Looking to move? Here are some Austin homes for sale on the market right now!

So you are looking to move to texas? We don’t blame you! The state is great, popular for expats to move to, and has many cultural attractions and outdoor activities. With a huge influx of people from other countries and other states moving to Texas, we can see why you might want to start looking for houses in the local area.

After you decide that you want to relocate to the Lone Star State, you now need to find out which city or town is best for your lifestyle and your personality. Do you want to move to a big city or a small town? Do you like the coast or do you like the suburbs? Finding out what you like can make it easier to narrow down your housing selection to the best few neighborhoods and areas.

Let’s see some houses on the market that might get your attention when looking to move to Texas!

Browsing Austin homes for sale – here are a few options for you to move to!

If you have chosen Austin, Texas for your new relocation spot, you have made a great decision! This city is a busy intersection of various cultures, with people from all over the country moving to this eclectic and surprisingly liberal city. Unlike other Texas cities, Austin is home to various cultural attractions and other interesting demographics that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

If you like the melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, move to Austin! Here are some housing options currently on the market right now while you are looking at Austin homes for sale, reach out to Bramlett Residential to find the best place.

Midbury Court

One of the first options on the market, when you are looking at Austin homes for sale, is a home on Midbury Court in Austin, TX. This home is a four-bedroom, 3 bathrooms, and nearly 3,500-square foot house that is for sale for just over $502,000. If you have a big family or you are looking to have kids soon, this big house can be the perfect spot for you to move to!

Ravenscroft Drive

Another option if you are looking to relocate to Austin is a house on Ravenscroft Drive. This choice when browsing Austin homes for sale is a four-bedroom, 3 bathrooms, and 2,800-square foot house that is going for just over $508,000 on the market right now. This house is in a safe and an aesthetic neighborhood near Hillcrest and Olympic Heights, located right near the beautiful Mary Moore Metropolitan Park and the Bauerle Ranch Park!

McAloon Way

The final option while you are browsing Austin homes for sale is a house onMcAloon Way. This house has four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and is just over $2,260 square feet. Going for over $520,000, this home is the ideal choice for new families looking to move to a safe neighborhood.


As you can see, there is no shortage of Austin homes for sale when you’re looking to relocate to the area! Using online resources can give you an idea of the price range and what you are looking for when it comes to relocating to this beautiful city.

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