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Male Employees In Indonesia Should Have More Paternity Leave Days

On the surface, it may seem that paternity leave is a practice that many men would be hesitant to avail of since women are the usual “caregivers” of families. However, there are some crucial benefits for male employees in Indonesia, especially those involved in company formation Indonesia.

Couples Bond Better With Paternity Leave

First of all, paternity leave gives men the opportunity to bond with both their spouse and their newborn child. Men will understand that there is more to being a father than just bringing in a paycheck to support the family. As a spouse, they will be able to relate to the problems that women encounter as mothers of a newborn. This helps couples develop a marriage with more intimacy and depth, compared to couples who might not understand each other’s point of view in raising a child.

Second, paternity leave allows men to relieve their wives of some of the pressure in maintaining the so-called “work-life balance”. Women whose male spouses take parental leave will be able to return to work-for-pay sooner and thus foster their career as well. This allows both fathers and mothers the chance to qualify for more career opportunities. This means additional financial security for many families, especially couples who are newly married.

Talented Men Gain More Recognition Through Paternity Leave

Contrary to what some career executives may believe, men who opt for paternity leave actually receive more recognition. This is in comparison to men who are devoted to working only. This could be because men who have a strong bond with their wives and children are more resilient. They are able to absorb more on-the-job pressure since their families keep them grounded. Plus their colleagues do admire them more, especially those employees who secretly would like the courage to apply for paternity leave too.

So if you are going to register new company it would be a good idea to offer paternity leave as a work benefit for your male employees. We at 3E Accounting would be happy to work with your Human Resources staff in developing the right employee benefits. We also offer other business services to our clients. Contact us today so that we can discuss with you your options.

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