Mailazy’s Platform – Email Authentication and Security

Mailazy is a comprehensive transactional API service for your everyday business. You can send OTP, product updates, delivery updates, forgotten password links in seconds, without thinking about it. Authentication and delivery are at the heart of Mailazy Transactional Email Platform. The authentication process is mandatory to start sending messages, and monitoring delivery ensures that those messages will continue to reach your customer’s inbox quickly.

Authentication requires adding a sending domain to the Mailazy platform. Mailazy platform then generates records to configure your DNS for DKIM and SPF authentication, and then verifies that everything is working as expected.

Email Authentication

Authentication is to prove that an email isn’t fake or forged. Mailazy Transactional Email Platform automatically authenticates every email sent through our servers and by adding DNS records to your domain, It can send on your behalf and digitally “sign” your emails.

Many ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook are using authentication to track sending reputation, and since authentication is handled by your domain, you can have some control over the emails that affect deliverability of your domain.

A good reputation builds trust with the ISPs and improves deliverability and reduces the chance that your emails are caught by spam filters. It also improves the chance of how quickly the receiving servers will accept mail from your domain.

You’ll need to add SPF and DKIM records to your DNS and verify ownership of your sending domains in order to send the emails from the system. No one is able to send any email from Mailazy Transactional Email Platform with unverified domains without valid SPF and DKIM records. This will prevent others from sending emails from your domain.

Mailazy Platform Security and Robust Architecture

Rather than an intricate and cumbersome list of capabilities, they have confidence in discovering basic approaches to complete things. However, Mailazy has all that your group requires to begin working with value-based emails.

Mailazy infrastructure and architecture is developed to support scalability, deliverability, and security. The Amazon Web Services infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect platform, customer data security, and customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. For a detailed overview of all security and privacy measures, see the AWS Cloud Security page. For a list of all current security accreditations, see the AWS Compliance Programs page.

All access to the Mailazy interface is secured over end-to-end SSL (HTTPS) that ensures the information is encrypted. Additionally, it provides both TLS and HTTPS connections to the Mailazy SMTP and API services that ensure emails sent to the service are encrypted and secure and cannot be tempered.

Account passwords are encrypted in the Postmark database, preventing even our own staff from viewing them. Mailazy offers a method to regenerate API keys at any time in the account interface console. It contains redundancy in as many areas as possible to avoid the failures and recover from the failure, also provides multiple levels of backups to ensure uptime and of course the peace of mind.

Other key security aspects include:

  • Fully redundant servers for the API, SMTP, Inbound and Web interface.
  • Secure protocols (SSL / TLS) across the web, Email API and smtp endpoints.
  • Separately hosted Public site
  • Passwords stored using one-way cryptographic hashing functions and using LoginRadius CIAM to enhance the security of the account and user management

Overall, the transactional email API platform of Mailazy is robust and secure to send emails quickly and securely preventing email delay.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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