Looking for a reputable boiler repair company in London

For many homeowners, finding a good plumber and boiler engineer is very important for the home. If something goes wrong with your boiler, you need someone on hand in your hour of need that you can trust and rely on, and more importantly wont charge you the earth to fix your boiler. We have written this handy guide for boiler repair London services to help you in your search:

  • Local or National Company

This is quite a conundrum for many homeowners. It is the choice between that prestige and creditability of the bigger companies versus the local company where you might get a more personal service. This is particularly true with many of the one-man bands that you find in the boiler repair industry. You will find that generally the local companies are cheaper, but with the bigger companies you will have a bit more a comeback or guarantee should there be an issue.

  • Annual Cover

Another popular nowadays due to the price of fixing boilers when they breakdown, is

Getting yourself an annual boiler cover in place. With this arrangement, you will normally pay a fixed amount monthly, which covers the boiler for any problem. Many of the companies that offer this will cover all the boiler parts and labour within the price. If you are considering this option, it really depends on how likely it is that your boiler might breakdown. Here, it is worth looking at the age of the boiler as the deciding factor. In many cases though this arrangement can be the way to go.

  • Word Of Mouth

One of the best ways to find a local boiler company is of course word of mouth. Its always worth asking people you know who they are using for their repairs. This can give you a great insight into a company, with regards to their prices, professionalism etc. And of for example you know someone that has used said company for a long time without issue, then in most cases it’s a no brainer.

  • Online Reviews

The growth in online reviews has been huge over the last five years. Whether it’s Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, TrustaTrader or Checkatrade, there are literally hundreds to choose from. Generally, when a company has a large amount of reviews you know that they are probably worth checking out a bit more. Reading the reviews will also give you lots of information on price, reliability etc. and can be very handy when trying to locate a good, reliable boiler company. Here we have looked at four good ways to choose a reliable boiler company, but of course there are lots of other things to look at to. Check out our part two of finding a good boiler repair company coming soon!

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