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LG Says Goodbye To Mobile Phones



From its base in South Korea, LG is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The company makes its own branded version of almost any electrical appliance you might have in your home. If you wanted to, you could buy an LG television, an LG laptop, an LG washing machine and an LG refrigerator. You could even use an LG vacuum cleaner to suck up all the crumbs after you’ve finished eating whatever it was you took from that refrigerator. For well over twenty years, you’ve also been able to buy LG phones to go with all your other LG products. That isn’t going to be the case any longer. LG is pulling out of the mobile phone market, bringing a whole era to an end.

The name “LG” is synonymous with the emergence of mobile phones as “must-have” possessions in the late 1990s. Back then, your phone was likely to be made by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, or Motorola. Times have changed dramatically since then, and the phone you own today – perhaps even the phone you’re using to read this article right now – is far more likely to have been manufactured in the factories of Apple, Samsung, or Huawei. It’s been a long time since LG made a genuinely popular smartphone. There have been rumours about LG’s pending withdrawal from the market for the past two years, but it’s still a shock to see it finally happening for real. As CNN put it, LG was once a pioneering name in the smartphone industry. Now it’s not going to be involved in smartphones at all.

The emergence of Chinese handsets has been the final nail in the coffin for LG. While the company is still within the top three in the USA when it comes to sales, their figures in the rest of the world have fallen off a cliff. In 2020, the company ranked 8th. Huawei pushed past them a long time ago, but more recently, they’ve fallen behind Oppo and Xiaomi. Their global market share has dropped below two per cent, and LG has decided the division is no longer financially viable. As a company, LG does a lot of things that make huge amounts of money. The phone division’s failure was eating into the profit margins of the other subdivisions, and the company as a whole is no longer willing to tolerate those losses.

It’s hard to specifically identify where LG went wrong, but it might be fair to say that they were too experimental. Over the past decade, people have become ever more reliant on their phones to perform tasks that they used to use their laptops for. Other manufacturers have honed in on these changing trends and built devices tailored toward them. Gaming phones, for example, are aimed not only at people who enjoy playing video games on their phones but also at people who enjoy playing online slots. While the existence of that market doesn’t even cross the mind of people who aren’t interested in gambling, it’s worth tens of billions of dollars per year. Within the past five years, online slots have become mobile slots. When players load websites like Rose Slots, they’re more likely to do so on their phones than their computers. A phone that’s optimised for that task is more likely to be sold than one that isn’t. LG has frequently ignored these trends and gone in search of markets that didn’t exist instead.

There are a few pertinent examples of what we mean when we say “too experimental.” Perhaps the most compelling of them is the LG Wing 5G, which was launched in 2020 and will probably come to be seen as LG’s last attempt to find a new foothold in the market. The idea of the two-screened phone was to give people more space for typing and viewing, including the ability to watch television on one screen while scrolling through social media on the other. When only one screen was required, the second screen could be folded away. It was a neat idea on paper, but the user interface was clunky, and the phone felt too bulky because of it. The same effect could be achieved by running two windows on a large smartphone, so the product didn’t have the USP that LG hoped it might.

Another novel idea was the LG G Flex, which launched in 2013. Back then, flexible screens seemed set to become the “next big thing” in the world of smartphone design. That isn’t how things turned out. Customers looked at the phone in much the same way they saw the 3D televisions of the era – they thought they were a gimmick. Most phone developers backed away from the idea of using flexible screens or bodies after a single failed experiment. LG compounded the error by releasing the G Flex 2 in 2015, by which point the rest of the market had moved on. As the BBC said, the phone was “fun but doomed.” That isn’t the kind of review you’re looking for when you’ve just launched what you hoped would be a brand new flagship handset.

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LG isn’t wasting any time with its withdrawal from the market. The mobile phone division of the company is anticipated to be fully wound up by the end of July 2021 – just three months from now. Technical support will continue to be provided for an as-yet-undetermined period of time. This is a dramatic change of heart from the company, which as recently as January said that rumours about the closure of its phone division were “false and without merit.” it also means that the long-awaited rollable mobile phone – a concept that seemed so outlandish that the company had to work hard to convince people that it wasn’t a joke – will never see the light of day. We were curious about the potential of that idea, so we hope that someone else might pick up the blueprint as see it’s workable. At one point, the rollable phone was scheduled to be released in late 2021, so we’d like to think that the product was close to being factory-record.

Farewell then, LG. We’ll miss your phones, and we’ll always have fond memories of playing Snake on your handsets in the early 2000s. We wish you well on your way to the smartphone afterlife with HTC and Blackberry.

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How inspirational cards help to motivate in life:



Inspiration gives us new opportunities to overcome our ordinary experiences and weaknesses. Inspiration pushes an individual to the possibility of apathy and transforms our perception of our abilities. Often, inspiration is misunderstood by its mysterious existence. Check out more related stuff here แรงบัลดาลใจ.

Everyone could use some assistance now and then. Unfortunately, both internal and external difficulties are an indispensable part of humanity. The good news is that we don’t have to leave either of us behind. We may write words or give laughter on an incentive card, which can allow anyone to spend a hard or hard day.

Use of inspirational card:

Cards are just a way of getting in contact and expressing feelings like affection, compliments, sympathy, and thankfulness. Although we live in a digital world, the sender and receiver can find something in a card sent via postal mail. You can also talk about more than just an email, an e-card, or even even a call.

 Stay in connection with loved ones:

Sending cards, which are usually only sent once a year, is a great way to stay in touch with people you don’t see very often. Maybe loved ones or families who live far away or your favorite cousin you haven’t seen in a long time. You may “see” them or talk over Facebook once in a while, of course, but so much warmer and more unique could be a short handwritten note on a card.

Show your warm feelings:

Other reasons for sending a card of thanks include job interviews, when someone does something helpful for your life or work, when a new business contact is established and when you give your name or services for a reference.

Encourage someone to succeed:

It’s cool to let people know they’re welcome. It’s cool to receive encouraging notes as well, so it’s kind to reciprocate this warm feeling.

The different occasions for sending inspirational cards:

  • At a wedding ceremony
  • On a birthday
  • On academic or professional success

How to Write an inspirational Card:

Perhaps the card itself said a lot. Or you won’t take too long to write the wrong thing. In any event, letting your recipient know that they’re in your mind is fitting and encouraging. Make these things in mind while writing an inspiration card.


Always keep in mind the recipient to whom you write or give a card. It will help you to choose or write. For example, recovering from injury, operation or disease may be sluggish, painful, and frustrating. Your receiver will feel that without them, life is going on. Maybe they need to remember you didn’t forget about them… And that’s all right to let other stuff go and concentrate on getting well.

Quitting a parent or trying to find one can be a major blow to the stability, relationships, and self-worth of an individual. It is certainly a time for motivation.


Choose words according to the receiver’s mind which touches their mind and helps them to boost up, like as:

“Be yourselves nice.” Be nice. And other people, too, might be nice to you. “

“Think for yourself—and trust it is just a step on the road to a better thing.”

Take time for the heart to recover. Take yourself with gentleness. “

“You suck completely, but you don’t suck completely.”


Choose a new theme for your cards; it will help others to heel and encourage you.

Some beautiful words for the inspirational card:

This is what you have. “

“Today’s great luck! You’re going to do fine, I know. “

“Your vibes are great, nice sending.”

“Lift yourself to the priesthood and hope today will be better.”

“To meet you soon, I absolutely can not wait.”

“To walk this path, I’m proud of you, to do what is right for you.”

“You make an enormous transition, and that’s a huge thing.”

Final words:

If you’re stunned by the difficulty of someone’s case, read this article. You will find suggestions for adding your message to your motivational card in the rest of this post. This has been organized by situation or need and we have provided tips for writing and examples. We hope that they will help you provide a little light and encouragement when they are most needed.

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How Online Supply Chain Management Is Changing the Game

Fire emblem is an appreciable game, which is created by an intelligent system. The style of the play is individual from other games. It is the 8th series in fire emblem. The game’s story is based on the scared stones on the imaginary mainland of magvel, and Magvel is separated into five nations. The Grado Empire starts breaking the stones, and the other two characters, Erikia ad Ephraim, then set together and try to end the war มูเตลู

The method of playing this series is similar to the previous series of the fire emblem sacred stones. This article discusses the Fire emblem sacred stones characters through which you can quickly know about this game.

Overview of game

The fire emblem game has a platform; game boy advanced handheld video game console, published by Nintendo in 2004.the writers of this game are Sachiko Wada, kouhei Maeda, lkuko Mikami.Kenji Matsuura and Naomi Masuda. It is released on October 7, 2004, in Japan, and the second part of the fire emblem is released outside Japan.

Gameplay and features of scared stones character

The story of the game is unique which focused on the royal family. The game’s main characters are playing Erika and Ephrim, and the player in the game controls these two characters. The act of these characters is that they are fighting against a hostile squad that occupies their country.

To fight against the enemies, additional functions added could help players become strong and get higher stages in the game. For getting experience points in the fire emblem scared, optional dungeons can help raise the level of players.

The other feature for the players in the game is that if they clear up to 10, they get another option of evolving using the class-specific items.

There are multiple options in the game for the players to control and fight against the enemies in a better way.

In the fire emblem, a sacred stone, the steps get turned during the fighting. It is meant to say it is on the player’s hands that they can do this when they want to take a turn. In the game, players gain instructions to complete specific tasks like the number of units and end the objective.

Then every unit class dictates their weapons, power, abilities, and movement base. The proper selection of firearms is the key to compete strongly with enemies. There are different kinds of weapons, like limited range weapons in which axes and swords are included, and long-range weapons like magical staves and bows are added.

Playing the game, many items are collected, which the players can utilize for various purposes. The use of weapons in the game is very individual in which when a player reached a higher level with the help of one weapon, then all other skill weapons are locked in the game.

Units in the game during fighting are critical. Whenever the companies lower or fall in the game, they turn out to permanent death.

Another point of the game is that when the death of characters occurred during the game, the player needs to restart the game to save a life.

The other figure of the game is that in which permanent death makes disabled in the link arena. Whenever the single-player controls the game, there are multiple local options included, in which four players have an opportunity to select the units from the link Arena.

And the game success goes along with that party with the highest score .overall, and the game has lots of interesting turns.

Final verdict

Fire emblem sacred stones is a touchable game. In which players have to face different characters and then need to succeed by passing some clear rules of the game. In this article, we talk about the characteristics of fire emblem scared stones briefly. The players control two main characters in the game are Eirika and Ephraim.

We hope you like this article.

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What You Need to Know About the Global Gaming Expo Asia 2021



The Global Gaming Expo is the gambling industry’s premium trade show, a joint venture organized by Reed Exhibitions and the American Gambling Association (AGA). The first is the world’s leading event organizer, whose shows attract over seven million participants per year, while the latter is the USA’s national trade group representing its casino industry.

These two organizations have worked side by side for two decades, and in 2021, their G2E Asia event will take place between August 17th and 19th at The Venetian Macao. It is one of the most prestigious events in a packed 2021 iGaming event calendar.

Brief Global Gaming Expo History

The inaugural Gaming Expo happened in early October 1–3, 2001, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It drew a crowd of ten thousand attendees, 375 corporate exhibitors, and keynote speakers such as MGM Studios CEO Alex Yemenidjian and world-famous comedian/actress Whoopi Goldberg. The event’s inception stemmed from a contract dispute between the AGA and the WGCE (World Gaming Congress & Expo). These parties had a previous expo partnership.

In 2010, the event moved from the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Sands Expo, where it has remained. In 2006, Macau surpassed Vegas in annual revenues, and the Global Gaming Expo made an offer to the Australasian Gaming Machine Manufacturers Association to acquire the Asian Gaming Expo. They accepted, and the AGA rebranded the event as G2E Asia. It debuted in 2007 at Macau Tower and permanently moved to the Venetian Macao in 2019.

The 2020 Event Got Cancelled

On April 17th, G2E Asia issued a press release in which it stated that the expo would get postponed to early December 2020 due to growing health concerns associated with the ongoing pandemic.

However, in August of 2020, another announcement followed that made it clear that travel restrictions and the global health crisis have made the 2020 G2E an impossibility. Therefore, the chief operating officer of Reed Exhibitions China, Josephine Lee, maintained the best course of action is to postpone the event for the following year. That a shift of focus to 2021 would ensure that both attendees’ and exhibitors’ expectations will get met.

What Is On Tap For the 2021 Event

Though it is still a bit early to tell what the entire event will entail, expectations are that the expo floor will consist of twenty segments. Among these will be the usual Gaming Equipment, IT & Business Solutions, Security and Surveillance, Slot Machines, Sports Betting, and Video Gaming Machines. A new addition is the Smart IR segment, which will house exhibitors spanning AI and business intelligence fields. Esport Connect will act as a platform for networking within the international Esports value chain.

G2E Asia will also incorporate a privileges program, which will let attendees communicate directly with exhibitors. Benefits from this scheme include a welcome gift, an invitation to attend the opening ceremony, access to an exclusive lounge with high-speed Wi-Fi access, professional concierge service, and more. All senior-level decision-makers and essential buyers can be privileged members after getting verified by the organizing committee.

On-site expected events are Tech Talk, Gaming Regulators Networking Luncheon, Operators Cotai Connect, New Product Hot Hits, Segmented Industry Networking Events, and the G2E Asia before/after parties. Going by past experiences, only privileged members will attend the Operators Cotai Connect full-day guided tour.

Brief History on the Venetian Macao

The home of G2E Asia opened in 2007, modeled after its sister resort, The Venetian Las Vegas. It is the world’s second-largest hotel and the largest hotel building in Asia. The lead architects on the project were HKS and Aedas, who also designed its interiors. It is a 10,500,000-square-foot structure, with a convention space of 1,200,000-square-feet and a gaming floor that features over 3,400 slots and 800 table games. It has a 2,905-room hotel and an indoor arena with a seating capacity of 15,000.

G2E Asia to Hold Online Conference in May

In March, G2E Asia announced that they would hold an online conference and expo on May 25. There is not much info floating around about the pending event. According to Reed Exhibitions, the conference will explore exciting innovations that will usher in a new era in entertainment and gaming. Speakers who will be taking part in this digital event should get announced in the weeks leading up to it on the official G2E website. Expect long-form videos to get posted post-event on the G2E Asia YouTube channel.

To Wrap Up

Over 95% of Asian casino operators attend G2E Asia each year. It is an event of incredible importance to the continent’s gambling industry. After a year of absence, the 2021 expo is one of the most awaited ones in recent memory. It is a renowned marketplace and business hub for all Asian industry professionals to network and gain deeper insight into global trends.

About the Author

Shelly Schiff has been working in the gambling industry since 2009, mainly on the digital side of things, employed by However, over her eleven-year career, Shelly has provided content for many other top interactive gaming websites. She knows all there is to know about slots and has in-depth knowledge of the most popular table games. Her golden retriever Garry occupies most of her leisure time. Though, when she can, she loves reading Jim Thompson-like crime novels.

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All you need to know about baseball kit




baseball kit

When we talk about the baseball game, we definitely talk about the whole baseball equipment accessories. Not just this, we also talk about the baseball bat rack to baseball helmet rack to baseball watercooler everything in this article. Stay tuned with us and get to know about whole baseball equipment accessories. Let’s talk about the 

A batter wears a helmet to shield his or her head and the ear facing the pitcher from being struck by the ball. Although every player has their own specific kind of helmet and some helmets only have ear protectors on one side to protect the ear facing the catcher, helmets with ear protectors on both sides are more common due to the fact that some batters are left-handed and others are right-handed.

To protect their eyes from the light, both players wear hats. Baseball hats have become so commonplace among the general public that they are now worn as fashion accessories.

Well, as per rule, catchers wear a helmet with a face mask similar to a hockey goalie mask to cover their head and ears. They can also wear a face mask and a different helmet.

Shirts and pants are worn by all players, coaches, and managers. Each team wears a different color and style of uniform.

When a player slips into the bases, padded support shorts are often worn to cover the player’s thighs. Some sliding shorts have a cup pocket that doubles as a jockstrap.

Baseball players wear these traction-enhancing spikes, which are made of rubber or metal.

A baseball bat is a round, solid wooden or hollow aluminum bat that is used in baseball. Traditional wooden bats are made of ash wood, while maple and bamboo are often used occasionally.

Baseball is the name of the ball used in the sport. To make a baseball, layers of yarn or string are rolled on a cork sphere, and a leather coat is stitched over it.

To cover their hands, players wear leather gloves. The fielder can quickly catch the ball thanks to a webbed “pocket” between the thumb and first finger.

Catchers wear leather mitts with attached finger pockets that are much wider and more cushioned than a standard fielder’s glove.

Leather mitts are worn by first basemen and are longer and broader than a typical fielder’s glove. The four fingers are related, similar to a catcher’s mitt; additionally, it is rounded and has more padding than a typical fielder’s glove.

In baseball and other games also a Batsmen always wear gloves on one or both hands for added grip about the bat and to protect themselves from shock when striking the ball.

Baseball bat helmet racks: there are thousands of options available in the market. Whether you talk about the vertical baseball bat rack or combo baseball bat and ball rack, you will get hundreds of options available on e-commerce as well in physical stores. All you have to just understand your team’s requirements.

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How to Fight and Farm Al-Hezmin, the Hunter



And get Hunter’s Exalted Orbs

Al-Hezmin is one of the Conquerors of the Atlas. He was part of Zana’s band of Exiles who once explored the maddening labyrinth. His expertise helped greatly in their exploration, as he seemed to never get lost. In the cartographer’s words, his desire to be the best at everything hollowed him out somehow. That’s where the ‘curse’ of the Atlas got to him. Now, he is a Conqueror of the Atlas, still bent on proving he’s the best hunter. He drops PoE currency such as the Hunter’s Exalted Orb.

How to Encounter Him

Once you get to a corner of the Atlas, you’ll start to encounter influenced maps. That means a Conqueror has arrived and you can find their Citadel. After completing an influenced map, you’ll see regions of the Atlas matching the color of the Conqueror. For Al-Hezmin, the color is green. An indicator of how far you’ve chased them also appears on your map.

When you’ve completely chased a Conqueror by running influenced maps, you can start to find their Citadel. Quest markers will appear on Zana and Kirac. Talk to Kirac to locate the Citadel, then Zana to open up the portals to it. Complete the map, and defeat the boss. A portal to the Conqueror will appear next to the boss’s dead body. You have 6 tries to do so, else the Conqueror will escape and you’ll have to start chasing them again.

Fighting Al-Hezmin

He’s the only Atlas boss who deals Chaos Damage. Fittingly, his triangular arena also has a pool in the middle of it. Make sure to pay attention to your positioning as depending on the current phase, it may or may not be beneficial to stand in it.

You’ll also have to dodge the attacks of the Wyverns and Vipers he summons. Mobility is key, though again watch out for the pool in the middle.

He has certain combos such as a stab combo that ends with a slam. There’s also his volley of poison projectiles when you’re far away, or his sweep then projectile combo. Watch him learn his tells so you can move appropriately. When he fires a giant wyvern, it also fills the pool with acid. Some vipers will spawn from the pool and Al-Hezmin will keep on running away from you. This is also the phase where you avoid stepping into the middle part of the arena.

Defend yourself with PoE items that give resistance to Chaos Damage. The PoE Unique Zahndethus’ Cassock can give 40-50% Chaos Resistance, for example. Of course, you can also craft one yourself, as there’s also your character’s build to factor in. Not every unique item can fit all kinds of builds, and only a handful of them gives Chaos Resistance anyway.

What Do Hunter’s Exalted Orbs Do Anyway?

These PoE orbs can add a unique Hunter’s affix (prefix: Hunter’s, suffix: of the Hunt) onto a rare PoE item. You cannot use it on PoE uniques. Though it only appears as either of those two indicated, it can have a variety of effects. It depends on what kind of Path of Exile item you used it on and how lucky you are at rolling.

Effects range from adding projectile piercing strength to adding elemental damage to attacks. There’s also the more normal +x% to Health or even add levels to socketed gems. The strength of these modifiers depends on the level of the Path of Exile item. Higher-leveled PoE items make PoE orbs roll a stronger effect. There’s a huge pool of useful effects to discover, and if you want to get the best results you’ll have to farm the boss.


That’s how you farm Al-Hezmin for his Hunter’s Exalted Orbs. Of course, you can also trade for them, but where’s the fun in that? Figuring out the best builds to use for this battle and actually fighting him can be so much fun. Then again, when you’ve done it so many times it can become really tedious. It is, after all, farming PoE currency, an incredibly repetitive and time-consuming activity.

At any rate, you can try fighting the other Conquerors for a break in farming. That way you can break the monotony and you won’t tire of farming too quickly. This is also the way to get the opportunity to fight Sirus, Awakener of Worlds. That is the final boss of the expansion, so gear up for a really difficult fight.

Keep on enjoying Path of Exile!

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