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Hair is a collection of dead cells that have been arranged in a three-layer arrangement.

  • The cuticle: This is your outermost layer. Each cuticle is layered like tiles on a roof.
  • The cortex: It is the thickest and middle layer. It is made up of fibrous proteins and pigments, which give hair its color.
  • The Medulla: The central, innermost layer of the hair shaft.

Low porosity hair tends to have the cuticles overlapping each other and being tightly packed together. It is difficult for water and products such as oils and conditioners to reach the hair shaft because there is no space between the cuticles.

Low porosity hair is usually due to genetic factors.

Low hair porosity is not usually caused by chemicals or heat.

High porosity hair is more likely when heat or styling causes damage to the cuticle layer. This means that the cuticles are higher and have more space between them. This can make it difficult for the hair shafts to retain moisture.

What characteristics are low porosity hair?

·   Low porosity hair may cause hair products to stick to your hair rather than being absorbed.How to use Rice Water for Hair

·   You might apply oil to your hair’s ends. You may find that the product remains on your hair after half an hour. You can feel it on your fingers.

·   Most likely, your hair absorbed very little of the product if any.

·  It takes more time to wash and dry.

·   Low porosity hair can make washing and dry more difficult than you might expect. Water is not easily absorbed, so it may be hard to get your hair wet enough to allow the water to penetrate your hair.

·   Once your hair is damp, drying it can take quite a while. It may take longer to dry your hair than for someone with the same length or thickness of hair as you.

How to take care of low porosity hair

Low porosity hair may lead you to use more products or multiple products at once to try to get your hair saturated.

Because the cuticles are so close together, it is unlikely that any product can penetrate.

It is important to choose products with low porosity. These products will be able to penetrate your hair more effectively.

A second important tip is to only use products on hair that are damp and warm. The heat can lift the hair cuticle and allow oils and moisture to penetrate the shaft more easily.

Here are some recommendations for products and ingredients that work well with low porosity hair.


You want shampoos that leave no residue. Honey and glycerin are good options. These ingredients penetrate hair cuticles more effectively than oils.

These shampoos characteristics may be good for you:

  • This shampoo does not contain any residue and can be used daily.
  • Glycerin is used to add moisture to the shampoo. This shampoo doesn’t contain silicones or sulfates that could strip hair of its natural moisture.
  • Honey is a key ingredient in this shampoo for dry, damaged hair.
  • Clarifying shampoo should be used once per week to clean your hair. Low porosity hair can accumulate residue.


When you apply conditioner to your hair, dilute it with a little water. This will make your conditioner more absorbable and less likely just to sit on your hair.

Deep conditioner

Sometimes, your hair might need extra moisture. Weekly deep-conditioning treatment is one way to achieve this.

You can use a heat cap, steamer, or hooded dryer to condition your hair.

You can also put a shower cap on your hair after you have applied deep conditioner. After that, heat your hair with a blow dryer using the warm setting for a couple of minutes. This will open your cuticles.

Protein treatment conditioners are not recommended for low porosity hair. Hair breakage can be increased by protein formulas that tend to strip moisture from the hair.

These are some great options for hair with low porosity:

  • Briogeo Repair, Don’t Lose! Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System. The deep-conditioning duo includes a cap with conditioning ingredients and a conditioner that you can apply before the cap is put on.


These are some tips to help you.


Before you wash your hair, make sure to pre-poo. You can make your pre-poo recipe by adding oils like Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil together with other ingredients.

These can be applied to your hair with the greenhouse effect described above.


Your hair will absorb more moisture if you wash it every two weeks or weekly. To seal in moisture, wash your hair with warm water first to open the cuticles. Then rinse it with cold water.


Your hair needs to be moisturized every other week. You could notice that your hair becomes dry and brittle by the end of the week if you don’t moisturize it. This is not what you want.

You don’t need to do a lot of work for midweek moisturizing. A little leave-in conditioner can be added to your moisturizer. Spray bottle mixes it with water. Spray it every time you style your hair.

Aloe vera Gel You can also seal in moisture with juice or aloe vera. A little bit of aloe can be added to a spray bottle and mixed with water.


Always remember to seal in you are moisturize a low-porosity oil such as baobab.


Make sure you have a bedsheet when you go to bed. You can use a Satin headscarf a Satin Pillowcase.

Satin is a way to ensure that the moisture you apply to your hair won’t be absorbed by cotton or other materials. Satin is not able to absorb moisture, so it’s great to use at night or whenever you need to lie down.


Low porosity hair can make it difficult for oils and moisture to penetrate the shaft. Your hair may take longer to get saturated after washing it. Your hair may take longer to style and process.

Some ingredients make hair with low porosity easier to maintain. It can make a big difference in how manageable and healthy your hair is.

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Codibook Review – Tips For Selecting the Best




Codibook Review

Details about “Codibook Review” –

Codibook Review – It truly is no secret that we are going by one of the toughest recessions, the fact that U. S. has affected a long time. With that in mind, an excellent manner can still be attained that you are responsible and can create your unique fashion. The summer trends connected with 09′ are full of the vibrant coloring.

The mood of the land is reflecting progression and looking out towards a brighter potential. It is impressive, to me, how impactful fashion can be for a society. Another aspect of last year is comfort-ability, yet still staying stylish. Below you will see a directory of the summer’s five manner must-haves:

1) Yellow metal accessories.

Codibook Review – Gold is rear. Over the last few years, wearing yellow metal accessories had been replaced using silver and platinum equipment. Now we are making this transfer back to gold and the incredible importance of gold and how it can call attention to what you wear. Everything from yellow metal earrings, chains and leg bracelets are being seen currently. Now that the color yellow is a hot color of the season introducing some great gold accessories is a sure-fire way to get your manner mojo going.

2) Very long printed dress.

If you don’t have noticed, just about everyone is wearing stunning, colorful, long-printed dresses. They are not only comfortable and all the anger of the season, but they can also add a sense of sophistication to any lady. Just about every fashion retail store has its style of this type of dress. Many are strapless and flare out there at the ends, while others may be monotone yet form-fitting. It must be an easy find and at affordable prices.

3) One-piece Brazilian bikini.

Codibook Review – The one-piece bathing suit is somewhat more popular than ever now. It’s not necessary to be in a bikini or even a size 0 to get the focus this summer. If you notice, one part bikini’s are becoming sexier and sexier, yet still leaving something for the imagination. Nowadays, bathing suits will be more about style and trend than their original performance. Go to a local retail store, and you ought to be able to find a one-piece to intensify your curves.

4) The particular White Pants

Codibook Review – You may think to be able to yourself that you are not good together with white. Neither am I, yet white pants are great for picnics, and they go with every shade. Yes, they can get filthy quickly, but they make a fantastic fashion-forward statement due to summer. Wearing this along with a ruffled top, scorching this season, is a great way to ensure you get your summer day going.

5) Gladiator Sandals.

Codibook Review – Yes! That is right. Gladiator sandals usually are popular this summer. Not only are they relaxed, but they can go with almost any outfit, and you can get them in a variety of colors. They have an adjustable leg strap and go with trousers, shorts, and mini-dresses.

Should you have these five must-haves of this summer season, you will be placed for the summer. There will be not no stopping your fashion model, and you can make it uniquely your individual. Fashion trends are created, and it is simple to keep up with by watching television, concentrating on00 what is being sold in stores, and following a great blog and fashion newsletter.

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Top Shoes Trends for the 2021 Summer



For many of us, sandal season is gone in the blink of an eye! Since you have such a short window to show off that new pedicure, make the most of it by choosing one of the top sandal trends for the summer! This year, we’re seeing completely novel trends such as puffy sandals as well as throwback styles reminiscent of the sandals we wore in the 90s. So get ready to rock a new style this summer and take a look at our top shoe picks for the summer of 2021! 

  1. 90s Inspired Sandals

People say that if you wait long enough any trend will become in style again, and that’s surely true for 90s style sandals! This summer we’re seeing a revival of old 90s hits like strappy kitten heels, barely-there sandals and even plastic slide-ons! 

If you’re looking to relive a bit of the 90s yourself, check out the fantastic Steve Madden 2021 summer collection. This summer, Steve Madden is offering everything from sexy lace-up sandals to trendy wedges with plastic straps. They’re super affordable too. In fact, if you shop with this fantastic Steve Madden coupon, you’ll even receive a major discount on your next purchase! 

  1. Flip flops

Slip-on sandals of all kinds are extremely popular this year with flip flops leading the charge! Flip flops have long been lounging around the pool favorites, but this summer we’re seeing flip flops reimagined as casual, everyday footwear. If you want to enjoy this new trend yourself without looking like you’re heading to the beach, choose a pair of flip flops made from an elevated material like leather. If you love being super on trend, choose a pair of quilted flip flops for a fashion-forward look that even top celebrities are wearing! 

  1. Puffy Sandals

Over the last year it seems all of fashion got more padded and more comfortable! Lately we’ve seen the rise of athleisure wear, loose clothing and even the revival of sweatpants as workwear! This trend has now extended to our feet as puffy, padded sandals become a fashion staple for the 2021 summer season. Even Vogue called puffy sandals a spring/summer essential!

Puffy sandals are being offered in all sorts of ultra-comfortable styles this season. Go for a more casual look with quilted slip-ons or elevate your fashion to new heights with a pair of sky-high puffy wedges. Either way, you’re going to love the walking-on-clouds feeling puffy shoes give! 

  1. Natural Materials

Leather sandals have been popular since the Roman era, and two centuries later this trend is still going strong! This summer 2021, leather and other all natural materials are becoming popular again, especially due to the rise of certain fashion subcultures like cottagecore. Nature-inspired styles are popular this season and many designers are incorporating new natural elements like raffia and bamboo into their collections.

The best part about this all natural trend? It’s so easy to style! You don’t need to go full prairie dress to rock a pair of natural sandals. Their muted colors allow you to mix and match them with a variety of different colors or patterns. Make sure to grab your own pair of natural sandals this summer  – this is one trend that will likely never go out of style! 

  1. White Sneakers

Our last pick has been a major trend for many seasons now, but what list of summer shoe trends would be complete without white sneakers? It seems like everywhere you look this summer people are rocking pristine white shoes! If you want to enjoy this trend just remember, wearing white sneakers is all about keeping them sparklingly clean! Wash off any dirt or grime that gets on your sneakers daily to ensure they remain fresh-out-of-the-box white always! 

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How to choose the right plus size dress



A beautiful and stylish dress should be in the wardrobe of every woman, but many women deny themselves such weakness, as they are afraid to cause disapproval of others. Overweight for some women turns into an insurmountable obstacle when choosing clothes, but modern designers offer many interesting options for ladies with curvaceous shapes. In this article, we will show you how to choose the right style to emphasize the advantages and hide what you consider to be a disadvantage.

What fabric and color should I choose?

Choosing a large size dress should start with the selection of fabric and print. The most important rule of a successful purchase is the high quality of the canvas. Choose republic womenswear that will look good on any model, it is better to give preference to soft materials that form beautiful waves and folds.

There are several tricks to help you choose the right fabric:

  • Avoid harsh materials. It is better to choose a dress of a large size from soft fabrics that will pleasantly fit the figure and add femininity to the image. The stiff fabric creates a crisp geometry that accentuates the flaws of the figure.
  • Choose quality fabrics. You should be comfortable in a dress, so it is better not to save money and buy clothes that will allow the body to breathe and not experience discomfort throughout the day, even in the hot season.
  • Pay attention to the style. It is very important to choose the right style of the dress, which should hide some of the figure flaws. For example, an empire-style dress distracts attention from the lower body and emphasizes the waist.
  • Choose the right accessories. Details create an image, therefore, special attention should be paid to individual accents. A thin strap visually emphasizes the waist, a voluminous brooch focuses on the upper part, a low heel visually increases growth.

Many women choose plain dresses, as they fear that the print will only emphasize the extra pounds. However, a colorful outfit with an original pattern sometimes looks much better than plain clothes. When choosing a print, pay attention to the following subtleties:

Many women choose plain dresses, as they fear that the print will only emphasize the extra pounds. However, a colorful outfit with an original pattern sometimes looks much better than plain clothes. When choosing a print, pay attention to the following subtleties:

  • Floral pattern. If you decide to purchase a dress with a floral pattern, choose a small pattern. Such a print does not focus on volumes, and you can choose a pattern in any color scheme.
  • Strip. If you want to hide extra pounds, buy a dress with vertical thin stripes – such a pattern visually stretches the figure. Horizontal stripes, on the contrary, increase the volume, and in such an outfit, extra pounds become much more noticeable.

Polka dots. A polka dot dress is a classic that will never lose its relevance. However, overweight women are better off choosing small peas, which will help hide extra pounds.

As you can see, a colorful and bright plus size dress is a great choice for a modern woman who is not afraid to challenge and stand out from everyone else. Much depends on the chosen style, but you should not buy dresses with a flared bottom in order to hide those extra pounds. Avoid styles with a sun skirt that makes the bottom look wider. A dress with a half-sun skirt looks much better, which will emphasize the waist, but not increase the volume. A dress with a wrap looks interesting, which creates a feminine image and emphasizes the waist. If you prefer straight-cut outfits, pay attention to styles with decor in the chest area.

 Such details balance the straight cut and divert attention from imperfections. For city walks, you can choose an A-line dress that looks feminine and romantic. By the way, tight dresses look good on curvy women. For such an outfit, it is better to choose original models with folds and flounces of a complex cut, in which the details serve as the main decor.

How to choose the right size for a fashionable dress?

When you buy a dress from a store, you can try on several models to find the right size for your outfit. Online shopping in this matter is not always convenient, but a lot depends on the chosen online store. For example, our company offers a wide range of clothing from a Belarusian manufacturer, which uses the generally accepted domestic dimensional grid for sewing its products. If you are buying a dress for the first time and do not know which size is better to choose, you need to take a few basic measurements:

  • Breast volume. Measure the volume of your chest at the highest points to choose a dress that will not be cramped.
  • Waist. The next important measurement is the waist, which is measured exactly along the waist line. At this stage, some make a mistake and try to press the measuring tape as close to the body as possible, but it will be difficult to breathe in such a dress, and you will not be able to stay in it all day.
  • The volume of the hips. The last important measure is the volume of the hips, which is measured at the highest points. At this moment, the tape should be parallel to the floor, and it is better to take the measurement in such a way that the measuring centimeter fits snugly to the body, but does not press.

On a separate page of the store, you can find a size table that lists all the proposed sizes with a detailed description of the volumes. If you do not know what size dress will suit you, you can contact the store’s consultants and consult with them. Experts will help you choose a dress of the right size, which will fit well on the figure and will emphasize all the advantages.

Where to buy a plus size dress

If you decide to reconsider your views on wardrobe and purchase several dresses, start purchasing from trendaddictors online store. Some trading platforms are official representatives of manufacturers, so the offered assortment meets all the established requirements, and buying clothes online is much more profitable.

Our site is a great example of an online store that offers quality products at affordable prices. We often run various sales, our customers can join the club of regular customers to buy clothes with a good discount. The catalog contains the entire range of products, the dimensional grid is detailed, and the store’s consultants are ready to answer any customer questions. 

The main advantage of our store the high quality of the materials used and the observance of the correct cut standards. For sewing, natural fabrics or fabrics with the addition of high quality synthetic fibers are used. Clothes of our production do not stretch or lose their shape, do not fade and do not come apart at the seams. The patterns created taking into account the peculiarities of the physique, so the dress fits well to the figure. High-quality fittings will not let you down even after prolonged look feminine or a whole series of washes – our dresses will give you joy and comfort for a long time.

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Make Your Halloween Party Super Fun by Applying Halloween Contact Lenses



Here we are browsing again for Halloween themes because, let’s just admitted we all are a little crazy about Halloween. After all, nobody wants to not look scary on the very day everyone is supposed to look deadly. However, we always have minimal themes on our mind when it comes to Halloween, which means that if you really want to put people off, you need to take that extra leap! Contact lenses can really be a differentiating factor when it comes to the getups on Halloween. You can kill it with the right pick of lenses. So, even if all your mates decided to dress up as vampires or zombies, you can definitely turn it around with a little touch of these contact lenses. For now, let’s just focus on our zombie look on Halloween. If you want to be the deadliest of all the zombies out there, then you really need to lay your hands on these zombie-contact lenses. These zombie eye contacts complete the spine-tingling look of a real zombie. 

If you intend on picking up some character from a good zombie movie like the little monsters or the dawn of the dead, then you are on the right path to pull off the sinister look you want. Now let’s just browse through all our options when it comes to zombie contact lenses.

Zombie eye contacts

  • The blind white eye 

These zombie eye contacts that make your eyes look blind white are definitely enough to send shivers through your spine. Even the thought of a zombie with white eyes gives you the daunting feeling that is desired on Halloween. If you plan to be one of the zombies from “Dawn of the dead”, these zombie contact lenses are your go-to. You can wear anything shady literally from your wardrobe and kill it with fake blood and these zombie eye lenses that give you the dead-eye appearance of a zombie. 

  • Vibrant shades 

People mostly go for simple white zombie contact lenses that usually make your eyes look blind white, as mentioned above; however, if you plan on doing something different, you can opt for these vibrant shades that include bottle green, electric blue azure, hazel and amber. These shades bless you with a benign look that adds up to your overall zombie appearance. Not only this, but they also set you apart from the crowd. If you have already tried the white blind look last Halloweens, then you really need to go for these vibrant zombie contact lenses so that you can add a bit of colour to thrill those around you!

  • The glass eye look 

These extraordinary glass white zombie eye contacts are something that can really change your whole mood towards your outfit. These glossy glass white contacts can leave anyone petrified keeping in view these are not yet that common. These glass white lenses shimmer in the light which means that they give a lucid effect to your eyes without any effort. So if the goal is to look strikingly different from all other zombies, you must place your order soon

All these lenses guarantee you a realistic nerve-racking look that no other person would be able to copy. If the goal is to scare away only the kids next block, you may skip them, but if you want to scare the hell out of your adult friends, you must grab them soon! 

How to pull off your outfit with zombie contact lenses?

To look like the most stone-cold zombie in the town, you can try making your outfit extraordinary by making a little effort at home. If you have made up your mind to be a zombie, you can pick out different themes for it and choose a zombie eye contact accordingly. You can either be a traditional zombie or a zombie-fied ballerina, or even your favourite character from a movie. Just choose the basic theme and rip up some costumes, spray them with fake blood, put some dirt on them and pick out the zombie eye contacts that go best with your character! The best part of being a zombie is you can literally be anything and anyone with minimal effort. However, to give your overall attire some realistic look, you need to pull in a few strings and put in the extra effort. Being a little creative when it comes to Halloween can never go wrong, so go crazy this time and be the scariest zombie out in town!

So after reading it all, we hope that you have your mind made up for this Halloween. Don’t forget these zombie eye contacts are just the extra charm and would only work if you pick out the right outfit and pair it with the right makeup look. What are you waiting for? Get your zombie eye contacts now!

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Download video Instagram online fast and free 2021





To download Instagram video on your computer or phone there are many different ways and these are the simplest ways to download Instagram videos that I will guide to readers. Videos downloaded through Instagram downloaders like SnapInsta, Igram.IO , SSSinstagram…. will be saved to your computer or your phone’s gallery. The video download time is long or slow depending on the video size and your network connection.

What is an Instagram downloader?

Instagram downloader will help you to download Instagram posts (features that Instagram does not support) like photos, videos, video reels…. with best quality, for free. One of the very popular Instagram downloaders right now is SnapInsta.

How to use SnapInsta to download video Instagram online ?

Download Photo Instagram online with SnapInsta 

Step 1: Click the “…” icon on the post to copy the link of the post with the image.

Copy URL photo Instagram

Step 2 : Click “copy link” in the toolbar to get the post’s URL.

Step 3 : Enter the link to the tool in SnapInsta and click the Download button to save the video to your device.

Instagram Photo Download

When it is done you can save the video to your library or roll it back and your video won’t be watermarked and you can upload it to Stories.

It’s important to note that even though the video doesn’t have the TikTok watermark, Reels won’t give you the range you’re looking for if the audio doesn’t change, so for additional purposes look for unusual audio. It has TikTok by default, and that can cause your content to fail when shooting.

Download video Instagram with SnapInsta

Step 1: Click on the “…” icon in a post with a video to get the video’s URL.

Step 2: Click “Copy link” to get the video’s URL.

Copy URL video

Step 3: Enter the URL link instead of the tool in SnapInsta to download the IG video to your device.

Instagram Video Downloader

Download Reels Instagram with SnapInsta

The Instagram Reels feature allows users to record videos with a maximum duration of 30 seconds on the phone. This is a feature similar to Tiktok, which can create short videos with options to insert audio, unique Instagram filters, text … Follow the steps below to download Reels videos Instagram.

Step 1: Click on the “…” icon to get the URL in the video Reels

Step 2: Click “Copy Link” to copy Reels video URL from Instagram

Copy URL reels Instagram

Step 3: Paste the video into the toolbar and click Download to download the Reels Insta video.

use Instagram app which you can download through iOS digital store, in PlayStore.

After copying the link, paste it in the text box and press “Download”. Three options will appear, click “Download server 01”, choose to save to your library or reel.

Instagram Reels Downloader

So with SnapInsta you can easily download Instagram videos from Instagram very easily. There are also many other good Instagram Downloaders you can try using .

With these two options, you won’t have to think about what to post on each social network and you can make the most of your resources. Try out both of the we mentioned in the post as Instagram extremely useful. Both applications are integrated on Android App, PWA for users to use more conveniently. Good luck.

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