Living in the Estella Hills – A Near-Full Package of Entertainment and Culture

The Estella Heights Apartment for sale is an exquisite luxury Ho Chi Minh City apartment that shares the coveted address and is a golden opportunity for potential buyers and investors who desire to have a luxury, high-class apartment at a fair price. The gorgeous apartment is nestled in an eight hundred meter squared plot and offers residents astounding views of the city. The apartment is fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, and living quarters. All major appliances, such as the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the air conditioner, the coffeemaker, the fireplace, and the coffee maker, as well as dozens of cable wires, are professionally installed. Each room in the apartment is provided with a private bedroom, a guestroom, and an official office. In addition, there are a sauna and a hot tub.

Amenities and retail amenities are truly remarkable in this Vietnamese neighborhood. It has five-star amenities like an on-site restaurant, a spa, a fitness center, a swimming pool, and an outdoor pool deck. There is even a heated swimming pool. This exclusive community offers fantastic convenience. Residents enjoy the convenience of a twenty-four hour security service and their own car valet. There is even a library featuring the latest literature and reference materials on Vietnam and everything Vietnam-related.

Amenities include three-bedroom apartments with private bathrooms (two master bedrooms and one guest bedroom). The interior is light and spacious with exquisite hardwood flooring throughout, ranging from cherry wood to mahogany, inlaid with high-end artwork. Bedrooms are decorated in the latest style and fashion trends, with some having beautiful wood flooring throughout, including cherry and mahogany. The interior of the living quarters is also designed with contemporary furnishings and features high-end electronics and plumbing.

The second floor of the residence has two guest bedrooms and one guest bath. Sky gardens and outdoor pools provide for endless relaxation after a long day at work or a stressful day at school. Relaxation is the primary objective of this luxurious residence. The five-story building features a lazy pool and a rooftop pool deck. It also has many amenities.

Located within close proximity to the estella heights, Ho Chi Minh City International School shares the town’s beautiful locale. The International Schools provides a variety of educational programs for all ages. With the opening of The Estella heights, the number of International Schools in the vicinity will grow. The area will be full of exciting opportunities for education and job advancement for those who live here.

This is a unique set of residences. Its location makes it ideal to live in, work in, raise a family in, or call home to the students of the international schools. Its convenient location makes it easier than ever for parents to send their children to these prestigious establishments. Living in the downtown area will allow for convenient shopping experiences and access to the international schools, signature collections, and entertainment venues located in the heart of the district.

This is a centrally located within easy commute to downtown Ho Chi Minh City. Living in the Estella heights, gives you easy access to the major districts of Hanoi. The Hanoi International Airport is the airport you can fly to when you arrive in Hanoi. Living in this wonderful neighborhood gives you convenient access to the shopping areas of Hanoi, the Central Business District, and the Central Trade Zone.

The proximity to all of the aforementioned amenities makes this a desirable residential neighborhood to live in. Living in this comfortable neighborhood is an ideal choice for retirees, those on retirement leave from the military, and those just looking for a relaxed and convenient place to call home. If you are interested in living in a neighborhood that offers access to all of the best things to do and see while living in the downtown areas, then the Estella Heights is your neighborhood. Driving from the downtown area to the Estella heights on the Ho Chi Minh City Hwy will allow you to drive to the central business district, downtown Ho Chi Minh City, and the cultural centers of downtown.

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