Loan with payment remark

Loan with payment remark – how does it work

It may seem a little difficult to get a loan with a payment remark, but it is absolutely possible to do. Mistakes happen to everyone and it is easy to miss a bill and get a payment remark or two. Fortunately, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot get a good loan even though you have received a payment remark. Read more about how you can get a loan despite a payment remark below!

What is a payment remark?

A payment remark is a remark about a debt, bill or an invoice that has not been paid on time, and is thus registered with UC (privatlån med betalningsanmärkning). Usually, a payment remark remains in your register for three years and negatively affects your credit rating, which in turn can make it more difficult for you to get a loan. To avoid payment remarks in the first place, it is important that you keep a close eye on that your bills are paid on time, and if you can not repay the entire debt on time that you contact the person you owe money and ask for an extension.

Where can you take a loan with a payment remark?

A proportion of our 40+ different lenders accept up to 10 payment labels when they borrow money. This means that it is very possible for you to borrow with a payment remark, especially if you only have one or two. To find the best lender for you, you should apply through a loan comparison platform and you will be notified within 24 hours about a number of options adapted to your credit rating and financial situation, from which you can choose the loan with payment remark that is best for you. After that, you continue the discussion about borrowing money with the lender of your choice. If you want to borrow and need advice before, during or after the application process, you can also get it, find other information and read more on our website under the section Questions and Answers. Now we look further at how you can borrow with a payment remark.

How to get a loan with a payment remark?

When you apply through Moni365, you will see different lenders that offer the best interest rates for your particular financial situation.To be able to borrow, you must meet the basic requirements that are common to a large number of lenders. It includes a sufficiently large and stable income, that you are at least 18 years old, and that you are debt free and have no debts with the Enforcement Officer (this means zero debt balance with the Enforcement Officer – lån trots betalningsanmärkning svar direkt). The better the rest of your finances are, the more options with better interest rates will be available to you despite payment remarks. For all different types of loans, it also strengthens your application if you bring a co-applicant, and if you choose to apply to collect your existing loans into a larger loan. Also, Compare Home Loans if you are confused before applying.

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