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Make Money By Using The Stock Market For Trading Music Rights And Intellectual Property



Is it possible to use the best platform for trading musical rights and ensure artists get their share? Yes, it is possible! If you are a creative person who likes to get paid for the music you create, then you need to have better information on the best music rights crowdfunding platforms that work with the best interests of artists in their minds. You can trade your music rights while keeping control of the lion’s share. It will give you money without losing the power of your music. But, find a platform using innovative technologies like blockchain that keeps it secure and transparent. Such platforms offer music enthusiasts and creative minds a chance to trade music rights as well as other intellectual properties. While you give back the power, it also allows the generation of more monetary value for the creators. 

Using BlockchainFor Trading

Innovative technology lie blockchain can help create transparency and decentralizes the industry. You may have learned about the use of blockchain technology introduced in 2008 linked to bitcoin cryptocurrency. You can use innovative technology to ensure democracy in the music industry. It allows the composers and the owners of the intellectual property to access a transparent and fair platform to monetize their songs. So, composers can get good money for their new or existing compositions while retaining control and ownership. The existing auction system in the music industry is not beneficial for the composers or creators as they give up the copyright as well as intellectual property rights when they trade it. But, using the latest technology, creators can protect their assets while getting money for the music. Such platforms always keep in mind the rights of the creators as they themselves are music creators who understand the pain and struggle of creators.

Earn Money By Tokenizing The Assets

Tokenizing the assets is one of the best methods for the musicians to make money. But, it is important to access a fantastic platform for the purpose. Using the platform, artists can become successful and make money. Tokenizing the assets is one of the best ways to ensure the artists get due recognition for their brilliant creativity and hard work. A good platform with innovative technology built for the creators helps tokenize their assets. So, it helps the owner of the token earn a good portion of the income generated by the songs when it is used in diverse formats like films, Livestream, or other popular media. The initiation of smart contracts ensures the income generated reaches the creators. So, the token holders can get their fair share without any complications.

When you sell or buy music rights, make sure to access a platform created with sophisticated technology for best results. A platform created by experts from around the world can help you realize the idea of making money out of your creativity. Choose a business platform offering the best services and follows ethical business practices. Such platforms can bring a great revolution in the music industry.

It is really important for an artist to get the value of his work. If you create your own music and want to tokenize your assets, then you should always go with the best and reliable platforms that are designed with latest and highly secure technology. You can connect with your fans and make your work popular by choosing the right platform like Zeptagram. This is something that you should know about. If it is about selling and buying music rights, then you need more research.

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Doing Things Differently in Berkeley Assets



For someone who is today a Partner at private equity (PE) firm Berkeley Assets, Omar Jackson’s first foray into the world of business may come as a bit of a surprise- here’s someone who found his entrepreneurial chops as a pre-teen selling cakes at his school, with the profits then used to fund his outings with friends. At the time, his mother was raising him and his brother by herself at Slough in the United Kingdom, working a number of jobs, and as such, Jackson didn’t want to ask his mother for money to participate in frivolities that more privileged kids his age were accustomed to, think things like going out on a school trip, or heading to the local Pizza Hut for a meal together. But Jackson did want to be a part of these kinds of activities, and that’s how he decided to make the money he needed he used his culinary skills to bake cakes that he would then sell at his school for a profit. “At the best times, I was making around GBP50 a week,” Jackson remembers, a proud smile still lighting up his face as he recalls the experience. His career in the cake business was short-lived though- his school was quick to shut Jackson’s side hustle down when they heard of it. But this episode, which essentially kicked off Jackson’s career in business, is a good exhibit of his particular prowess at identifying potential opportunities early on, and then successfully capitalizing on it, a talent that has seen him venture into everything from e-commerce, to cryptocurrency, to private wealth management, and today, sees him in his current role at Berkeley Assets, where he’s using his brand of innovative acumen to shake things up on the private equity landscape. “We’re not looking to follow a set mould,” Jackson says. “We are looking to innovate at every opportunity we can.”

With a diversified portfolio of investments across sectors like real estate, hospitality, logistics, and technology, Berkeley Assets currently operates over 150 businesses across multiple industries, with its offices spread across Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. “We like to see ourselves as a low-risk PE firm,” Jackson says. “One of our unique points is that everything is tangible so, what we work with are asset-backed businesses, tangible assets. We are looking at real estate as 80-85% of our portfolio, all in the UK and the US because those are notoriously two of the most stable and historically strong real estate markets in the world.”

This kind of reasoning governs Berkeley Asset’s forays into other sectors as well, wherein the company takes charge of all the assets under its purview, thereby ensuring its clientele’s peace of mind. “We, as a company, have a lot of security in terms of our charge over the assets,” he explains. “So, we are able to protect our clients’ money at all costs, at all times. And it’s great for the clients just to know that. Because if you’re doing everything through a fund, something you can’t physically see or touch, it becomes a lot more difficult. So that’s our framework, to offer clientele, retail or institutional, something physical, something tangible.” According to Jackson, this is the differentiating factor that makes Berkeley Assets stand out as a firm. “PE is very simple,” he says. “You raise money on one side, and you invest it on the other side’.

Now, some PE firms go down the fund route; others go down direct placement. We’re direct placement, so a client knows his money comes in the door from one end, and it goes into projects on the other end. There are no fees; it’s a simple arrangement, they can come in for two years, five years, or 10 years, we give them a fixed rate of interest on their loan to us. So that could be 4%, 6%, or 8% per annum. They can get paid that interest bi-annually, and we do that in order so that clients can physically see the rewards of their investment, not just see it on paper. It’s physical, it’s real. That’s the whole concept of Berkeley Assets; it’s tangible.” In terms of raising capital, Jackson reveals that Berkeley Assets has a global outlook in that respect, while also noting that it is one of the few PE firms in the world to have a focus on the retail sector. “80% of our capital is raised through institutions; 20% from the retail arm,” Jackson says.

“A lot of our capital is raised in Asia as a continent. The Middle East is a great jurisdiction for us. We’ve also expanded to Hong Kong and Singapore over the last couple of years. So, that’s seen us achieve some good figures in terms of raising capital, from institutions especially. And the retail arm is really growing. We had to spend a lot of time educating the marketplace in terms of private equity for the retail market because it’s all a bit of a mystery to most people. It’s only ever been available to ultra-high net worth [individuals] and institutions. So, it’s great to be part of doing something different, part of educating the society in a wider marketplace of an alternative that they’re not otherwise used to, to innovate a little bit.”

This spirit of tapping into new opportunities can be seen in Berkeley Asset’s investigation into locations (other than the UK and US) that they could be investing in, with the Middle East figuring prominently in these conversations at the company. “Investment wise, we’ve always been into British real estate, US real estate, but in the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve started looking at other opportunities in other fields and other landscapes,” Jackson says. “So, we are now looking in the Middle East actively; my investment committee is searching for and discussing various opportunities that can take place in the Middle East. It may not be real estate, but it will still be asset-backed, tangible assets that we can invest in, which will be profitable for businesses in this jurisdiction.” But it’s not just in the investments space that Berkeley Assets is trying to innovate in, there’s also work being done in reimagining how the company is perceived by those around it.

It seems pretty apparent that Jackson is leading the charge in this department, with Berkeley Assets making its presence felt through everything from billboards along Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road, to partnerships with celebrity brand ambassadors in the sporting arena, like British boxers Amir Khan. When I point out that it was a surprise for me to see the former unified light-welterweight world champion promoting Berkeley Assets, and that it did make me curious about the PE firm and what it does, Jackson gleefully declares that this is exactly the kind of reaction he is hoping to elicit from these kinds of initiatives.

“It is that curiosity, that stunt factor,” he says. “And then, when people look into it more deeply, they realize there actually can be a lot of correlations… If you look at boxing, and you think about the amount of diligence it takes, the mental strength it takes, the careful planning it takes, the dedication it takes, there’s a lot of similarities in terms of the qualities of that individual, and to those of our firm. So, that’s what’s exciting. And it’s also popularizing what we do, it’s showcasing, in a positive manner, with a very well-known face, who has himself, like life and investments, had some volatility in his career, but has matured, and he has ultimately come through and is a double world champion. So, I think it’s a nice element to us. PE firms don’t do that traditionally- we like to do things differently.” At this point, I ask him if he’s faced any blowback on doing these things at Berkeley Assets that PE firms aren’t typically known for doing, and he replies, “I’m very much the force of innovation within the company, and I’m glad the other partners don’t hold me back in that sentiment.”

“They actually appreciate it, because they’re seeing the rewards on the back of that.” Jackson points out that historically, most PE firms have preferred to stay in the background they were never keen on being known or becoming household names. But given the landscape Berkeley Assets operates in today, Jackson believes that there is a need for the enterprise to be seen as an accessible brand, and as such, it needs to be present, work with the public, and put itself out there as a force to be reckoned with. “I think you need to be proud of what you do,” he adds.

“You need to popularize what you do, and you need to make the idea of doing something with your money a fun, enjoyable experience, not a stressful experience. So, if we were just working in an institutional framework as traditional PE firms do, maybe we would stay a little bit more, well, not in the background, but reserved. But because we work in the retail sector as well, we need to present ourselves in the right way. We need to be able to provide transparency to people. I think that the transparency aspect of it gives confidence anyway, even to institutions. Just because we are very transparent as a company, in terms of what we invest in as a firm, or what we do in terms of PR, we still don’t talk about who our clients are. So, we’re still private in that sense. Institutions know that, and they like the fact that we can be very transparent, very open, very popular, but at the same time, where discretion is needed, we are discreet, and we protect their interests at all costs.” As I chat with Jackson, it seems to me that the reason why the seemingly disparate aspects of Berkeley Assets still work together as a cohesive whole is because of the ingrained culture within the company, and that forward-thinking approach is what drives everyone within it.

As Jackson put it, “Everyone is reading from the same hymn sheet. And as long as everyone within the walls of the firm understands the future where we’re heading, it makes presenting being consistent to the outside world to be very simple.” Now, company culture is a topic that Jackson is quite passionate about talking about, and he readily admits that it’s something he’s been a champion of at Berkeley Assets. “PE firms, in general, don’t have huge teams. But the way I see it is that every position that you need filled needs to be worthwhile, and it needs to have a specialist in that position. Whether that be an office manager, or whether that be someone in your investment committee, they need to be a specialist at what they do. It’s all about efficiency you don’t want to have unnecessary overhead; you don’t want to have unnecessary people in your workforce that don’t really serve an ultimate purpose. Everyone that’s there [at Berkeley Assets] is highly valued for what they do, and they have very specific job roles. And I think that’s very crucial. I think all businesses should adopt that kind of mindset to the staff they’re hiring. This process starts from the hiring stage- that’s how you get the right people with the right mindset.”

These words shouldn’t come as a surprise to those of you who regularly read Entrepreneur Middle East, as the importance of hiring the right people is something that has been reiterated on the pages of this magazine many a time, and Jackson is emphatic about replugging this particular notion as well. When it comes to advise for entrepreneurs, Jackson reiterates that building a good company culture at the outset is absolutely critical if they wish to see their businesses grow and thrive. But this starts with the people at the helm of such enterprises taking a good hard look at themselves, says Jackson. “I think the biggest part of it is learning what kind of entrepreneur you are,” he explains. “Because only once you understand your strengths and weaknesses do you know how to, well, set up a team around you, and that is crucial.

I love racing, I love cars, I’ve raced for a lot of my life. And it’s the same thing like taking a car round a track in testing. You only know how fast you can go if you go off the track then you know the limit. As a racing driver, you’re told by your team to push, and push, and push at every corner when you’re testing, so that you can see how far you can take it. That’s the only way you really know how much you’ve got- how much ability, how much willpower, how much strength you’ve got. So, I think that’s the first thing, it is establishing who you are as an entrepreneur, getting your right mindset in place, and then, it’s putting a process in place for your business that you’re focusing on.

I think if you are comfortable in your own skin with what you’re doing, and you’ve got the right mindset in place, you can then instill that into others if you can find the right individuals… I think that’s the fundamental sort of entrepreneur understanding himself, getting his right mindset in place, knowing his weaknesses, and getting the right people who are passionate to form his guard, if you like, step by step, and then, you can take it forward to year one, year two, year three. I think that’s kind of my advice to entrepreneurs. I’m very much about positioning your mindset in the right place.” That, in essence, seems to be the mantra that Jackson personally lives by, with him noting that he’s not driven to do all that he does by the prospect of, say, money, or power, but instead, by the intoxicating nature of success. “I’m always addicted to the feeling of success,” Jackson says.

“I’m addicted to the feeling of winning. And I’ll do what it takes, I’ll put my heart and soul, my sweat and blood into any projects I’m working in, or any team that I am working together with, to make sure we do the best we can possibly do.” It should be clear here that Jackson has come a long way from his entrepreneurial beginnings as a kid trying to earn some extra money today, he’s more keen on building his own profile up to a position of influence, through which he can have a positive impact on the world at large. He’s already got himself on this path, be it with him spearheading charity projects around the globe, or by setting aside time for inspirational interactions with children and youth but this is only just the beginning. “I think, once upon a time, I was motivated by money, when I was a kid,” Jackson says. “But if you’re just motivated by money, you actually don’t get anywhere. If you just focus on money, once you do earn that money, it is not as impressive as you might think it is. That’s not the bit that gives you the kick.

You know the bit that gives you the enjoyment, that has to be something else. It has to be a passion underlying there somewhere, because otherwise, once you get the money, then what? Then your motivation ends. See Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet it’s obviously not money that motivates them to be as hungry and passionate as they continue to be today. I think real entrepreneurs, and the real entrepreneurial spirit, aren’t motivated by money. For me, it’s a desire to be a leader. And I want to establish myself as a leader, and make as much of a difference as I can. I can’t change everything, of course, but I can make life better, and I can make a difference to communities and people. So, I will do that.” It’s clear Jackson’s brand is on the ascent- and the rest of us need to just stay tuned.

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How Long Do Alcohol Rehab Programs Last?



Rehabilitation of alcoholics is a set of measures with the help of which it becomes possible to return to a person the qualities and skills lost as a result of the disease. The decisive condition for the successful implementation of this stage of treatment is the patient’s sincere desire to free himself from alcohol addiction.

Alcohol addiction treatment is a long and complicated process. At the first stage, for medical reasons, a person is taken out of binge drinking and the body is supported by medications. This is very important because due to the constant use of alcohol, the work of all organ systems is disrupted.

The result of any therapy is not immediately noticeable. The duration of treatment depends on the chosen method, but in each case the rhythm of this process is individual. Very often people need immediate results and can get them (for example, as a result of coding). But sometimes it will take a little longer.

Finding a top treatment center for alcohol addiction is one of the best steps toward a successful recovery. Inpatient alcohol rehab centers can offer you the medical attention and support you need to pursue and maintain sobriety. More information about alcohol rehab centers can be found on the Ukatwebsite. 

Three mandatory stages of alcoholism treatment:

✔ At the first stage, doctors are faced with the task of ridding the patient’s body of the consequences of alcohol consumption. Detoxification is carried out, withdrawal symptoms, severe somatic disorders and neuropsychiatric disorders are eliminated. It is also important to motivate the client to stop drinking alcohol and follow the treatment recommendations.

✔ At the second stage, even more serious work is carried out with the patient, because it is necessary to cope with the primary craving for alcohol and develop an aversion to it in the person.

✔ The third stage is rehabilitation. Sometimes, the client cannot adapt to a life in which there is no place for alcohol. Rehabilitation is necessary to consolidate the effect obtained, to minimize the possibility of breakdown and return to drinking. It is in the process of rehabilitation that the patient can be instilled with a positive attitude towards his future life.

Really effective treatment, after which the patient also undergoes a rehabilitation course, can last for more than one month. The secret of success, in this case, lies in patience and the exact implementation of the doctor’s prescriptions.

How long does the course of treatment last?

Modern institutions offer fairly quick help. In just a few days, the patient undergoes the necessary procedures by the method of treatment chosen by him and he is allowed to go home. If it is more convenient for the client to be treated at home, this is also quite possible. For example, it is possible to get rid of binge drinking at home. The doctor performs all the necessary procedures within a few hours.

Practitioners use the following approach to the treatment of alcoholism: at first, the same cleaning of the body from toxins is carried out, and at the second stage, the patient is offered various programs of psychological assistance, which last from 3 to 6 months. This stage smoothly flows into rehabilitation, the duration of which is largely determined by the patient himself.

Getting rid of alcoholism is impossible without the patient’s firm desire. Success will be only if this desire is conscious. It is best to put an end to harmful addiction before serious and irreversible changes take place in the body.

Rehabilitation of alcoholics after severe addiction is a complex set of procedures including the use of medications that stabilize the psyche, and constant communication with psychologists and psychotherapists. That is why it is so important that a person turns to a qualified clinic and undergoes comprehensive treatment aimed at restoring physical and psychological health.

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The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels at Home



Solar Panels

There are lots of reasons why homeowners are choosing to have solar panels installed on their property. If you’re looking to make an improvement to your home and you haven’t yet got solar panels in place, it’s an option that you might want to consider as many people already have.

But what are the specific benefits that come with having solar panels installed at home and using the energy they produce? That’s what we’re going to explore in more detail today, so read on if you want to find out more about these benefits.

Cut Energy Costs

Cutting your energy bills is one of the best reasons to consider having solar panels installed. When you’re producing your own energy and no longer having to rely on the grid, you can save yourself a significant amount of money. No one wants to keep paying more for their energy needs than they have to.

After the costs of installation have been covered, the solar panels are very cost effective and will eventually pay for themselves when you start reducing your energy bills over the years and decades to come. You’ll benefit from a consistent and reliable source of energy without a high price tag.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

More and more people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and to their part to positively impact the environment. That’s one of the factors driving the growth in solar panel usage by private citizens around the world. Solar energy is clean and much better for the planet than the fossil based alternatives still relied upon by the conventional energy companies.

So if you want to shrink your carbon footprint and ensure your home is as energy efficient as it can be, it definitely makes sense to consider solar panel installations. It could be just what you’re looking for and offer the efficiency benefits you need.

A Worthwhile Investment

Investing in solar panels for your home is also an investment in the home itself. With more people than ever looking for solar power options and trying to reduce their carbon footprint as we discussed above, future buyers will be interested in paying more for a home that comes with solar panels already in place.

The better equipped your home is for the future and the more sustainable it is, the more appealing it will be to buyers. So this is certainly the kind of upgrade that’ll pay dividends later.

Solar is Easily Accessible

The great thing about solar panels is that it’s easily accessible, no matter where you’re based. People living in remote regions can access solar power and harness it to power their homes in a clean and efficient manner. And the same applies to people living in cities. It’s a universal energy solution.

That’s why so many people are now choosing to have solar panels installed on their property and why you might want to do the same. The energy output is stable and reliable, adding to its general appeal. Empower Energy can help you find the solar panels that’ll work for you, so contact them today to find out more.

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Top 7 Mobile Application Development Trends 2021




Mobile Application Development Trends

The speed at which mobile applications have been contributed to the increase in the pace of the digital revolution is just unprecedented. Organizations involved in Android app development services irrespective of their size, domain, and market segment are harnessing the might of mobile applications for branding, user experience, and to increase their reach to the audiences. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, you can witness the apps for every purpose. Right from ordering something to evaluate your fitness stats, you can always have a personalized experience every time. But now, with the induction of next-gen and cognitive technologies, the mobile app world has reached its maximum potential. 

This write-up will underpin the top 5 mobile application development trends 2021 that changed the way the mobile development ecosystem has transformed. 

  1. Wearable Devices 

This is 2021, and in 2015, as per the data published by IDC, 101.9 million wearable devices were shipped in 2016. Today, tech giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, and others have tried their hands in making wearable devices. Because of their effort, you can witness the transformation in computing and the transition from basic to smart wearables.

Now, you see wearable technology in healthcare, watches, display devices, and even in clothes. The technology communicates with mobile apps in real-time to access information and delivers personalized data. 

Wearable devices connected with smartphones will influence the next generation of mobile application development strategies.


It has been in the tech domain for a while. But still, organizations are having a hard time harnessing this technology in the mobile application domain. Thanks to the Application development ecosystem 5.0, tech giants like Apple, Huawei, Google have started to invest some significant capital for the adoption of 5G technology to their devices.

But how fast 5G is? Well, 4G can give you a maximum speed of 100 Mbps. And as per experts, 5G can deliver 10 times the speed of it. This low latency and high speed of 5G can also impact IoT, where devices require high speed to interact with each other. We hope, we will see some good advancement to make 5G feasible in the next couple of years.

  1. Edge Computing 

Edge computing is aimed to bring computation ability and data storage capability closer to the devices that are using it. It removes the dependency on a central server that can be miles away from the device. 

The purpose of edge computing is to prevent latency issues and improve the app’s performance. 5G is also a factor that makes edge computing more feasible. 

But why is edge computing required at this stage? Actually, edge computing will pave the exponential growth of IoT-enabled devices in the future and makes the communication between devices efficient and smooth. Just witness the growth by yourself

“$43.4 billion: The size of the global edge computing market will explode to this level by 2027 – a compound annual growth rate of 37.4 percent – according to Grand View Research.”

  1. Flip Phones

Well, if we are talking about the mobile app world, this topic is worth mentioning. However, still, the regular designs have a major share in the market. But now, smartphones like Microsoft Surface Duos, Motorola Razrs, Samsung Flips, and LG Wings are all over the place.

But with the extra screen space, comes an additional headache for UX designers to extend our standard rectangle apps to additional screen apps. But they will find a certain way to overcome this.

  1. Motion and Location Sensing

Today, most of the mobile phones have an inbuilt location sensor function that uses multiple positioning methods to deliver granularities of location data. It is quintessential for the mobile to deliver personalized services as per the individual’s location. Location sensing is also useful in Geotagging, Games, Vehicle Navigation, and Fitness apps. The most applicable example of this technology is that you can control your appliances from your mobile, irrespective of the location. 

Precise indoor location sensing, combined with mobile applications, will enable a new generation of extremely personalized services and information.

A Road to the Conclusion 

There are many mobile application development trends are there in 2021. But we have selected the top 5 for the mobile app development companies in Seattle. Having these technologies in your development ecosystem is necessary these days, otherwise, you can be left behind in this competitive landscape. 

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Emmanuel Olowe’s Most Anticipated Items to Arrive in 2021



Quote by Emmanuel:

“Writing is in my blood; people use the mind to write I need spiritual spirit to do so”

Nigerian-American director Emmanuel Olowe has a great year ahead of him. Many people know him by the famous nickname Manny G, and this worker has accomplished amazing things since he entered the industry in 2012. With more movies and even books on the rise, there are some great things that Emmanuel Olowe has seen this year.

Who is Emmanuel Olowe?

Emmanuel grew up in Houston, Texas and has always had an interest in television and film. He took his first break from the industry when he landed a job as a production assistant for the documentary short film Bury the Sky in 2012. This opportunity gave Emmanuel the boost he needed to work full time in the film industry.

Where to find the market to buy his stuff?

We explore this volatile market for consistent trading so you don’t have to. Firstly, you do not need to find us to know more about Emmanuel because we are introducing him in best way.  Secondly, we have an official Certificate of Merit by Emmanuel Olowe to descript every achievement he earned in his life on our official website of Emmanuel Olowe.

His Achievements

He worked on various film production sets and was appointed Associate Producer on the British film Despair in 2017. Since then, Emmanuel has continuously served as Associate Producer and Executive on several films, including:

  • A publication (2017)
  • Honey and wine (2020)
  • Memento Mori (2020)
  • The last man in the world (2021)
  • Living at Risk 2 (2021)

He also has a few other film projects in the works, including The Cartel Queen and Michael, Collectors. This businessman is always busy and has no plans to retire soon.

What are the perspectives of Emmanuel Olowe?

The movie is not the only thing that Emmanuel is passionate about. He also likes to write and share stories. Emmanuel’s first book, Alex and Sam’s Lemonade Stand, will be released in June. Emmanuel hopes to share his stories with the world and hopes that this book will open up new adventures for him.

Expansion of his social Media Fan-base

When Emmanuel isn’t busy on set or writing the next piece about him, he likes to chat with his online fan base. He currently has more than 325,000 followers on Instagram and always allows you to see his lifestyle and projects. Emmanuel is delighted with the reactions of his fans to his latest projects. He encourages you to get more things out.

Emmanuel – A Motivational Character being Writer One thing Emmanuel knows is that he must always entertain his fan base. Fans love staying up to date on their current and future projects so they can be the first to give an idea. He is never disappointed in his work.

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