Live in a Small Unit? You Need the Right Furniture

Many people decide to make a trade-off between living in a location they love with less space than they’d get for the same price elsewhere. Often, this means living closer to downtown in a smaller apartment or condo than you may find in the suburbs.

Everyone has their own lifestyle, and there are no wrong answers! But you can make a smaller unit feel larger by getting furniture designed to suit the space. Let’s learn more about how the right approach to furniture shopping can get you living large.

Sectionals That Fit

The couch is the bedrock of living room furniture. It’s where you spend the bulk of your time whether you’re curled up for a movie or, when it’s safe, entertaining.  

If you buy a used couch online somewhere, it may be stained or dirty in ways that aren’t immediately apparent. But it’s also near impossible to find a couch that is the right size and shape for your layout.

Stores like The Chesterfield Shop have an enormous selection of couches to choose from, and you can order a sectional that has the right sized extension on the side you need. You may only have room for a chez lounge on the left or right side, rather than a full L-shaped couch.

Anytime you’re trying to pack many things into a crowded space, strategy dictates that you pack the largest thing first. In the same way, when furnishing a room, you need to start with the biggest items.

Your room will feel bigger and more functional with a couch that seats additional people while aligned with the contours of the room versus a clunky and less efficient one. The best furniture stores sell couches with basically an unlimited number of configurations, so you can always live large, even if you’re downsizing.

Accent Tablesand Beyond

Some places in an apartment or condo may be compact but require certain functions. For example, the entryway should feel like the threshold to a home.

If the area is small, you may need to shop carefully to find a console table or a storage solution that can fit things like gloves, hats, keys, and more. Likewise, some units have unusual layouts, which makes them hard to decorate with standard-sized furniture.

The best furniture stores have accent tables and a range of other under-sized and over-sized furniture. Practically speaking, you’ll be able to make better use of the space you have.

But more than that, the room will feel balanced and harmonious instead of awkward when everything in it fits properly. Be mindful that furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, from corner-shelves and half-moon tables to more.

No matter the size of your home, it must feel like home. You wouldn’t walk around in clothes too large or too small for your body, nor should you equip your home with furniture that doesn’t fit. If you need a small couch that exudes big energy or furniture that makes a small space feel larger, visit a quality furniture shop near you.

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