Making a Strong Content Strategy

Managing content for your website can be tricky. Do you have enough to write about? Can you find a unique tone of voice that can make your company unique? Can you make content that hits the right notes without becoming too Samey? This is where content strategy becomes important.

A lot of websites just write a blog and publish it without a long-term plan. They’re ignoring the main purpose of company blog writing: that being, drawing people to your services via a Call to Action. If you can get that, hopefully you’ll grab some attention on the constantly-changing social media zeitgeist.

So how do you make a strong content strategy?

Plan. It should be obvious, but setting some goals, analyzing your content and adapting it to meet those goals is the first, crucial step. What channels will you focus on? Social media sites, blogs, or website content? Will you have an informative spin on your content, or try to make it more understandable to the layman?

Communication between departments is also important to developing a content strategy. R&D departments can provide topics for writers and social media, for example. The team working on the content strategy should also share it with everybody in the company, even if they don’t have a say in it. If they read it, it might help them with their jobs, such as contacting clients or lead generation.

Since the internet is a constantly changing place, it’s important to remember that your strategy plan should be updated to fit with the times. If a competing business is taking off with different content to you, or your content is starting to get less views, it might be time to revise the style of content you produce.

As an international digital agency, we offer content strategies for blog writing and articles. 

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