Live rooms on Instagram. How does it work?

Instagram seems to have been improvising its features every single week to facilitate the users in the best possible way. There was no way to have a private chat room or conference on Instagram with multiple people, but now you can have 3 guests in an Instagram live room. It’s this new feature very creative and exciting?

The Instagram live rooms will act as a bridge between the brands and its customers, between the users and audience, and so forth. You can communicate better now with your friends, loved ones and colleagues through Instagram rooms. With the number of exciting and entertaining features rolled out by Instagram, it’s so easy to predict that this network will have something extraordinary for all of us beyond our imagination in the future.

The word Instagram means instant camera; it also refers to a telegram site. People join this app by creating a profile, they start interacting with each other and making a safe community online by following each other. With tons of people having the option to share photos, videos, and Instagram stories to visualize their life, Instagram has become a massive community on the internet.

Instagram is a secure and easy-to-use app; you have the choice to use it the way you want. It depends on you whether you want to keep a low-profile on Instagram or want to have massive followership by engaging with more people all around the world. 

The popular aspect of Instagram is its compatibility factor, it offers features, privacy and security. If you are not comfortable having a public profit, you can go for the private one. Hide your pictures and videos at any point of using your Insta account.

What is live room in Instagram:

Live Instagram rooms mean having an option to create a live video session and conference spontaneous with up to three guests. You can broadcast video to your audience, customers, loved ones and followers without restriction. They will be able to share their responses while you are doing live facetime with them. The concept behind Instagram rooms is somewhat similar to live streams where you can interact with people on the internet. However, there’s a limitation that you can do facetime with three people only.

According to the Instagram app developers, this feature was highly suggested and requested by their users. It was a much-needed feature as well because there are too many business profiles and influencers on Instagram. What could be a better way to showcase your items and services in real-time through a live stream. Before this feature, the user was allowed to have facetime with only one person. The restriction has been lifted now. You can now make the most Instagram Live room.

How does Instagram live room work?

In order to go live through Instagram Live room, you should first know how to create a room. For creating it, you should follow the instructions given below:

  • Log in to your Instagram profile.
  • Then swipe left to open the story camera. There will be a series of options at the bottom of the camera screen.
  • Swipe across it, and you will come across the live mode option. The icon has a circle in the center, two curve lines on both sides of the circle.
  • Afterward, add a title to your Instagram live room. To add the title, click on the left-aligned icon on the left-hand side of the screen. This will let your Instagram followers know what to expect from the live session.
  • Now just simply tap on the live option to start your broadcast. Also, you should have a good internet connection to have a smooth life.
  • Now to add guests to your live room, you have to click on the video icon at the bottom of the screen. This will send a joining request through which they can be a part of this live room.
  • You also have the option to add the guest one by one to build the surprise factor for the viewers.

Some protection measures regarding live rooms:

  • The hosts of the live room have the right to block or report comments. And they can also personalize their comments by different filters.
  • The user blocked by the host will also not have access to living rooms.
  • The user blocked by the Instagram app due to breaching the community guidelines will also not be able to join it.

These measures are significant and also helpful. They make your Instagram live rooms more secure for the public and yourself.

How to live room enhances our online experience:

Live rooms optimize your Instagram profile to a great extent. They increase your discoverability on the Instagram app, which lets you develop a large social circle in the online world. There are a lot of benefits of live rooms such as:

Live rooms enable you to get to know your audience by taking their feedback, which is very important for a better relationship with your followers.

You can do live Q and A with your followers to have a little fun time to get to know about you and know what your audience likes about you. You can answer their questions on the spot, to be able to serve them better, knowing more about their concerns and problems.

Through live rooms, you can do better product demonstrations of your brand, which lets your followers have a better idea about ongoing deals and promotions.

You can do live performances in live rooms, which helps the audience understand your content and presentation. Your followers will appreciate you even more, when you give them a live presentation. Moreover, you can turn them into potential buyers by convincing them why a product is different from its counterparts or how it is better than that of the similar items online.


Instagram live rooms are a great feature, allowing the people to communicate with each other on a much-personalized level. Moreover, this feature is fun itself to use, if you have a company, you will absolutely love doing a live stream to promote new offers for the products. If you are an influencer, you can go live and share your opinions with the viewers. They will be able to post live comments or opinions to give an idea as to what else to be discussed more. Additionally, the feature helps you go on a one-to-one meeting with your audience, followers, and friends, you can answer their questions on the spot to resolve their concerns.

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