List of top ideas for going green in the workplace

If there are no sustainability initiatives in the workplace then a surprising amount of waste can be generated. But a workplace offers numerous opportunities as well where we can be nicer to the earth. The 5 R’s for being environmentally friendly can be applied- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Rethink. Hence, considering all five Rs, in this post we are giving you top ideas for going green in the workplace

  1. Reduce

In the office, it is easy to reduce unnecessary waste. You can ditch the single-use plastics such as cups, plastic plates, and replace them with recyclable or plant-based, biodegradable alternatives.

  1. Recycle

Every year, the high amount of waste that can be recycled goes to landfills. So, by implementing a recycling system around the office such as next to the printers, the kitchen will allow the staff to separate the trash paper correctly. In addition to this, food waste is an effortlessly avoidable item that can be sent to landfills and makes beneficial food for gardens as well as veggie plots. See if staff have the resources or compost collection service is available in your city then set up a roster to take turns bringing the compost home at the end of every week.

  1. Create monthly green challenges

Creating monthly team challenges can be an amusing way of combining competition and going green too. For example, you can organize a challenge in your workplace to go with no use of plastic eating utensils. At the end of the month, you can reward those employees who stick with it by gifting them small prizes like snacks, pens, coffee mugs, etc.

  1. Go digital

Going digital is one of those green initiative ideas for offices that can help you get free of your paper filing system. Digital cloud-based apps help in managing various works in the offices such as managing invoices and receipts digitally. Moreover, if in case printing is required then whenever it’s possible save the paper by printing on both sides of a paper.

  1. Power down

In offices, machines continue to take up excessive energy when on standby. So, staff can be encouraged to unplug or turn off the appliances that are not immediately in use such as microwaves, printers, electric kettles, or others. Motion sensors to activate lights is one more way to save energy around the workplace.

  1. Research Programs and Sustainability Fairs

All employers can challenge their staff members to research and develop new sustainability plans. Employers can also plan a sustainability fair, and fund it through donations from local industries. So, employees can tell strategies they have researched particularlyfor your workplace and compete for a reward. In addition to this, encourage attendees to come with unwanted electronic devices for eco-friendly recycling, or disposal.

# Final Words

That’s all about the green initiative ideas for the workplace. Also, always try to replace plastic and use mobile phones or overhead projectors for display meeting agendas rather than printing them on paper and distribute them amongst the employees. Hence, all the ways mentioned above in the article for going green in the workplace are very efficient and useful.

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