Make Your Tour Worthwhile with Israel Tour Packages

Tour packages are always beneficial in terms of saving costs, getting rid of the headache of booking flights and looking for reasonable and secure housing, safe traveling, and sometimes looking for meals as well. Thus, Israel tour package come with the same intention of providing as many facilities as possible to tourists.

What do Israel Tour Packages include?

Well, several Israel tour packages cover tourist spots within the country. Either you want to cover a single region or visit several places within the country, Israel tour packages cover all that. These tours can range between 4-11 days depending upon your intended stay in the country and can have an underlying theme like Christian tours or Jewish tours.

Israel package tours offer the “total package” that includes the costs of logistics, hotel bookings, and transportation to the important destinations within the country. These include but are not limited to Rosh HaNikra Sea grottoes, the crusader city of Acre, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Golan Heights, Caesarea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem, Jericho the Dead Sea, and Masada and Eilat. Some packages also include a tour of Petra in Jordan.

Israel tour packages are affordable and advantageous such that they take you to the places where it’s not easy to reach by yourself such as the Dead Sea, places such as Galilea where having transportation is a plus, and Bethlehem where you can enjoy when you are accompanied by your friends.

How does Your Tour start with Israel Tour Packages?

The packages begin with a pick-up service from any convenient location in an air-conditioned vehicle to a route that covers the most visited attractions and destinations. Worried about the language? Well, don’t you worry!

The packages can be booked in foreign languages including English, Spanish, French Russian, and German. Your tour guide will be a licensed professional who will guide you side by side while visiting important destinations. Although the Package tour group sizes are standard, you could also choose a private tour package where your tour is tailor-made just for you.

The Israel tour packages are divided based on daily tours, several days of travel, travel destinations, private tours, or Petra and Jordan tours.

Israel Day Tours

The Israel day tours are designed for the tourists who want to visit the travel spots in the country such as magical landscapes, Biblical sites, and iconic landmarks like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Galilee, Jericho, Masada, Dead Sea, etc. for a day without worrying for their accommodation, researching the important destinations, and looking for travel arrangements.

Tour Packages

 The tour packages are divided based on the number of days of travel such as Mini Package (2-3 days), Classical Tour Package (7-10 days), Christian Tour Package (6-12 days), Jewish Tour Package (6-9 days), Jerusalem Tour Package (3 days), Galilee and Golan Package (2-4 days), and Israel and Jordan (9-12 days).

Private Tours

Similarly, the private tours are designed such as Jerusalem, Dead Sea, and Galilee Private Tours, Israel Shore Excursions, and Airport Transfers.

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