Life-Saving Add-Ons: SOS Click for Microsoft Office

You’ve probably experienced this or something similar yourself. You’ve been working hard all day on a time-sensitive project, integrating Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and Visio flowcharts into a professional PowerPoint slideshow.

It’s the best work you’ve ever done and you even organized them all into a hierarchical folder structure on your computer’s hard drive. You’ve finished, it’s late and you’re proud of yourself, and just before you finish for the evening, you decide to give your work one final check, ready for tomorrow’s delivery.

Disaster. Your laptop won’t boot, and you are informed that there is no disk, meaning that all of your work is potentially lost forever, and there is nothing you can do but do it again.

But this could all have been avoided by using just one, life-saving add-on for Microsoft Office: SOS Click.

What is SOS Click for Microsoft Office?

Essentially, SOS Click is a vital tool for anyone who works on documents using Microsoft Office, not only as a time saver but an all-in-one solution when it comes to data integrity. Approximately 50% of data loss is caused by either defective hardware or simple human error and not saving properly or backing up is a common issue.

SOS Click provides amazing security and data backup options that mean you will never lose a document ever again. In a nutshell, this amazing tool allows you to save Microsoft Office documents to multiple locations with one click, including local disks, cloud servers, USB storage devices, office networks, and email accounts.

How Do I Use SOS Click?

When it comes to some add-ons for popular software packages, they can be difficult to install and configure for anyone not educated with software and operating systems. SOS Click really could not be simpler and the very user-friendly interface explains everything that needs to be set up.

Each desired storage location has its own allocated directory box that you can enter manually. For example, you can set your local drive folder, USB drive folder, email, and Dropbox location by either navigating the directory interface or typing them in. Google Drive, email saving, and even external networks are supported with the necessary credentials.

How Can I Get SOS Click?

If you regularly work on documents then you definitely need SOS Click for Microsoft Office. To get this excellent add-on, you can simply head over to and click the ‘Download’ button. In an intuitive and generous gesture, SOS Click is offered as an all-in-one package for all Microsoft Office apps or individually at a cheaper price.

For convenience, you may purchase SOS Click for individual office apps such as Word, Excel, or Powerpoint for $5 each, or at a very reasonable $10 for the complete solution that provides access to SOS Click for all apps, saving you money if you use more than one office app, which most people need to at some point.

Why You Should Buy SOS Click

Anyone who has worked with electronic documents for any reasonable amount of time quickly becomes aware of the dangers of not backing up or saving to multiple devices. While you might already save to multiple destinations, doing this manually is tedious and boring, but the easy-to-use SOS Click add-on makes this possible in just one click.

Configuring the add-on is unbelievably simple and only requires folder navigation, a little typing, and authorized credentials for cloud, email, or network access and then you are free to never worry about losing a Microsoft Office document ever again. This cheap yet extremely powerful tool is an absolute must-have for individual users and organizations alike.

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