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Small businesses and storefronts of all kinds have a growing need to enter the digital marketing world, but many are not sure how. Local SEO is a cost-effective, accurate way to increase your appearance in Google search results and spread relevant business information to potential customers.  Google my Business management plays a vital role in obtaining more traffic and improving your position in local search results. Read along and find out how Google my Business and Google maps can boost your online presence and get new customers.

Local SEO Explained

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice that’s based on improving your position in search results, however possible. There are many approaches to increasing your online presence locally, but Google my business is by far one of the most effective tools that you can use to find potential customers.  According to Statista, approximately 92.5% of searches are through Google, so your listing is sure to be seen when customers search for your service; if you can appear in Google Search or Google Maps. Local SEO experts use your business account on Google to improve local search results in a few ways, but a GMB optimization is the most effective starting place.

Starting On Google My Business

The first step that you will have to take is claiming your Google Business listing if you haven’t already. Once you claim ownership or complete your profile setup, you should make sure that the business has a physical location attached. Having an accurate business address will let potential customers know where to go, and usually gets preference in Google Maps. If you don’t have an address, Google Search will assume that your business listing is less relevant than businesses with a physical location.

After adding your address, Google my Business will require you to verify. A myriad of verification methods are used, and the required means will vary each time, so it’s best to actually be at the physical location that you add to the business listing. Google may send a text to whatever number you add, they may call, or they could request a Zoom meeting or send a postcard. It’s a frustrating process, but the result is worth a bit of a headache. 

Once your business listing has been verified, you should add any and all of your business information to your profile. Adding images, services, categories, service areas, a business description, updated hours, and other important business details gives potential customers helpful insight that builds trust and promotes increased foot traffic. If you are a local business, Google my Business should be your priority, however, it can take some time away from your other responsibilities. 

Use Your Website

A huge factor with your Google my Business profile will be an effective website. Not only does your site let you appear in local search results, it connects to your Google my Business account for increased rankings, depending on your site’s relevance. When used properly, your site will generate backlinks and the content will become increasingly relevant, making it easier to climb Google Maps and Google search simultaneously. It’s a slow process, but building the relevance of your website will boost your Google account and make you more relevant to customer’s search queries.

Rank Faster & More Effectively

If your local business can’t wait for search results to naturally improve, talk to a digital marketing agency that specializes in Google my Business and local SEO. While you may be hesitant to pay for services, a digital marketing agency can provide detailed insights, improve your customer experience, share relevant information, and help you rank in local searches. If you’re tired of stagnant business listings and a defeated website, take your marketing efforts to the digital world and put your business online with local SEO and Google my Business management.

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