Malayalam Some Sad & Romantic Songs – Which Song Do Listeners Like?

Malayalam music industry gave us many types of songs, but sad and romantic songs are top-rated, and visitors like these two types’ songs most. Every people in the world have continued their life with a sad and romantic moment. That’s why every people love these songs the most. And today we write about sad and romantic type songs that you have to listen to in every sad and good moment. If you want to hear these songs, then went to kuttyweb download your most favorite songs.

Sad Songs

Sad songs mean when we listen to the sad songs, the songs grow up our emotions, and that’s why we cry. Every people in the world must cry if they listen to sad songs. Here is some heart touching sad songs.

1. Neeyilla Neram

Sooraj S Kurup and Deepa Palanad sang this sad song, one of the most emotional and sentimental songs. In July 2019, the Muzik247 channel published the song, which has crossed 14 million views. The song is cast Ahaana Krishna & Tovino Thomas under the direction of Sooraj S Kurup. B K Harinarayanan wrote the lyric of the song. Pavithra Das, Pranavya Das work as a backing vocalist. This sad song is collect from the Malayalam movie LUCA which is a thriller type movie.

 2. Novinte

Mikhael’s movie has gifted us many songs, but the song Novinte was one of the sad songs which were cast by Nivin Pauly. Though the film of this song was not hit, this sad song avail 2 million views. Sithara Krishnakumar sang the song, and Gopi Sundar was the music director. B K Harinarayanan wrote the lyric of the songs.

Romantic Songs

Romantic songs mean that the songs which grow our romance level normal to abnormal it’s called romantic songs. The songs also give us much more entertainment than a movie. So if you want to download Malayalam movie songs, you have to go to the deserved online platform.

1. Kamini

The song is from the movie Anugraheethan Antony, whose rating is 3/5, which means it was so successful at the box office. This is the most romantic song, which has crossed 20 million views within one year. Harisankar KS sang these romantic songs, and Manu Manjith Manu Manjith wrote the lyric of the song. Arun Muraleedharan was the music director of the song. With the effort of these all artists, the song came to the spotlight. Sunny Wayne and Gouri Kishan cast the songs.

2. Mizhiyil Ninnum

Mayaanadhi was viral for the Mizhiyil Ninnum romantic song. Tovino Thomas and Aishwarya Lekshmi cast the song under the direction of Aashiq  Abu, and Anwar Ali wrote the lyric of the song. Shahabaz Aman sang the song, which crosses 11 million views. This movie’s song was a box office hit movie, which is a romantic thriller type movie.


So it is apparent to say that sad and romantic song is connected with one another in very deeply. No one can live without hearing a song. Especially sad songs are the most listened song than romantic. And after a long survey, we say that listeners love sad songs most.

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