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Let us learn if best vastu consultant in Kolkata can fix toilet in north east!

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata can fix many vastu defects in any property; let it be home or office. Usually, all the minor vastu defects can be corrected 100%, but the things might complicate a little when major vastu defect is in question. 

Minor vastu defect can be like placing too big idols in temple or keep the bathroom door open. Whereas, severe vastu defects arise when any section of the home is placed in the wrong zone of the vastu.  

Can vastu remedies correct all the vastu defects of the property? Let us learn the answer to this question as given by best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

What are the ideal zones of toilet in vastu?

Toilets can be placed in 3 zones in vastu. These are; East of south east (ESE) – the zone of churning, south of south west (SSW) – the zone of disposal and west of north west (WNW)- the zone of depression. 

For best result, you should aim to place the toilet in here itself. This will work best for toilet vastu as it would help get rid of all the negative energy from it without damaging any positive side of the vastu. 

Apart from these placing the toilet in other zone triggers either minor or major problems. For instance toilet in South of South West zone can hamper its occupants’ power and confidence. This is a minor defect which can be cured completely with space surgery technique. 

However, if the toilet is in south west zone, which is the zone of stability and relationship, it counts as a major defect. It can result in severe damage of family relations and instability. It can even end in divorce. This is a very tricky defect in vastu to correct entirely.  

 Why toilets must never be placed in the north east zone?

The north east zone of the vastu is for the divine energy. It can be used for placing the temple for harnessing the divine energy. Thus, it goes without saying that placing toilet in here is a bad idea. 

If you place toilet in here, it increases the probability of having some kind of incurable diseases in the family. These illnesses are mostly around head, like stroke, mental depression, and others. 

Moreover, the head of the vastu purush lies in here. So, if you place the toilet in here, it pollutes the mind of its occupants. To be on the safer side, it is best to avoid this placement altogether. 

In case there are 2 toilets in the vastu, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends stopping it for good. You can use it once it a while but only for bathing purpose.  

Can defect of toilet in north east zone be fixed without demolition?

Since most vastu defects can be fixed without demolition, people assume that this defect can be too. But Best vastu consultant in Kolkata say it themselves that it is not possible entirely. 

Toilet in north east zone is a major vastu defect and it cannot be fixed with any remedy completely. For best result, you need to relocate the toilet in suitable zones as mentioned above. 

If this cannot be done by any means then you need to implement some vastu remedy. This includes the following;

  1. Install Elixer in the vastu- install this powerful vastu item in the vastu that will generate strong positive energy. 
  1. Space surgery technique- install aluminum strip in the floor around the commode to limit spread of its bad energy around. 
  1. Using vastu salt- keep vastu salt in a bowl inside the toilet. It will absorb bad energies from its surroundings. Change the salt after every week. 
  1. Good maintenance of toilet- you must make sure that no bad smell comes from the toilet. Using good air freshener and indoor plant are highly recommended. 

Implement all these vastu remedies in your toilet without any further delay. 

In a nutshell, a toilet in north east zone cannot be fixed completely by anyone, unless it is relocated into a more suitable zone in the vastu. 

However, if there is no alternative whatsoever, you can rely on the expertise of best vastu consultant in Kolkata, who can reduce its ill-effects by 60-90% with vastu remedies. 

You might come across some vastuvids who claims to correct this defect 100% with some fancy, expensive vastu item. Don’t fall for the temptation and invest into it. Bear in mind that vastu shastra is not magic. It cannot give unrealistic result. 

Just like even the best doctors in the world cannot treat terminal illness, only easy its spread with effective medicines. Likewise, vastu experts cannot fix major defect like toilet in north east completely, it can only reduce its possible ill-effects with the help of remedies.  

To know more about vastu defects and its remedies from best vastu consultant in Kolkata, contact Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- best vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals why fixing north east toilet vastu defect cannot be cured 100%.  

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