Location Is Everything

Are you a homeowner? If so, where do you own property? When we buy houses for the first time or third time. Location matters to us as well as demand. Why as a property owner does location matter. Imagine overpaying for a home in an undesirable location. How do you know if you’re buying in an undesirable area or not? There is a lot to factor in when it comes to deciding where we purchase a home or how much we consider paying for a certain area. One thing you need to consider is what is around your home as far as stores, shopping centres, malls,  etc. How about Schools do you have children you prefer to put into a  good school or does it not matter to you. How about does the location matter as far as being safe? What about buying in an area that you know will increase. You may even consider transportation as a major factor. These are all things you want to consider when you buy real estate.  

Retail Stores In Your Area 

Let us say that we want to buy a home. Everyone needs to shop. We need to go shopping for food, clothing, pleasure, etc. Parts of American people live so excluded from stores they must drive miles just to get to one. But the majority of us like to be a quick ride or even a walk from our favourite local stores. For instance, inner-city homes tend to be more money if in a decent area. This is because of the convivence you get from being able to just head to the stores. Most of the time in the inner city you won’t even need a vehicle to get to stores. Some do prefer to live away from retail stores which is perfectly fine just less convenient. If the home, you are looking to buy is in close vicinity of a highly rated store then you may be looking at higher purchase prices. If you want to be near stores tell the person you are working with on buying a new home this so they can factor this into your home search. 

School Districts 

Do you have children? If so, then you must consider what school district you buy your home in. If you do not have children, you should still pay attention to the school district. This will affect the taxes you pay on your home. Certain people wait years for a home to be available in a good school district. Homes in these areas can be scary. It’s always easy to do your quick research on an area before deciding to buy a home. If you do not have children, you most likely will not want to be paying a high amount in school taxes. School taxes make up a good portion of your property tax so be careful where you choose to live if schools do not benefit you. 

Increase In Value 

Obviously, we want our home to be in a safe area. But how about one that will increase in value. This is extremely important when choosing where you buy your next home. If you live or find yourself in an area that has a high crime rate this will most probably cause you to have no resale value in your home. Every person who buys a home tends to resell it at some point in their life. They may not stay in that home for the rest of their life. Cycles change on an 18-year basis in most areas.  If you notice a shift in the area, it may be time to sell my house fast

No Matter the Situation 

We understand that every market can be different on the east coast there are tons of nice areas to live in. If you find yourself in New  Jersey and you need to “sell my house fast New Jersey” there are plenty of companies out there that can help you sell the old one and buy new. New Jersey has plenty of wonderful urban and rural areas.  No matter where you decide to move to in the state or in general. You 

need to make sure you put everything on the table. Speaking with a  knowledgeable agent or even a company who has the experience helping homeowners find the house of their dreams that will fit their needs. Always make sure you do not overpay for a home. We do understand some markets are more difficult finding a home than others, but just make sure you do not pay too much.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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