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Maintenance Tips for your 4×4 Car



As an owner of a 4×4 car or truck, you want to make sure that you have good routine maintenance to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. This powerful vehicle, with a strong engine power (measured by its kW or kilowatt and torque) distributed on all four wheels can sustain heavy terrains. 4×4 vehicles have that specific look, with front bumpers that command power obvious to anyone coming across them. 4WD cars are designed to be sturdy vehicles that can handle off-road trips with rough conditions and steep inclines. But that doesn’t mean these reliable cars don’t need the TLC they deserve!

To the contrary, they need more care so they don’t break down during your trip, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere, where a garage or mechanic is not readily available. 

So here are some maintenance tips for your 4×4 car:

1. Get to know your car inside and out.

You are probably familiar with cars already and their maintenance. And the way to maintain 4×4 cars or trucks is almost the same as any other regular car. But as 4wd vehicles are expected to have a much better performance, it is critical to ensure that the parts are in excellent condition.

Of course, not all 4×4 are exactly the same. For example, there are ones that have more ground clearance, and hence more appropriate for rocky, dirt roads and bodies of water. If you have one of the lower ones, you need to be careful that you’re not driving through rough roads that your car cannot handle.

The important step in maintaining a 4×4, or any car for that matter, is to not put it through much work that it damages the car.

2. Get it serviced regularly.

If you are not too familiar with your new 4wd just yet, it’s best to take it to a professional who can check and ensure that the parts are in optimal condition. Some people like to get their car fully serviced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. But it depends on your car and how often you drive it, and the road conditions you are driving it in.

When you take your car for a full service, the mechanic will do the following for you: oil change; putting new air filter, changing the spark plugs, checking the capacity of the battery–making sure that it has enough charge, and checking fluids are all topped up.

The mechanic can also tell you what is the best schedule for your regular full-service routine. 

3. Pay attention to the tires and their alignment

Make sure all tires are balanced and aligned. This means that the tire sizes are all the same. It’s also a good practice to rotate your tires as the wear and tear on the front and back wheels are not the same. Rotating tires on your 4wd means that they are used on different sides of the car. 

When driving, and you notice that the car is not driving straight, and is leaning to one side, that means that the car is misaligned. It is recommended that you take it to the garage to be checked.

4. Inspect the shocks

Shocks or shock absorbers is one of the 5 Things You Need to Dress Up Your 4WD Car. Having good quality shock absorbers means that you have a better driving and passenger experience as it absorbs any impact when driving over rough ground, bumps, and potholes. Moreover, it prevents damage, not only in the items you have in your car, but also the suspension which provides steering stability. This is why it’s important to regularly inspect the shocks, and also the other parts connected to it such as bushings, and rubber mounts.

These maintenance tips cover all the bases for keeping your vehicle in excellent condition so that you can enjoy every trip, be it off-roading or a long drive with friends or family.

On top of these maintenance tips, you can also dress up your 4wd car or truck, which will not only make it more attractive but add sturdiness and protection for your vehicle. For example, a nudge bar is a good accessory which also protects the front bumper. Images supplied by Virtual Assistant Thailand

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Mac VPN: How it Improves Security




Apple, maker of some of the most secure computers out there. But what about when they are not secure? Even the most security-conscious people need a Mac VPN. Why? Let’s take a look.

The Apple Security Problems

Before looking at all of the ways that a VPN improves your privacy and security, you need to know why it needs to be improved in the first place. After all, while the general mindset is that Windows is more secure than Apple, many experts believe that Apple has the better outlook on privacy.

Apple does not use third-party security like Windows, which, in many cases, leads people to believe that it’s more secure. Many feel that while Apple isn’t perfect, it is doing more than most. And, in many ways, it is. But, their in-house security method may mean less chance of third-party hackers, but a higher chance of unaware consumers.

Apple does not announce security threats until they have been resolved. Granted, they solve the threats quickly, but not quickly enough to avoid some security casualties—someone has to be the guinea pig.

The volume of threats on Mac OS has gone up considerably. This above-board security report lists the most recent security problems:

  • “A remote attacker may be able to cause unexpected application termination or heap corruption.”
  • “An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.”
  • “A local attacker may be able to elevate their privileges.”
  • “A local user may be able to cause unexpected system termination or read kernel memory.”

And many, many more. 

Mac VPN: It Does More Than You Think

Some security issues are caused by user unawareness—downloading a malicious file, following a phishing scam, etc. Others, however, are completely out of your control. To “elevate privileges” means to take some of the same control you have over your device. Your privacy could be gone in a matter of seconds, sometimes without realizing it.

What do you do? You can find the best solution with a Mac VPN. If you’re at all aware of what a VPN can do, you may only know them for their streaming capabilities. But a good VPN for Mac does a lot more than that too. For example, a VPN service will encrypt your connection and browsing data, making it unreadable to anyone other than you. Even your own ISP (internet service provider) will be unable to see what you are doing online.

One of the biggest vulnerabilities with any device is public WiFi. It is incredibly easy for a hacker to simply log on and start stealing information. With a Mac VPN, you can log onto public WiFi, but use a server in a different location. This will change your IP address and prevent hackers from intercepting your internet traffic and data. VPN’s can also be used to unblock websites that are being censored.

As you can probably see, using a VPN service and app on your Mac is not only a good idea, it is practically a necessity because of all of the identity theft and hacking that happens every day. With a good VPN, you can browse the web confidently, knowing your privacy and security is being protected.

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How to prepare yourself to Learn Driving – Things to Do



Owning a car is fast becoming a basic thing, it’s no longer a luxury as it was some years ago. But with many middle-class people affording to buy cars, the number of automobiles on the roads is ever increasing. This is why it’s now becoming important to ensure that the driver who is on the road is a pro. This helps to minimize road mishaps and ensure that the road is safe for all the users.

It’s of immense importance to learn how to drive safely since this is incredibly important for your safety and also that of your loved ones. However, there are a few things that you should do before you go to a driving school.

1. Be mentally prepared

Driving is not only physical but is also a serious mental activity. Being mentally prepared makes you deal with all the things that happen every day on our roads, you have to concentrate, and have some serious focus. If you become unmindful, there is a possibility that you can lose your life and that of your passengers.

2. Learn to be patient

 Being a good driver is not something that can be learned and mastered overnight. Have to be patient, and ensure that you get all the skills that are crucial for every good driver. Also, patience is a great virtue while driving and it helps you to avoid very many things that could otherwise put you in trouble.

3. Learn some basics about a car

Don’t start driving when you know nothing about a car. Just make sure that you can know a few things about your car, as this will make it easier when you start your lessons. Learn about the lights, transmission, wipers, and other important and basic parts of a vehicle that a driver needs for everyday driving. This makes it easier when you start your driving lessons.

4. Search for good driving instructors nearby

You may start visiting the different driving schools that are available in your home area and know the difference that east between the team. The school should be able to help pass your driver’s license exam and also teach additional skills which can help improve your survival while you are on the road. Some driving schools teach additional skills which you will find to be quite useful in real life.

5. Start learning about road signs

There are many kinds of road signage and it doesn’t hurt when you start learning the meanings of a few of them. You can do this for weeks or months before you start joining a driving school. This adds value to your learning when you finally join a driving school.


Preparing yourself to learn driving is an important thing. You have to start checking which instructors are the best in your neighborhoods and also figure out if they offer additional lessons that can help boost your survival on the road. Remember that the earlier you prepare can improve the outcome of your training.

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Best Windows Hosting Platform to Host ASP.NET Applications 2022




ASP.NET is a web framework helping windows, Linux, macros, and docker to manage and create web pages. This open-source versatile platform is basically a home for web developers and software’s houses. They use ASP.NET to engage with various tools and techniques needed to make the website look better rather than perfect. 

.NET platform

.NET is the major developer platform that provides services to build apps and websites. It uses additional frameworks like ASP.NET to provide even better services and features for site development and increased uptime. .NET uses C#, F#, and Visual Basic programming languages, libraries, and editor tools. hosting uk an extension to .NET

Make your online business competitive using .NET services provided by various windows web hosts. Features that ASP.NET provides include,

  • Receiving processing and managing of web requests in C# or F# language. 
  • Providing templating syntax supporting various languages 
  • Pattern library availability for designing web patterns, solutions and digital products.
  • Superb multi-factor and external authentication facility with google and other search engines. 
  • Extensions for increased functionalities such as syntax highlighting, code completion etc. 

ASP.NET back-end coding 

This extension of .NET back-end coding of all front activities like data access codes etc., are written in C# and F# like .NET. 

With ASP.NET you can enjoy a large number of facilities that all .NET users have. With this you can also author new libraries and distinct packages. Any app run through .Net can be made useful for the ASP.NET users. 

Build web applications with ASP.NET

Using hosting UK, avail advantage of building any web application, fulfilling your demands. The hosts providing a platform supporting ASP.NET services will give you space for such web application building. 

  • Web pages: 
  • API’s
  • Microservices
  • Real time web

ASP.NET core

It is a new or redesigned version of ASP.NET, similar in usage but giving extended features and added advantages. It is also an open-source platform that can be run on Windows, Linux, and other servers with ease. Some key aspects of ASP.NET core is,

  • Faster than other frameworks and high in performance. 
  • Innovation to ASP.NET, best runtime with stable working aps. 
  • Supporting multiple versions to run together. For instance, if you want to turn an app on the previous version and the other on the new version. Both can be run accordingly with different versions. You do not need to renew the whole system. 
  • Upgradation facility from time to time.
  • Flexible and user-friendly deployment of apps 
  • Authenticated and supported network. 

Get started with ASP.ET hosting UK

Choose the best windows web hosting UK Platform to Host ASP.NET Applications for you as it is the need of the time. ASP.NET is an incredible source for maintaining your online business with 99% uptime. One of the worthy brands is TheEmailshop, providing extraordinary features supporting ASP.NET services. It provides four plans named as, MS-DEV (basic, advance, premium, platinum). These all have multiple features a bit different from each other depending on the cost. So have it based on your needs. 


1.      Is ASP.ET hosting UK hard to utilize?

Not at all, it’s the easiest web framework. After typing a URL, you’ll get an ASP file after execution of HTML and ASP code. Don’t get confused with the ASP code; it can be a simple date.

2.      Why is ASP.NET considered better than any other hosting?

Spending on ASP.NET hosting is a worthy choice in terms of performance, speed, runtime, cost, multiple languages support, easy configuration, quicker and efficient service, and the greatest advantage is that it’s an open-source platform. 


ASP.NET hosting UK is an imaginary way to make your web pages integrated and managed in no time. Worldwide famous open-source platform, hosted on windows servers at reasonable cost. Develop web forms, ASP.NET MVC, and .NET and support all.NET languages such as C#, J#, VB with ASP.NET. The email shop is known in the industry as one of the best ASP.NET hosting providers for building strong websites with amazing templates and lovely web designs. Support and authenticate your site with the best windows hosting providers. 

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How to Prevent a Power Surge Damage




A power surge occurs due to a quick rise in the voltage, higher than the actual level that travels through any outlet of your home. It is important to protect devices like appliances, computers and other electrically- powered elements during a power surge as it can cause a havoc.

  • What causes a power surge?

A power surge takes place by an interruption in the flow of electricity leading to a short or an increased delivery of power while the electricity is sent back into the system.

Given below are some of the main reasons leading to a power surge:

  1. Electrical overload: Overusing of an extension cord or plugging in too many devices into the same circuit can lead to electrical overloads following which a power surge could occur due to a massive current or a voltage spike from excess utilization of power from a single unit.
  2. Faulty wiring: A damaged or an exposed electrical wire causes faults leading to a power surge which are unlikely to be discovered if they are located behind the walls. Signs like burn marks, burning smell from an outlet or a buzzing sound indicates a faulty wiring. It is suggested to unplug the devices or turn of the electricity immediately after a power surge and appoint a local electrician in Pakenham that will ensure your safety by checking all the wires correctly.
  3. Lighting: Lighting doesn’t directly damage the appliances but can trigger a power surge by creating an extreme load on your home’s electrical system leading to a tremendous rise in voltage. It is advisable to unplug all such devices during severe storms incase they miss out surge protection.
  4. Power grid failure: Fixtures in a failed power grid leads to a rise in electrical current after restoration thus, creating a power surge.
  • Signs of a power surge: It is important to detect a power surge to ensure your house’s safety.
  • Flickering lights and sudden brightness in your TV and computers indicates a power surge.
  • Power surges often causes a device to go into a reset mode.
  • A detectable burnt smell after burst of power from electrical circuits.
  • Tripping of circuit breakers leading to a fire.
  • Tips to prevent a power surge:
  1. Unplug everything during a storm: You must unplug devices like computers, smaller electronic appliances like gaming system to protect them from a havoc.
  2. Use appliance-grade surge protectors for sensitive electronics: Surge protectors works the best during a power surge. You must purchase appliance grade surge protectors for refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioning and other appliances.
  3. Install a whole home surge protector: A home surge protector acts as a barrier of protection between home’s electrical system and the power grid. It is installed on the electrical box to prevent from power surges. Have an electrician to evaluates and audits your wiring to identify any potential threats as an old and outdated wiring can lead to surges. 
  4. Invest in energy efficient appliances: Air conditioning units and refrigerators are more efficient and are designed to lower the electricity bills. They draw less electricity and are resistant in comparison to old appliances.
  5. Beware of the post outage: A power surge always accompanies a power outage so, it is beneficial to power off all the electronics including an Air Conditioner after you experience an outage.
  6. Distribute your appliances: You must distribute your appliances and surge protectors between outlets, extension cords and power strips. Rather than combining the television and computer it is better to distribute them so as to prevent any overloading of an outlet.
  • Steps to take after a power surge:
  1. Before resetting your circuit breakers after a power surge, reset and unplug all the electronics.
  2. Asses any damages in your home by inspecting all the outlets and devices.
  3. Check your HVAC if it needs any professional help.
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Can you track a phone’s location by number?




Do you recognize those moments of panic when you lose your smartphone? You are certainly not the only one. Research by Kensington has shown that more than 70 million smartphone users lost their smartphone in 2016. Nothing is more precious than your smartphone. We are not only talking about the price of your smartphone, but of course also about all stored data. It often gives you peace of mind if you can trace your smartphone. In this blog we explain everything about tracing your own phone, but also that of someone else.

How is a phone tracked?
A phone can be traced in several ways. The most common ways are based on GPS and Bluetooth. Almost every phone these days is equipped with GPS and Bluetooth. Read below how exactly both methods work.

How does GPS work?
The abbreviation GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This system consists of 24 satellites, each of which revolves around the Earth in six orbits at an altitude of 20,200 km. A phone with GPS receives the data from the satellite, after which it can determine the exact location based on a triangulation.

How does Bluetooth work?
Bluetooth is a wireless connection between different devices. In this way it is possible to determine whether devices are connected to each other up to a maximum of 60 meters. In this way it can be determined in which radius the device is located. For example, the CoronaMelder works on the basis of Bluetooth.

Track your own phone

To take away the panic moments when you lose your smartphone, we have some tips here. It is important that you take some precautions in advance. You can also install the apps to help you track my phone.

Write down your phone’s IMEI number. You can find this in your phone’s settings.
Remember your Apple, Samsung or Android credentials
Enable the tracking apps on your phone by default
The manufacturers of the operating systems have all developed their own software with which you can trace your smartphone. Below we have explained it per manufacturer.

Track iPhone | Find my iPhone
With the Find My app from Apple it is possible to find out the location of all your Apple devices. Have you lost your iPhone or has your iPhone been stolen? Then go to from another device, log in with your Apple ID and you can see the exact locations of your iPhone.

Phone Tracking Samsung | Find my mobile
The Find My Mobile app has been specially developed for Samsung devices. You can also use this to unlock your Samsung device if you have forgotten the login code. Want to find out the location of your Samsung device? Then go to, log in with your Samsung account and check the exact location of your Samsung device.

Track Phone Google | Find my device
Google has developed the find my device app for all Android devices. Google usually has this enabled by default. Find out the location? Go to, sign in with your Google account and track the exact location of your phone.

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