Lottery Systems and Lottery Predictions

A quick online search about the lottery will lead you to many people claiming to have developed systems for lottery predictions. So, the question that has always been asked about lottery systems and lottery predictions is whether or not people can use the system to predict winning numbers.

Factors that Influence Lottery Systems and Predictions

Well, we might not get to the exact answer as to whether it is possible or not to use systems to predict winning lottery numbers. However, an exploration of the factors that surround the lottery winning numbers can help us understand the concept in a clearer manner.

A game of chance

Firstly, you need to view the lottery as a game of chance. The arithmetic behind the generation of lottery numbers is not precise and you cannot count on it to predict it. The winning numbers are generated randomly and players can win using any number.

However, even as simple as this premise sounds, lottery enthusiasts argue that there are other factors that control the winning numbers. For example, Effi Lotto Himself from Nigeria claims that they know how to predict the lottery lucky numbers.

1. Significant numbers

Some call them ‘lucky numbers’. These are numbers that have some meaning to lottery players. Such numbers may be birth dates, anniversaries, or other important dates. They carry special meaning. Some past winners have been consistently using the ‘lucky numbers’ in different games and end up winning.

Does it work? Well, using significant numbers as a system of predicting lottery results can work if you are persistent. However, there are no assurances since the lottery itself is a game of chance.

2. Statistical Probability

While using significant numbers is based on emotions, statistical probability is based on logic. Players who use this strategy to play lotteries look at the past winnings and use the numbers to attempt to predict the next outcome. For example, some players may pick some numbers as their lucky numbers simply because they have not appeared on previous draws and that they are due. You can also find software calculating the statistical probability of certain numbers appearing on the upcoming draws.

Does it work? This system relies on the order of the universe, which rarely occurs in the lotteries. It also relies on the ‘gambler’s fallacy’ that is premised on the idea that lottery draws have a ‘memory’.

3. Pattern and Systems

So long as lotteries have been in existence, people have been making attempts to study the patterns and systems used in the draws. Some of the examples of patterns that players use include creating a heart on the ticket and picking the numbers along the heart lines and picking numbers from a certain row or column.

Do they work? Well, just like other systems, they cannot give you a definite guarantee.

4. Mystical approaches

These strategies rely on numerology, psychic mediums, horoscopes, and tarot cards to assign meaning to numbers. A player using such a system to win the lottery is motivated by the belief that the universe is made of energies, which are revealed in numbers.

Final Say:

It is clear that there is no clear system to win the lottery. However, you can use the lottery systems and predictions to begin your understanding of the lottery. If you want to get started on some of the most advanced lottery systems.

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