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Macaron Decorating Ideas



Macarons are very popular at this time of era.  The macaron is in range for almost all people since it’s so delightful and can help us to fill our tables with joy and tasty desserts. Macarons are colorful as well, so it can excite kids to have them after a meal. If you want to try them, you can make the macarons at home. It is easy to make and the French macaron recipe makes it easier. You can use the French macaron recipe as your starting point. 

You can find the recipe on YouTube. YouTube has made it very manageable to find anything and as you need it, you can find the tasty recipes on it. It’ll be interesting to see how they make macarons at home and this will be very helpful for your first experience. You can find everything you need to know about the making of macarons. You can find from the batter preparation to the filling of the macarons. You will be able to find great tips and techniques.  

When you will start, you want to try every color and filling you can make.  That’s to say because the popularity of the macarons is growing so quickly, you can make one classic color of the macaron and give it a lovely makeover. Now if you ready to make macarons, here are some best decorating ideas. 

Add Sprinkles

Add some sprinkles to the macaron and realized sugar to make it look good. You should put colorful sprinkles as a rainbow to look joyful and fun. This type of decorations may help to excite children to have them. 

Festival Decorations

If you want to try making the macarons according to the festival, this will so exciting. Now if we talk about Christmas, you can choose colors like red and white as the color of Santa.  You can also decorate the macarons with a deer face like a Christmas sign. Serve these stunning macarons after Christmas dinner as an outstanding dessert for a holiday celebration.

Packaging Of Macarons 

You can store the macaron for at least 2 to 4 days. Macarons can stay fresh in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 days. Keep the shells in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 days; after this time, the shells can’t stay fresh. Decorate the macaron and serve it in 2 to 4 days. Macaron packaging is important as well as the taste of macaron. 

You can find the best packaging for the macarons. Finding the best packaging for the macarons is an easy responsibility if you are good at these things. You should find great packaging to make the macarons fresh. 

Colors And Shapes Of The Macarons

Now if you want a pinkish color of the macarons, add a drop of pink in the batter and stir it lightly. And if you want three colored macarons, add some soft colors so it can look cheerful and happy. 

You can also choose the shape of the macarons. You can make any shape of macarons for kids and any parties. You can make elephant shapes, rabbit shapes and cat shapes, etc for kids.

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Hari Tahov Afraid of Returning to Bulgaria





I’m Bulgarian and I haven’t lived in my country since 2010.  I was always threatened by the news of what was happening in my own country. It provoked fear hearing the news of discrimination and homophobic fights or gay deaths. It’s not a humane way to live or to treat the LGBTQ+ community.   


At the time I was fourteen years old I moved out of Bulgaria with my brother to live in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a beautiful cosmopolitan city with allot of culture, but like my own country it was a scary place for LGBTQ+ guys like me. 


In Bulgaria people stare at me and threaten me, often with verbal insults directed at me for my androgynous look. I wish I could specify a certain event or place when I was discriminated for my looks or my views, but there were just too many instances. Bulgaria is dangerous and I had to hide my true identity. Due to the discriminations in Bulgaria and Turkey I had to travel and find a better place to feel accepted for who I am.


 After 10th grade I turned seventeen and was older to travel and live further where I can feel more safe and accepted. In the summer of 2013 I moved to Winchester, Virginia where I lived with my uncle and his family. 


When I turned 18 I became more independent and by 12th grade I decided I wanted to move to Los Angeles and pursue fashion and film degree. When I started with fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and merchandising in 2015 the school helped me understand the entertainment industry. During that time fashion was just part of what I wanted to do. I fell in love with film and the production side where you get to work with a team to create beautiful movies, events, or anything creative entertainment wise.  In 2016 when I turned twenty years old I enrolled in the Los Angeles Film School pursuing a bachelor of science in Film Production.


My film school studies and the LGBTQ+ community were super beneficial in understanding myself and my future. I started co-producing events and collaborating with many companies on social media and live events.


I had a job offer and many opportunities in 2020. Upon my graduation in March the COVID-19 virus put the world and the entertainment industry on hold, making it impossible for me to work. 


During the quarantine I picked up on AR and XR experience development. This allowed me to start collaborating with different companies and celebrities in Los Angeles, helping them to elevate their brand. Currently I’m waiting for the entertainment industry to resume so we can all get safely back to work.

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The Most Stylish Ray Ban Frames to Try On Right Now




tylish Ray Ban Frames

In the world of ever-changing eyewear trends, Ray Ban frames do not need much introduction. Despite the continuous evolution in the fashion industry, the Ray Ban frames have been the undisputed world leader in the glasses industry, producing quality, authentic eyewear since 1937. Ray Ban frames are known to deliver style, and class, be it men’s or women’s eyewear. 

The popularity of the brand grew when American pop icon Marilyn Monroe wore retro-style sunglasses in public. Along with designer frames and hundreds of styles available, Ray Ban also offers eye protection. 

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Whether you are searching for a vintage addition to your wardrobe or a colorful and unique piece, Ray Ban is your one-stop-shop. 

Get ready to redefine fashion with some of the most stylish and trendy Ray Ban frames:

  1. The Boss Lady
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The classic brown Ray Ban sunglasses will continue to top the list of trendy eyewear this year. These sunglasses are a perfect choice for women who are always on the go. These round frames have been in fashion since the 70s and will be gaining more attention this year. The brown color of the frame will embrace the hidden boss lady inside you. 

  1. The Geeky Head
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If you thought that dad shoes were trendy, get ready for grandpa glasses. Gear up to look like a normcore-chic in these gold round semi-rimmed eyeglasses from Ray Ban. These eyeglasses will make you look geeky and stylish at the same time. 

  1. The Retro Round

The nostalgia feeling of round retro frames is not going anywhere this season. If you are looking for something bold and stylish, you will simply love the round frames collection by Ray Ban. This elegant frame will add a relaxed, retro vibe and looks great as an everyday pair of sunglasses. 

  1. The Style Curator

Ray Ban square sunglasses with bronze frames and lens will enhance your inner stylist. Whether you are going for a brunch with your office team or heading out to relax with your friends, these sunglasses will perfectly fit in. Turn up your style game this season with square ray ban frames. 

  1. The Golden Hour
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One good thing about aviator-style sunglasses is that you can easily choose the right style for yourself. From metal frames to reflective and colored lenses, there are many finishes and materials to choose from. Colored lenses have lately gained a lot of popularity and add an eccentric element. 

You can pair them up with a Hawaiian shirt or football tops, especially on holiday. The aviator-style ray ban frames come in a host of different colors like blue, yellow, golden, and orange lenses. They reflect your personality and confidence while adding a vintage touch. 

  1. The Cat Power
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Over the time, eyeglasses have become an integral part of our lives. The amount of style quotient that cat eyeglasses can lend you is enormous. Popular celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna are often spotted in cat-eye frames. This trendy eye frame first came into the limelight during the 1950s. From high-glam parties to a relaxed weekend lunch- cat eyeglasses can easily inject a classy yet flamboyant statement to any look. 

Redefine Your Style With the Trendy Ray Ban Frames

Get ready to redefine your style statement with some of the trendy and classy ray ban frames. Reputable retailers like Titan Eyeplus offer you a comprehensive portfolio of Ray Ban eyewear. From simple eyeglasses to stylish sunglasses, you can easily shop for trendy frames online. With the virtual try-on option, you can try the frames virtually and choose the one that will suit your face the best. 

Let your eyes slay this fashion season!

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Significance Of Embroidery and Screen Printing These Days




It can be frustrating to try to find a company to order t-shirts for an occasion or company. Screen printing is a form of t-shirt printing, which everybody understands but cannot fully grasp the advantages. Five advantages of screen printing are to be in taking into account:

1. Designs Custom

A custom design can be much more attractive and practical than putting a picture or graphic on t-shirts. Custom t-shirts are great ways to promote a brand or event with the name or service. Printing on the screen gives

2. Tariffs

There is a tremendous advantage in screen printing, for less! Orders from a skilled enterprise include a bulk purchasing option, which offers considerable savings to customers. Although there is no need to think about breaking the bank, buying bulk offers a whole business or embroidery and screen printing event with shirts. The low screen printing costs make it possible to manufacture several shirts. Ensure that you choose the right company and invest no more than required.

3. Quality 

Everyone can buy a shirt and make their custom shirts, but custom shirts should look professional and give a company a confident style. Collaboration embroidery and screen printing with an Over time, crack, or flake. The versatility of screenprints enables printing to be chosen on any substrate and removes concern that the material is hurt or tin damages consistency. Don’t waste money and pick an organization that makes the business stand out.

4. Originality

Many companies are out there, so it’s an essential thing to stand out from the crowd. A T-shirt show has the most significant benefit of being able to position all designs on a shirt. Custom shirts are an ideal way to introduce a brand to the public. It is a significant decision to select the right printing business to ensure that it looks the best.

The printing of screens has some fantastic advantages, which many people lack and skip. Have Caribbean Stickers help to improve your company today with custom shirts. Call us on (786)865-9097!

Do you want custom embroidery in Miami or Broward County for your company, organization, or event?

If you need to order your company custom broken t-shirts or even shirts. This service can be given at an unbeatable rate by Caribbean Embroidery. Our shirts and other products are delivered Produce from our custom screen printing services in and around Miami and Broward, and the Caribbean cities. Our team of experts at Caribbean Embroidery ensures that you are delighted with embroidery and screen printing with customized clothes. We deliver tailor-made sticking that allows high-quality uniforms and high-end T-shirts. Specialized sticks are available in Miami, Miami Bay, Doral, Doral, Miami Beach, Davie, Margate, Coral Gables, Aventura, Hollywood, Oakland Park, Weston, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Hollywood, Margate, and Sunrise Springs. Zones. Zones. Call us at (786) 732-7999 for more information to start making your custom stitched shirts. Ft. – Ft. South Florida, South Florida, Lauderdale, Miami, Broward, Dade. Timely and checked Lovely, sticking is undoubtedly an art. We specialize in personalized stickers at Studio One Printing in Sterling, so we cover you if you’re looking for shirts, rings, jackets, or something else with your custom flair! You can count on us to make sure that the job is done correctly with a lot of experience in sticking products for Fortune 500 companies. No matter if you have anything in mind or whether you want our perspective on what might be the best way for your particular case, our team will gladly assist you. You can count on us regardless of the project.

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How Long Does it Take to Paint Pottery?




How long does it take to paint pottery? What potters and painters take to get good at their craft. These are two important questions that I am asked quite often by people who have recently moved to Orlando, or other locations where pottery is a favorite. The first thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to paint your ceramics, you will need to learn a bit about the basic design and how to apply the paint. Here is a short lesson on how to get started with painting your own ceramics.

How long does it take to learn how to paint pottery? It really depends on how much time you want to invest. If you are just beginning, you can start by picking up a few basics books on basic design. The key behind painting pottery is to make the most of the glaze and the color of the paint that you are applying. So, regardless of what type of pottery you decide to create, learning how to paint it is a fun and worthwhile experience.

How long does it take to paint pottery? Painting ornaments is a creative and fun art form. Many people will choose to start learning how to paint pottery and ornaments online. While there are a number of sites that offer information on the art of decorating with pottery ornaments, many individuals find that these types of sites require too much time to read through the information or are very confusing in their design concepts. Visit and try painting your own pottery in a fun and laid back environment!

Many people enjoy starting or learning online because it is easier and allows them to start at their own pace. Learning to decorate with ornaments is very similar to decorating with any other type of art. The first step is to pick out the color or theme of your ornaments. Next you need to pick out the accessories that go with the theme or colors. Once the accessories have been selected the next step is to choose the materials that will be used to create your ornaments. Most online sites will have an explanation of how to choose the right material to use for each ornament.

Learning how to paint pottery can take a great deal of time, however, if you choose to purchase pottery supplies before you begin learning how to paint, you will be able to purchase the supplies that you need at a discounted price. The discount price will allow you to start painting immediately and to enjoy the process. You can also buy several different colors of paint at one time so that you can switch between different projects without having to purchase all of the new paint separately. Purchasing paint pots, brushes, ornaments, and other accessories in bulk will save you money, which can help you to complete your entire project.

How long does it take to paint pottery depends on the type of pottery that you are painting, as well as your own skill level. Painting historical periods of pottery can take many months or even years. If you want to paint your own pottery, you will want to spend some time researching the different techniques that will work best for you. You may also want to consider hiring a professional artist to help you learn how to paint pottery. An artist can offer advice on the best time of year to paint your pottery as well as which techniques will be the most successful for your project.

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Gift Ideas For Your Mother




Gift Ideas For Your Mother

Are you planning to buy something special for your mother for any special day? It can be her birthday, anniversary, mothers day, valentine’s day, or any significant day. 

What To Give As A Present

Mother’s are the most precious, who loves their child unconditionally and deserve an expression of affection. If you are going to show gratitude toward your mother by giving her a present on an occasion try to give her something practical that she can have forever.

Diamond Jewelry

As I have implied to give a present that she can keep always, for that diamond jewelry is a great choice. Now, diamond jewelry can be expensive but here are some ideas with which you can buy diamond jewelry on a budget. Try to buy jewelry that contains synthetic diamonds rather than natural. Synthetic diamonds in Sydney are the same in quality but at a lower price. It can be anything a ring, earrings, pendant, bracelet, etc. As 4c is important for a diamond, try to get an Asscher cut diamond if you want to buy a ring. It is a beautiful cut and inexpensive as well.

Gold Jewelry

It can be tricky if you do not know if your mom is fond of gold and which gold. You can go with any colorful gold jewelry, like- white gold, yellow gold, rose gold. As gold is comparatively cheaper than diamond try to give her something heavier like a necklace, bengal, cuff, bracelets, etc. However, you can pair the gold with the diamond and give her a piece of jewelry that contains both. You can give her customized jewelry as well. Her name or favorite symbol a pendant, or a bracelet that has written: “I Love Mom”. You may get more ideas from the synthetic diamonds blog

High-end Accessories 

Get her a bag, purse, or a pair of shoes if she is fond of accessories like these. Try to know about her favorite high-end brand from which you can buy these. You can get her watch or sunglasses as well. If she is a watch lover giving her a precious watch can be enough.

Home And Kitchen Appliances  

Many mothers are very fond of home and kitchen appliances than any other things. If you feel like she wants or needs any appliances you can give her this. 

Thoughtful Ones

Anything made by you can make her happy. You can get her a mixed tape that contains her favorite songs, a photo album or scrapbook, or a photo frame that will contain precious memories. A handmade card or a DIY explosion box inside that there will be precious words, pictures, chocolates, etc. Scented candles, flower vases, a cake or cookies made by you, etc. will also be precious. 

Perfume And Makeup

Perfume can be a tricky gift. Because you won’t be knowing if that person is fond of the smell of the perfume you gave. But if you know about what she likes and her favorite brand you can get her a perfume gift set. Her favorite shade of lipstick from her favorite brand will also be admired. 

Get These Must

A flower bouquet, chocolates, or any flower she adores should must tag along with the above-mentioned presents.

Final Thoughts 

Any present by you will be adored by your mother, whether it is a kitchen appliance or a piece of diamond jewelry, or a mixed tape. No matter whatever you get her, your mother will feel special with any of these presents. 

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