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Make your bathrooms the room of spectacular opulence!

A bathroom is a place where one goes for personal hygiene. It includes washing hands, using the toilets, and having a shower. But a bathroom can give you more than that. It becomes a place of relaxation after a very hectic day. It is a place that has seen a lot of emotions, from happy dances to painful tears. It is the only place where one has a real me-time. The bathrooms could be an awkward thing to talk about unless they are luxury modern bathrooms. It is never too late. One can still renovate their boring bathrooms into luxury and contemporary bathrooms Houston bathroom remodeling services .

In Australia, bathroom renovations could cost anywhere from 18,000 dollars to 25,000 dollars. The renovation price depends on the size and type of renovation. There are a lot of reasons one wants to renovate their bathroom. Some reasons could be faulty pipelines, congested areas, less storage space and simply wanting to upgrade the washroom and have fun. It is always best to upgrade to a luxurious bathroom. A luxury bathroom could be expensive but always worth the pay. Also, some luxury bathrooms can always fit in your budget. Want some ideas on luxury features for your bathroom; no worries, this article has your back.

Some fantastic ideas for luxurious washrooms

Smart washroom

A smart washroom could include a heated toilet seat, handless or paperless toilets, automatic opening and closing toilets. The coolest thing is that these techy toilets keep your health under check. They can monitor your weight, BMI, urine sugar, women’s menstrual cycle track etc. If you are a person who keeps cleaning the toilets, then self-cleaning toilets are your saviours. They clean themselves after each use.

If you are a bathroom singer, now you can listen to your favourite songs even in your bathrooms with these hi-tech washrooms.

Extra spacious washrooms

The first thing anybody notices about bathrooms is the space. It is like a general rule that luxury modern bathrooms have a lot of space. Some washrooms use many mirrors, which creates the illusion of a larger area.

Rain tub

Generally, bathrooms have a shower and a tub. But, bringing these together with a rain effect falls into the luxurious side. The concept is to fix the rain shower on the top of your fantastic tub. A wood themed tub can add more joy to the nature lover within you.


The marble is usually considered a luxurious tile. So a marble based tile, floor and even tubs can make your bathroom a luxury place. White marble with gold fitting can elevate the looks. If you are not fond of white inside your bathrooms, you can even go for black with silver fittings.

Nature with luxury

Everybody likes French and bay windows for the beautiful scenery they see through them. A bath in the warm bathtub with a view of nature could be a great treat to the naturalists.

Go minimal

There are options for minimalistic people too. The bathroom with bare concrete walls, flooring and tubs gives the utmost satisfaction to all minimalists. Using copper instead of concrete can also be a great choice.

Sunken tubs

A bathroom with warm lighting, a sunken tub with a rain shower and a beautiful french window view would steal all hearts.


When there is a lot of space, interiors have to be divine. An extensive and elegant storage cabinet to have your essentials. A spa area with royal and shiny curtains and a jacuzzi is a promise of beauty.

Natural lighting

A dark bathroom with a skylight is all you need to indulge yourself completely in nature. It would give you the feel of bathing in a pool with sunlight peeking in through a dense forest.

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