Advantages and Disadvantages



When purchasing a water filter, the first question you will ask is “What type of water filter do I need?” The most common types of water filters are discussed below, including an overview of how they work and the pros and cons of each filter.

Note: many manufacturers use various filter technologies in their products. This is a reasonable approach. The next section only covers all the filtering technologies for which it is enabled. But you need to Google edr3rxd1 water filter holding innumerable advantages. The following are shared with the best of pros and cons. Have a look into them.

1. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

It is common for people whose water supply comes from the local council as replacement osmosis (RO) filters to remove neurotoxin fluoride from drinking water. Reverse osmosis systems use a membrane that only allows certain particles, molecules and ions to pass through (the so-called semi-permeable membrane). This can remove various types of bacteria and contaminants such as arsenic, nitrates, and fluoride from the water.

Mechanical pressure is applied to an imperfect solution to apply pure water through a semi-permeable membrane. The downside to this technology is that it wastes a lot of water. Reverse osmosis systems produce approximately 10 times more wastewater than filtered water, making these systems unsuitable for locations where water is scarce or expensive.

Advantages of reverse osmosis filters:

  1. Removes fluoride and arsenic that are difficult to filter.
  2. Relatively low cost
  3. Available as a sink or countertop (suitable for tenants, etc.)

Disadvantages of reverse osmosis filters:

  1. A large amount of wastewater
  2. All dissolved solids, including beneficial minerals, are removed from our drinking water.
  3. Filter quality varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  4. Slow filtration rate – ideally a storage tank is needed
  5. May taste “dull” as all minerals have been removed.
  6. The membrane should be replaced approximately every year

2. UV water filter

Ultraviolet water filters use the light from an ultraviolet lamp to inactivate or kill bacteria and other live microorganisms such as viruses and cysts (Giardia). However, they do not filter particles or other chemical inclusions. UV water sterilization unit. These filters require a power source to power the UV lamp (they must be replaced every 6 to 18 months). Turbidity also affects the efficiency of UV water filters. If the water contains a large number of pollutants, the ultraviolet light can be absorbed and/or scattered, allowing the passage of harmful substances. UV filters are best used at the end of a full water filtration system (that is, after a reverse osmosis or carbon filtration system).

Advantages of UV water filters

  1. Sterilize the water: kills all pathogenic bacteria, viruses and cysts.
  2. Suitable for rainwater and groundwater sources that may come into contact with animal waste, etc.

Disadvantages of reverse osmosis filters:

  1. A power supply is required to power the lamp
  2. The lamp should be replaced approximately every year
  3. Chemicals, metals, etc. They are not taken out of the water.
  4. Clean water is required for the best results.

3. Distilled water filter

Distillation involves boiling water to create water vapor, which then cools and turns back into a liquid that falls into a separate chamber. This process separates the solutions because they do not disappear, but some impurities are carried along with the water vapor and form the final result. Distillers are effective at removing (and killing) inclusions in a water source.

Advantages of water stills

  1. Effective in removing contaminants and pathogenic bacteria
  2. Free
  3. No need to replace the filter or lamp

Disadvantages of water stills

  1. Takes time / slow to filter
  2. Volatile organic chemicals that can easily turn into gas are not removed.
  3. Not very effective in removing chlorine.
  4. Produces dehydrated water, which can leave the body without minerals and even in a dehydrated state.
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What Are the Benefits of Choosing Retro Fitness Centers?




Are you starting a new fitness and training routine? Is it accurate to say that you are looking for a fitness center that offers a great and sensible value range or that offers something incredible for your financial plan? Retro Fitness center offers a wide variety of strength equipment, cardio with personal entertainment systems, and gathering wellness classes. 

Retro Fitness was established with one goal, and that is to ensure you get the outcomes you need in the most limited conceivable time. All along, the middle has separated itself from the opposition with its very good quality offices, proficient staff, and gifted fitness coaches. The advantages are intended to add the middle’s unbiased, and that is to make exercises more agreeable So Selecting the correct rec center has a significant effect on your exhibition and on the off chance that you decide to appear by any means. Try not to squander your cash on an enrollment that doesn’t flow with your exercise needs.

Importance of Physical Activity In Our Daily Life

Physical activities or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have prompt and long-haul medical advantages. In particular, ordinary action can improve your satisfaction. Normally People turn out for some, reasons weight control, muscle building, wellbeing, stress help, and regular vanity. Working out at home can be powerful and may even set aside your cash, yet routinely going to your neighborhood wellness focus offers various benefits over home exercises.

Start your fitness with Retro Fitness 

Retro Fitness is one of the fastest developing fitness Centers in the US today with over 130 areas all through the country. Open for people, the middle has a total arrangement of gear and conveniences to make your exercises gainful and pleasant. The middle has likewise gotten known for its moderate rates, so it has not shocked industry spectators that the organization has been extending at a quick rate. Since the organization was established, its saying has never shown signs of change, and that is to give “more for less”. Before you join, however, you can utilize the accompanying as a value manage.

 Below are the latest Retro Fitness prices.              



  • Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Standard)$99.00
  • Annual Fee (Per Person) (Standard)$39.00
  • Monthly Fee (Per Person) (Standard)$19.99
  • Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (Standard)$0.00


  • Initiation Fee (Per Person) (VIP Plan)$99.00
  • Annual Fee (Per Person) (VIP Plan)$49.00
  • Monthly Fee (Per Person) (VIP Plan)$29.99
  • Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (VIP Plan)$0.00

Retro Fitness Membership Prices

Retro Fitness enrollment starting charge is an interest in your health and fitness, and similarly, as with plenty of excellent yields, you pay more to get more. After the starter expense, Retro Fitness month-to-month cost for one club access is unbelievably modest. Which is just $19.99, 

For all club access, the Retro fitness enrollment month-to-month charge is just $29.99, which implies if you work out five days per week, comes out to be not two or three dollars every day. Isn’t it inconceivable? 

With regards to the yearly expense for one club access, it is Prepaid Membership Dues $ 239.49, and the Yearly Payment comes out to be just $19.95 each month, which, on the off chance that you work five days every week, comes out to be under two bucks per day. Retro Fitness costs are completely sensible when you consider what the ordinary value comes out to be. There is no scratch-off charge.

What Does Retro Fitness Membership Include?

For $29.99 you get access to all Retro Fitness clubs and all their equipment, classes, and personal training. The annual fee is $99, as is the prepaid annual maintenance fee, while the prepaid membership dues cost $239.88. … There is no cancellation fee.

Retro Fitness Cancellation

Retro Fitness offers the best services, however, if you need to cancel your Retro fitness enrollment under any circumstance, you need to realize how to cancel Retro Fitness participation? 

The following is all the data you need to know to cancel Retro Fitness participation. 

Retro fitness Membership Cancellation 

  • 1. To cancel Retro wellness enrollment, you should give an abrogation letter to the club supervisor, including the date, complete name, address, and the part number with your mark. The thing to remember is that enrollment isn’t dropped by a call or email. 
  • 2. You are not punished on the off chance that you drop your Retro fitness participation inside the initial three days of consenting to your arrangement. 
  • 3. If you cancel the Retro Fitness participation after the initial three days of your agreement, you should cancel by paying the leftover three months or year enrollment of your enrollment; you can utilize the Retro Fitness highlights during the scratch-off period.
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A Few Simple Tips For Finding A Great Dentist




Finding a great dentist isn’t easy. Whether you live in Hawaii or Wichita, this can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t been to a dentist for a while. But look no further, than this article. Finding a dentist is easier than you think if you simply apply the tips that follow.

Ask People You Know

A great way to find a dentist is to ask other people that you know and trust. Ask your family, colleagues or friends. Often they will have good recommendations. In addition to asking what dentist they recommend, ask about other qualitative factors. Find out if the dentist is friendly, has a nice waiting room and has a great staff.

What if you are new to an area?

If you are new to an area, you may not know anyone who can recommend a great dentist. So what do you do in this scenario? Ask credible people who are in a position to know who the best dentists are. Often hospitals and other health facilities employ the services of a number of Text Messaging for Dentists. So they are in a great position to know who the best dentists are. All you need to do is call them up and ask for a recommendation.

You can also ask a local dental school. Dental schools are in a great position to know who the best dentists are in the area. In addition, dental schools may even offer lower rates than a regular dentist for dental care. Sure, you will have students performing your dental care, but they will be well supervised by extremely experience dentists who know what they are doing.

Use the Internet

Nowadays, everything is on the web. Search for a website that lists Dental Text Messaging Service in your area along with patient reviews. Look for a dentist that is convenient for you and also look at their reviews. Make sure that their patients have a lot of good things to say about them. And if a dentist has a lot of negative reviews, look elsewhere.

Also visit the dentist’s website. You can learn a lot by checking out their website. Does the dentist offer all of the dental services required to meet their needs? You can also get a feel for the dentist’s personality by the way they have designed their site and what they talk about on their website. And if the dentist has posted a video, then you are really in luck. You can get a good sense of their personality too.

Special Dental Needs

When choosing a dentist, you should also consider your special dental needs. If you have healthy teeth, choosing a dentist is easier as all dentists are able to do the basics like cleanings and taking x-rays. But if you have crooked teeth you may want a dentist that specializes in orthodontics. Or if you want your teeth to look better you may want a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry and so on.

Check Your Dental Plan

Another great way to choose a dentist is to look at the dentists that are pre-approved by your dental plan. In this case, you will already know that they will accept your dental insurance. But you should be sure to ask a lot of questions to confirm that they are the right dentist for you.

Call the Dentist

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential dentists, call them. See how you are treated on the phone. Confirm that they take your insurance. Find out: how to get to the office, what their business hours are and how they handle dental emergencies that are outside of their business hours.

Take a Test Drive

Some dentists will offer free consultations or even free cleanings to prospective patients. Take them up on their offer. You will get free service and also a chance to chat with them so that you can see if you get a long.

Don’t Get Taken for a Ride

Some unscrupulous dentists will try to sell you services or treatments that you do not need. In this situation, go with your gut instinct and get a second opinion from another dentist if you are unsure that any treatment is not right for you.

Also, some bad dentists will post fake reviews on review websites. So always take the reviews that you see on these sites with a grain of salt. Make sure that the reviews align with your experience with the dentist and look elsewhere if they do not.

Remember you don’t have to go with the first dentist that you find. If you are not happy with them in anyway, keep on looking. Eventually you will find the right dentist for you and your smile.

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How To Choose The Best Dentist For Yourself




Prevention is considered as the best treatment for all dental problems. The prevention and maintenance regimen includes a couple of checkups on an annual basis that includes professional cleaning and evaluating of one’s teeth and gum condition.

Choosing a good dental service provider is very essential. Every day there are new procedures being introduced for enhancing of dental hygiene along with overall health of an individual’s teeth. This has led to the requirement of a more specialized dental specialist, that can perform all these procedures effectively. When you initially start searching for a dentist, it is extremely necessary that you select the perfect dental service provider.

This may not always be easy as numerous dentists are advertised on a daily basis, however through searching through the net and consulting friends and family you can find the perfect dentist for the job. Remember no two dentists are the same. When you consider a Find Best Dentist Near Me importance as far as dental hygiene and health is concerned, it is extremely important that you select an expert and skilled dentist who is known for his effective services, is experienced and qualified.

As far as tips for choosing the best dentist is concerned, listed below are some requirements that should be followed to choose the perfect dental service provider.

List all dentists present in your area and inquire about what types of dental services they provide. Some Emergency Dentists Near Me offer cosmetic services along with other services whereas some dentists do not. Confirm whether the specific dentist you intend to choose offers the services you require.

Knowing on what your insurance covers helps when choosing a dentist, as your selected dentist should at least provide all those services that are covered in your dental plan or insurance.

After deciding on which service you require, inquire on the clinical experiences of the dentist and if the dentist holds any special training in any special area.

Inquire about whether any emergency service is provided in case a sudden dental crisis arises. Also inquire on whether this service is provided in off hours.

Find out where the offices of your selected dentist are located all over the area. You should have an office close to your house in case you require to visit immediately or in the middle of the night, or in an emergency. Also in case you require frequent visits to your dentist, having an office near your house is always beneficial.

Also visit the office of your selected dentist and check on the overall condition of the office and personal hygiene of the dentist and his assistants along with office personnel too.

All these issues are very important in selecting the best service provider dentist, as your teeth and gums are dependent on you in taking the right decision.

Mahvish is an experienced writer currently working as a freelancer. She has written on numerous different niches and holds extensive knowledge in dental care.

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