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3 Quick Lunch Box Ideas With Mixed Fruit Spread



Lunch Box

Think about it: You have to eatthe same lunch every day as a kid. How would you feel? Bored? No wonder our kids get tired of the regular lunch too. Why not give them unique, delicious, and new recipes every day? So, bring out the creative chef in you and start making amazing lunches with basic ingredients like Mixed Fruit Spread, eggs, Mango fruit spread, or fresh fruits.

Delicious and yummy lunch boxes make kids feel your love when away from home. So, prepare it with love. Thus, making the kids feel fresh and stay energetic at schools with your love.

To help you do this, here are three quick lunch box ideas with Fruit Spread which turned out to be a hit with my kids:

French Rolls

Take two slices of bread and removetheir edges. Now using a roller, gently roll the slices so that they become thin. Now spread Mixed Fruit Spread on both the slices. Afterward, gently roll the slices into a cylindrical shape. 

Take a large bowl, add two eggs, and milk to it. Mix it well. Next, take a pan and heat it. Add a small amount of butter to it. Now dip the rolls in the egg-milk mixture and fry it. Remove it from the pan when golden. Serve with some dry fruits and chocolate syrup.

Mango Jam Tart

Take a large bowl and add wheat flour to it. Next, add the chilled butter and little water to mix it well. When ready, let the dough rest in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Now start lining the tart molds and poke with a fork.Place small beans on top of these tarts. Now, bake it for 5-7 minutes at 180 degrees. Remove it from the tart mold. Next, fill the tart shells with Mango Spread or Apple Spread. Garnish with dry fruits or mango peels. 

Fruit Pancake Sandwich

Take a large bowl and add flour to it. Now add baking powder, brown sugar, and milk. Whisk until smooth. Now heat the pan and pour the butter. Pour half a cup mixture into the pan to make small pancakes. Now add Mixed Fruit Spread to each pancake. Also, add chopped fruits like bananas, pineapples, and apples. Add the fruits to thepancake when one side is done. Then turn them over. Cook until golden. Add some dry fruits and drizzle some honey. They pair perfectly with apples coated with chocolate syrup.

Mixed Fruit Spread makes it easy to prepare quick recipes and adds incredible taste to it. Kids also love to share lunch boxes with friends, so having delicious items in theirlunch box; will make them happy and proud. Mom Tip: Add handwritten motivational notes for your child in their lunch box. This makes them happy and secure when they see your message.

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What You Need To Know About Ethiopian Coffee Beans




In this article, you are going to learn more about why Ethiopian coffee beans are so interesting to learn about, and why the country is worth the visit for coffee enthusiasts around the world.

Ethiopia might not be as big as Brazil and Colombia when it comes to the production of the international supply of coffee beans, but they are well-known to be one of the best countries if you want to get coffee. Coffee enthusiasts from all over the world visit this place in order to get its own unique strain of coffee beans, and simply because the coffee beans here are also superb in terms of its growth and overall quality.

After all, Ethiopia is considered as the country where coffee itself was found, and has its deep historical roots on how it got discovered. Some may think that coffee was found in
Colombia, but the country learned about coffee back in the 18th century only. But in the case of Ethiopia, coffee was discovered way back in the 9th century. Ever since then, Ethiopia became home to a wide variety of coffee beans, where some gained international fame and even became a signature coffee bean of other countries as these countries refined their ways of cultivating it.

The Renowned History Of Coffee Beans

It is not actually official if it’s true or not, but even neighboring countries claim the legend that Ethiopia was the place where coffee was first found. Believe it or not, it’s not some trader or researcher who stumbled upon this amazing fruit, but a goat farmer! Back in the 9th century, a goat farmer accidentally discovered the cherries of the coffee bean plant when he saw his goats consume it. He noticed his goats got too energetic unlike before when they never consumed the coffee beans. afr

As a result, he got curious if it also gives the same energy-granting properties to humans. That’s why he took some and shared it to the local monks in this place. Of course, they never know how to brew the fruit yet, so they consumed it first and realized that it can really grant them energy in a safe way. Over time, the method of consuming coffee beans eventually became the popular way that we all know about: turning it into an energizing and aromatic drink. As time passed by, word spread out about the properties of coffee and eventually gained worldwide fame that we all know about today.

Personally, this story about the discovery of coffee is really intriguing because who would expect that it was a farmer who discovered the wonders of the coffee beans by accident. History surely has a lot of unusual happenings that eventually laid an impact to a lot of people even to this day, and coffee seems to be one of them if this story is true.

The Importance Of Coffee In Ethiopia

The importance of Ethiopian coffee beans is not just all about the history that it had, and not just their strains that has a fruity flavor into it. The coffee industry of Ethiopia supplies 3% of the world’s overall coffee production. It might not be as huge as what Brazil can offer, but Ethiopia is still one of the holders of the industry’s foundation. Also, the U.S. happens to be one of the top buyers of Ethiopian coffee beans which are considered as the best African coffee beans.

In terms of the geographical importance of coffee in the country, take note that there are more than 1,500 square miles worth of coffee farms scattered throughout the country that’s dedicated for the cultivation and production of coffee beans. Just note the fact that the mountains where the farms are located have an altitude of up to 2,000 meters above the sea level. This environment is enough to grow the finest quality coffee beans. But of course, this also means that some of their coffee bean strains are considered as a luxury item due to its superb quality.

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Types Of Ethiopian Coffee Beans

To get to know more about the strains that they grow here, take note of the following below:

  • Longberry – These are large coffee beans that have a lot of body with a decent aroma and flavor. These are also called as Harrar coffee beans because of the region where it grows to.
  • Mocha – Mocha is a well-known flavor around the world, and is often used in sweets because of its chocolate notes. The original Mocha coffee beans are highly-prized and can only be found in the Harrar region as well.  Some also say that this the variant of the Harrar coffee bean that has a spicy note in it.
  • Shortberry – The shortberry coffee beans are high-quality beans that has a very strong flavor that has a note of wine.

Ethiopia is a go-to if you are curious about the more exquisite, or even exotic, types of coffee to try out. This is worth marking on your map if you love to travel as a coffee enthusiast, or if you just want to travel and see the specialties that each country has in store for you.

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Why are whipped cream chargers (nangs) great for home use?




Now you might be thinking what benefit would I have if bought a whipped cream charger (commonly called nangs ) especially if I only cook at home and not for a living? First you have to understand nitrous oxide and why it is one of the most useful gasses to use in your kitchen.

The laughing gas found in cream chargers may be a useful gas, especially within the kitchen, that has many specialties. to start with, it causes the cream volume to extend the maximum amount as fourfold , making it twice as effective as oxygen, unlike oxygen that facilitates bacterial growth, nitrous oxide N2O actually kills bacteria. N2O is what effectively propels topping out of a dispenser and helps preserve it for up to just about an entire week when cooled properly. Let’s face it, we all want our food to be as clean as possible so that we do not contract any kind of illness especially now when the world is still feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world. Nowadays, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Producing fresh whipped cream and being able to store it longer

When it comes to cooking, an ingredients freshness can affect the dishes overall taste for better or worse. Imagine for a moment, whipped creams can be used on many dishes aside from desserts. It can also be used in drinks whether it’s the scorching hot summer heat where your taste buds are looking for something cold and refreshing or during those cold winter nights where you just want to snuggle up in your blanket by the fire enjoying warm drinks like say a hot cocoa with whipped cream on top. When you have a cream charger and a cream dispenser, you’ll make fresh cream anytime instead of having to rely on premade cream which comes in cans. And your fresh cream will retain its freshness for much longer, as long as you store it within the refrigerator. Your cream charger shows off how handy it is when enhancing the design and flavor of any dressing or sauce that you simply have already got . By refilling air, you’ll increase its volume and permit it to stay to a different food item more nicely. It gives you the feeling of always being available at its freshness. Let us say that you came home from work during a summer heat wave and you want something to chill you up, you want something sweet and you have iced coffee ready at home but you forgot to buy whipped cream before returning. With a whipped cream charger available at home, you do not need to go out under the scorching sun just to buy your whipped cream from the grocer and just sit back and relax at home maybe even watch the NBA. 

The more capacity, the better and cheaper

As we all know in life, budgeting can be a major pain in the ass especially if you need to be frugal to survive. Cream Chargers can be bought in bulks to reduce cost compared to buying per piece. Cream Chargers depending on the brand have different bulk potions when purchasing thus the whole process of recharging cream dispensers will get further streamlined and you will get to avail yourself some exceptional benefits. You can get more bang for your buck if you avail the bigger and better Whip cream Charger. In the long run if you invest early on a bigger whipped cream charger, you will save a lot of money for the future even though it looks minimal on paper.

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Keep in mind that all brands of whipped cream chargers have a standard size and most cream dispensers are compatible using other brands of cream chargers. This option gives the user flexibility because other brands of whipped cream chargers have different flavors available further expanding the range of flavors to be experimented on with hundreds of dishes. They also have the same layout so customers would never be thrown off if they buy a different brand of charger when switching. Just to be on the safe side, check on the internet if the brand of your cream dispenser is compatible with the cream charger your considering before buying. Bestwhip cream chargers are very popular in the USA, whilst whip-it cream chargers are popular in Europe. These are both very good quality cream chargers.

Easily adding flavors to your whipped cream

The usefulness of this device is revolutionary. Think of it this way, it is a portable device so you can carry it anywhere, even when visiting your parents in the country side. It also features other flavors from different brands which in itself would have different taste thus having more options until you find the brand with the taste you actually like. It is also easy to switch out and empty cream charger with a new one and it lasts for a very long time.

What are you waiting for? If you don’t have any whipped cream chargers you can buy them online or order them from a nangs delivery service and have them delivered to your door on the same day.

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Is Arabica Coffee Better Than Robusta Coffee Beans?




Arabica coffee is a popular type of coffee bean that came from Costa Rica and is now widely enjoyed by a lot of people all over the world. On the other hand, the Robusta coffee bean is also a well-known type of coffee bean on the side of the manufacturers, rather than the customers for its quality that makes it widely loved by a lot of people once mass-produced. These two have distinctive properties, which eventually led to the conclusion that Arabica coffee beans are way better than the latter. Arabica plants make for great espresso coffee beans due to their superior taste.

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But do not get me wrong. Robusta coffee beans still have a quality that made them very favorable to a lot of coffee drinkers around the world. You might have taken a Robusta coffee as you read this, or you might have drunk one in some place at some point in time numerously. However, Arabica coffee beans are also some of the common types of coffee. To find out why I am saying all of these, here are the facts that made a lot of people think that arabica coffee is better:


The flavor of the two types of coffee is what mainly defines the fact that Arabica is a superior coffee bean to Robusta. Arabica has the more aromatic type of flavor that a lot will think that they are drinking more genuine coffee. Its sweetness made the majority of the world consider Arabica as a much better variant since the majority of coffee drinkers prefer the sweeter blend rather than the purer, bitter type. 

The reason why Arabica coffee is sweeter is that it has almost twice the sugar content present in Robusta coffee beans. On the other hand, robusta has an earthy flavor and has a more bitter taste that might make you add more sugar when blending one.

Caffeine Content

Arabica has 1.5 percent caffeine, while Robusta has a whopping 2.7 percent caffeine content. This makes Robusta the perfect coffee to drink if you need a serious energy boost that will get you working all day long. Also, this is the reason why Robusta is more bitter than Arabica, as it’s meant to give energy rather than let you enjoy its wonderful flavor. Also, this is the reason why a lot of instant coffee producers prefer Robusta, so then you can really have that daily dose of energy. However, just take note of the drawbacks of caffeine withdrawal due to the high level of caffeine present in it.

Health Benefits

Arabica is also considered to be healthier than Robusta not just because of its very safe caffeine content. Arabica is also known to be more acidic than the Robusta coffee beans. Therefore, the level of antioxidants present in Arabica is proven to be way higher. On the other hand, the advantage of Robusta over Arabica is its own composition that makes it resistant to pests, making it easier to harvest.

To be fair with Robusta, as it has benefited us in providing energy-granting properties than Arabica, and why instant coffee is very cheap and still enjoyable like the more expensive coffee beans, here are some of the things that made Robusta somewhat better:

Harvesting Methods

When it comes to the harvesting of Arabica, it could be a complicated process. First, you need to cultivate it specifically in a region that has a higher Altitude and colder climate. Next, you need to tend to them every now and then since they are prone to pests. On the other hand, Robusta is not a problem to farm at all because it is versatile, as it can be grown even in hotter regions like South East Asia and Africa. Robusta is also known to be resistant to bugs and pests due to its chemical composition. This benefit of Robusta also helped out a lot in the second quality that makes it better than Arabica.


As far as the comparison goes, the when you buy buy Arabica coffee beans it is about three times higher than Robusta. This is also one of the reasons why instant coffee manufacturers prefer Robusta coffee, as they can lessen the price they needed to sell the products that can make them more profitable. Of course, it’s also meant to make Robusta coffee the reason why instant coffee is extremely affordable by everyone in the world. The means of harvesting Robusta, since it’s lower-maintenance and pest-resistant, made it more affordable to mass-produce as well. 

With these in mind, for sure you already know why some would consider Arabica as a superior coffee bean than Robusta. But still, Robusta is excellent if you are only looking for a strong dose of caffeine for the morning to start your busy day. However, if exquisite coffee flavor is what your taste buds are looking for, then Arabica is the go-to! Arabica is also perfect for lots of different types of coffee, late, cappuccino etc… even frappe with the whipped cream on the top.

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How do they make Nitrous Oxide?




Before we get to how they make nitrous oxide, we first got to learn what is Nitrous Oxide? Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous, or nos, is a chemical compound, an oxide of nitrogen with the formula N2O. At room temperature or the temperature that adapted to its surroundings, it is a colorless non-flammable gas, that gives off a slight metallic scent and taste. At elevated temperatures or above normal oral temperature, nitrous oxide is a powerful oxidizer similar to molecular oxygen. Nitrous oxide has significant medical uses, more so present in surgery and dentistry, for its anesthetic and pain numbing effects. Better known by the masses as “laughing gas”, it received this name due to the euphoric effects a person experiences after inhaling it, with this property that has led to its use as a anesthetic. You can readily buy laughing gas but only for culinary purposes.

It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system. Though it became popular as an anesthetic, nitrous oxide has so many other uses. It increases internal combustion engine power, serves as an oxidizer in experiments including chemicals and rockets, and it also acts as a propellant for foods including cooking spray and whipped cream, and has multiple uses in medicine showing that it has its flexibility in uses as a chemical compound.

After learning what is Nitrous Oxide, How does someone produce said gas? The basic and safe method to make nitrous oxide at home or in a small lab was discovered by a chemist named Humphry Davy. Davy discovered that through heating ammonium nitrate, it decomposes into nitrous oxide and water vapor:

NH4NO3 (s) → 2 H2O (g) + N2O (g)

While simple, it’s crucial to gently adjust the heat of ammonium nitrate between 170 °C to 240 °C (338 °F to 464 °F). Exceeding the maximum temperature leads to rapid decomposition and the glass container to shatter due to reaching its breaking point. Use small amounts of ammonium nitrate then control the temperature with a thermometer just to be safe.

1. Place a small amount of ammonium nitrate in a test tube. Cap the test tube with a one-hole stopped. Insert plastic or glass tubing into the hole and run it into a hot water bath. The water needs to be hot because nitrous oxide dissolves in cold water, reducing the amount collected. Collect the bubbles in an inverted jar. This setup for collecting gases is called a pneumatic trough. It condenses water produced by the reaction and removes impurities, like smoke.

2. Once you’ve set up the equipment, slowly heat the ammonium nitrate. You can do this over a flame or burner. Apply heat so that it does not exceed the maximum temperature and so it produces gas bubbles at the rate of one to two bubbles per second.

3. Stop heating the ammonium nitrate before all of it has decomposed. This helps prevent overheating. Turn off the heat and disconnect the tubing from the collection jar so that water won’t flow up into it. Cover the container before turning it upright, so you won’t lose the gas. You can seal the container while it is inverted or simply cover it with a flat sheet of plastic or glass before turning it over. The gas in the container is nitrous oxide, plus smaller amounts of other nitrogen oxides, such as nitric oxide and nitrogen monoxide. Exposure to air oxidizes the nitric oxide to form nitrous oxide.

This procedure is commonly used for commercial preparation of nitrous oxide, with acid and base treatments to further purify the gas.

In 1772, another method for making nitrous oxide was discovered by Joseph Priestley and he became the first person to synthesize nitrous oxide. Priestly collected the gas produced by sprinkling nitric acid over iron filings. While an effective method, this method is better attempted in a lab by scientists because nitric acid should be used under a fume hood, with proper gear to avoid accidents. Another method to make nitrous oxide in the home or lab is to heat a mixture of sodium nitrate and ammonium sulfate. Again, collect the gas using a pneumatic trough. Heating this mixture is even safer than decomposing ammonium nitrate.

2 NaNO3 + (NH4)2SO4 → Na2SO4 + 2 N2O+ 4 H2O

The chemical reaction between urea, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid also produces nitrous oxide.

2 (NH2)2CO + 2 HNO3+ H2SO4 → 2 N2O + 2 CO2 + (NH4)2SO4 + 2H2O

Here are tips to prepare nitrous oxide safely:

– Never exceed the temperature when heating ammonium nitrate over 240 °C or 464 °F.

– Turn of the heating apparatus before the last bit of ammonium nitrate has decomposed.

– Use the highest purity ammonium nitrate available for the safest method. Pure ammonium nitrate is more stable than ammonium nitrate with impurities.

– Perform the project in a lab or in a well-ventilated area if at home. Overexposure can be fatal.

Due to the dangers difficulty involved in making nitrous oxide yourself you will most likely want to just buy nitrous oxide from an online seller and have it delivered to you.

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Are Expensive Cream Chargers Brands Worth Buying? What Are The Differences?




Whether if it’s expensive or cheap cream chargers, both worth buying since there is not much difference between expensive or cheap at all because there are still good cream chargers that are cheap and it also offers what the expensive ones can do. However, there are some instances that it’s worth buying an expensive cream charger because you can ensure that you’re buying a quality one that will allow you to do your task without a hassle. Let’s take a look at the most noticeable difference between the expensive and cheap cream charger in terms of its durability, design, and safety.

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Most of the expensive cream chargers are made up of stainless steel casing that can fit all the pressure whippers, so you can assure that they are extremely durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, other cream chargers are easily becoming rusty if not cared even once, so it is worth it to buy an expensive cream charger because of the sturdy material that is used in their construction, meaning you won’t have a problem in terms of its durability for at least five years. For the capping system of the charger, it ensures that the gas will not leak and it also guarantees you that the life span of the cartridge is long enough to serve you well.


Most of the used steel in cream chargers despite its price. But the noticeable difference in the charger materials between the expensive and cheap is that the expensive cream charger is made up of high-grade reusable stainless steel. Although some cheap ones are recyclable too, however, it might be low-grade stainless only compared to the expensive ones. Also, empty cartridges can be recycled. What’s also great is that you can clean each charger with a cleaning agent numerous times without it being affected.

Each charger contains 8g of the very best quality medical grade nitrous oxides, and that they are made out of 100% steel which will be recyclable.

Design/ Compatibility

In terms of design and compatibility, it is obvious that expensive cream charger is better than cheap ones since the company that made that expensive cream charger has the budget to put a good design to their products, unlike those cheap cream chargers that just looks like plain and simple.

While on the compatibility, it doesn’t matter that much since even cheap ones are designed to be universally compatible like the expensive cream chargers. These topping chargers work with any cream whipper brand on the market, and one charger per pint will suffice. Also, the cream charger has multiple size packages.


Numerous people complain about the taste of the cheap cream charger compared to the expensive one. Some people said that those cheap ones taste metallic. They even complain cheap ones have faulty odors. While they find that the expensive cream charger’s flavor is good and clean once you taste the topping, and it doesn’t make your topping have any odor.


Like I have said earlier, it doesn’t matter that much whether if you purchase an expensive cream charger or not because most of the features expensive ones, the cheap ones also have the same features. But if you want to be safe, I encourage you to buy an expensive cream charger because expensive ones can assure you that the gas that they are using is safe compared to the cheap ones.

As we all know, the gas that was used in cream chargers is Nitrous Oxide or also known as the laughing gas, it is an inert gas, and is considered a safe food additive. So just to be safe buy those expensive ones if you can so you can guarantee that the steel cylinder of the charger is contained with a real Nitrous Oxide and not another gas that might harm you. Remember to not inhale the laughing gas because can influence you in various manners, and likewise with numerous medications, the impacts rely upon the individual taking them and the amount of the medication is utilized.

But still, even you’re purchasing an expensive cream charger and you’re going to make whipped cream or toppings just make sure that you eat your whipped cream quickly because nitrous oxide will start to react with the oxygen within the room and your cream will return to liquid form within 20-30 minutes. The other consideration is that cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers are used together. If you have a poor quality dispenser then you will also run into trouble.

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