Magnetic Rigid Packaging

Magnetic Rigid Packaging: Defeating the Competition

When it comes to packaging styles that genuinely deliver a sense of creativity and sophistication, we usually recommend magnetic rigid box packaging. 

Magnetic packaging, or mag boxes, can take distinct design elements but most crafted off the same classic: the cigar box. The cigar packaging layout attributes a hinged lid and a rigid style. It’s a packaging box that’s been around for centuries. It can induce different things for different people, but one sentiment is dependable: this packaging house the finer things in life. 

While the cigar box packaging style is delicately stylish, adding magnetic closure elevates it to the next level. The magnets are fixed in the packaging flap, allowing overlapping magnetic tabs to snap shut with gratifying sensation. It can help the box to close properly, and it can secure the item classically. With this quality feature, people will love to get the uniquely designed packaging. Must visit the website for detailed review and feedback to better understand to best quality magnetic closure boxes.

Options Beyond Magnetic Boxes

Magnetic packaging might be a style that works for several distinctive industries, but it’s far from perfect for everyone. Every item and organization have dissimilar requirements and elements to highlight. Not to mention that the purpose for customized packaging plays a great role into designing packaging boxes. With a great variety of unique box styles, ready to customize, well-reputed companies should be your first priority when it comes to presentation packaging.

The superior box can be customized design, with magnetic closure, ribbon bow, and any other decorative material for decoration rigid box design can be easy to fold, easy to transport.

Structure: premium rigid packaging box magnetic gift box or any other

Material: selected best by you, eco-friendly and customer-friendly 

Size: according to your explanation

Printing: full-color printing on a box outside and inside, or as your concerns

Finished: foiling or embossing/debossing, lamination, etc.

Customization process in detail by well-reputed firms:

1. Customized

All of our items from any category for Magnetic Rigid Packaging can be customized. Any sizes, shapes, styles, designs, logos meet your requirement that all professionals can do.

  • Surface finished: Matt/Gloss lamination, Spot UV, Debossing, Embossing Laser-cut, Foil stamping, and many others, etc.
  • Material Selection: Ivory Paper, Art Paper, Corrugated Paper, Kraft Paper, Coated Paper, Iridescent Paper, etc.
  • Color Printing :1. CMYK color printing 2. Pantone color printing 3. No printing

2. Design 

Format of artwork: PDF, AI, CDR, and others.

3. Sample

  • Samples are free by many companies.  (did not include the courier cost)  
  • Model with your brand logo: The sample fee can be refunded in massive production once you   
  • place the order
  • 3)Sample leading time: 3-5days

4. Product lead time

15-20 working days based on the number of products

5. Advantages that you can avail of 

  • Best quality and competitive costs. The quality assurance department can control quality.
  • Quick action for samples by representatives.
  • 24 hours quickly response
  • 4)Face to face service if needed and demanded, not just communication by email and TM, 
  • video communication is more effective

Advantages while getting the Magnetic Closure Packaging

Much more substantial, both in presentation and material

The laminated packaging box avails its massive, muscular build from pressed sheets or innovative papers being sticked or laminated to a chipboard frame. That is why its quality is similar to a cardboard box in respect of graphic outlook, but its edges are much more rigid due to the 1 – 3 mm broad chipboard frame. Get the exciting featured packaging now.

Extends quality and thus provides an added sense of quality to the product

A laminated rigid packaging box instantly extracts attention. The durable raw material and the slightly most vigorous appearance induce curiosity. Add beautiful graphics to bring elegance to the packaging and make your products enticing.

Nice and smooth external surfaces that feel admirable to the touch

In the case of rigid packaging, the pressed sheet is laminated onto the chipboard. Thus, in addition to its long-lasting, the packaging box will also have an exquisite appearance. The gummed layer is added to the sheet equally, using the latest technology. After laminating, the edges of the box will feel even and admirable to the touch as an output.

In the boxes with magnetic closure, the magnet is not visible.

Magnetic closure that works smoothly and safely can give the rigid laminated box great exclusivity. At many printing companies, the magnet is fixed and concealed in the wall of the chipboard using a magnet inserting machine to remain hidden in the final product.

Simple elegance – no need for intricated graphics

Thanks to the laminate packaging boxes’ slightly rugged appearance, there is no need for complicated graphics. Quality appearance can often be attained more efficiently with a colored print, stamped or embossed lettering, or with a brand’s logo.

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