Looking to Enjoy Outdoors Even on Windy Days – Commercial Grade Wind-Resistant Patio Umbrella is The Way

Custom outdoor umbrellas are excellent shelters which can be used for both businesses and recreational activities. There is no denying that they are great for protection from the sun. However, the wind can start playing dodgy games on any given day and is not always a friend to giant umbrellas. 

A flyaway brolly is not just a mood-killer but a huge potential hazard that can damage things and injure people. Some cities in Australia clock very high average wind speed during the course of the year, and people living in such places are often worried about their outdoor umbrellas falling over or flying away. 

If you start cringing as soon as the wind starts to pick-up speed, we have the perfect solution for you – commercial grade wind-resistant patio umbrellas. The technology and design of heavy duty commercial umbrellas have advanced greatly to include characteristics that make them withstand higher wind speed.  

However, a good quality and durable product would not come cheap. If you are planning to get a commercial high wind umbrella, there are certain specific features that you must look for before you part with your money. With so many options in the market, this process can become very confusing and also take a lot of time and effort on your part. 

Therefore, we went ahead and conducted some research on this. All the information that we gathered is listed below for you. We believe that it will surely help you find a commercial grade wind-resistant patio umbrella to enjoy the open sky even on days with high winds. 

Features of Wind-Resistant Heavy Duty Commercial Umbrellas 

Instead of a boring catalogue of features, we have listed two columns under each category to keep things easy and more interesting for you. The left column incorporates all the features that must be included in a commercial high wind umbrella and the right column includes those features or aspects which should be avoided if you are looking for a wind-resistant model. 

1. Frame Material and Type–

The frame material is a very crucial feature that will determine not just wind resistance but also robustness of the product. 

2. Fabric Quality –

Regardless of their type and purpose, all custom outdoor umbrella fabrics must be UV protected and waterproof. However, there are other fabric requirements to consider as well, especially those particular to wind-resistant models.

3. Design Features –

Heavy duty commercial umbrellas will perform better in windy areas if they include certain specific designing characteristics. For instance –

4. Size –

The size of your patio umbrella will depend on your intended use. However, there are two aspects that must be particularly considered when purchasing a commercial grade wind-resistant patio umbrella – height of the frame and width of the canopy. 

5. Weight –

If you are looking for a giant umbrella which is also wind-resistant, the weight of the product is a very important factor. 

6. Installation Mechanism –

Regardless of whether you are planning to conduct business or host guests or just enjoy a lazy day, you do not want a product which is complicated and tiring to set-up. It is important, therefore, to buy a heavy duty commercial umbrella which is easy to use and quick to assemble. 

7. Wind Rating –

Premium brands which manufacture high-quality and commercial grade wind-resistant patio umbrellas make sure that their products are tested for wind ratings. It is prudent to also look for these ratings before making a purchase.

8. Customization –

Customization is not a core specification for commercial high wind umbrellas but it can be very useful as an additional feature. Therefore, based on the intended use, we have provided a few options where custom-printed patio umbrellas can be helpful. 

Living in a windy area might require more effort on your part while purchasing a custom outdoor umbrella that suits all your needs. Nevertheless, take our word for it – getting a commercial grade wind-resistant patio umbrella is truly worth the effort. 

 Commercial High Wind Umbrella – The Shade for Any Windy Day

Australia is known for its aggressive and unpredictable weather. Having a patio umbrella as a shelter from the scorching sun is a great addition to any outdoor activity. However, wind speed, which can greatly affect the performance of the umbrella, also varies across the country.

If you live in a windy area and enjoy outdoorsy activities, we wholeheartedly recommend getting commercial high wind umbrellas. To be true, there is really no reason why you can’t have a go at it! 

Once the installation of wind-resistant giant umbrella is done, you can have all the fun despite of the wind and sun!