Making Ramen Noodles from Scratch

Ramen is Japan`s soul food due to its popularity and nutritional value. The wheat noodle is usually served with a broth imbued with vegetables, meat, or other toppings that increases its flavor, let alone its satisfying characteristic. Although there are various versions of ramen prepared in Japan, the preparation method, the recipe, and the kind of broth used to serve the noodles also matter. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance and work on the dishes over two or three days to avoid any form of delay. 

After all the necessary preparations, you must adhere to the following steps.

  • Tie a pork belly with some kitchen twine at a half an inch interval and braise low and slow using some aromatics until the belly tenders.
  • You need to soak the braised piece of pork in a mirin-soy-miso marinade and then wrap it in plastic and place it in a fridge for up to eight hours.
  • After eight hours, dip the marinade in soft-boiled eggs and allow it to soak slowly.
  • Simmer the pork braising liquid with vegetable and chicken broth and other aromatics that make the noodles broth.  
  • The pork is then boiled to give it the charred and crunchy edges that can easily be cut into sizable pieces that can be bitten even by teens and children.
  • Finally, cook the noodles and add the broth that uniqueness gives the cuisine. 

You need to understand the following tips to increase the success rate of your ramen noodles. 

  • You need to prepare the dish components, the broth, the eggs, and the marinades, two days before you prepare the cuisine.
  • It is wise to double the marinade and the broth and freeze half of it to enhance the preparation of another batch.
  • There are times when the pork belly becomes very tender. However, using kitchen twine before cooking the broth is critical in keeping the meat together.
  • Allow the pork to cool to room temperature in the broth and the marinade. This is important as it allows the meat to stay juicy and moist, absorbing maximum flavor from the liquid.
  • In addition, picking the wide end of an egg is critical as it allows the egg to cook and be smooth and around critical in flavoring the final product.  
  • The aspect of peeling the boiled eggs while submerged in cold or running water helps loosen the shell from the egg.

Adding some reserved pork marinade to the ramen broth is also essential to increase its nutritional value and flavor. You can either use store-bought fresh, frozen, or dried noodles for our dish or make your fresh noodles as a cook. However, fresh noodles are critical as they add a distinctive tang and increase the chewing texture preferred by ramen lovers. In addition, fresh noodles have a lovely golden hue that improves the taste of these noodles after preparation. Therefore, if you have time and inclination, you can make these ramen noodles from scratch and enjoy your meal with friends and relatives.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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