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Legal Separation and Divorce: What’s the Difference?



Legal Separation and Divorce

Many people are unsure of the difference between separation and divorce. They may have heard that separation is cheaper or easier to get, but this isn’t always the case. In order to determine which option you want for your situation, it’s important to understand what each one entails. We will be discussing legal separation versus divorce, so stay tuned!

Legal separation is a legal process that ends your marriage. It’s different from divorce, in the sense that you are not actually divorced when this process has been finalized. During separation, both spouses live separate lives but remain legally married until they finalize their separation or get divorced by court order. A separation lawyer will let you know if you can still own property together during separation and you will have to pay spousal support if one spouse earns much more than the other does unless there are special circumstances that would lead to an exemption being made for this rule (ex: long-term health issues).

If either spouse violates any of these rules while separated without getting consent from the other party first, it may be considered adultery, and grounds for additional penalties might apply if prosecuted properly under local law.

On the other hand, divorce is the separation’s counterpart. As its name implies, this legal process servers your marriage and ends it completely. It doesn’t matter who broke up with whom or how long you were married; once a court grants an order for the divorce to be finalized – which can happen before separation has even been completed – then your marriage is over.

This means that all spousal support payments end immediately (unless there are special circumstances), both spouses will no longer own property together after the finalization of their divorce, and neither spouse will ever again owe any sort of duty to provide financial assistance as they did during their marital relationship unless ordered otherwise by another judge at some point in time down the road if certain conditions apply (ex: you’re still caring for your ex-spouse’s child who is under the age of 18).

Now that we’ve covered separation and divorce, it should be clear which one fits into your situation better. If separation sounds like a good option then reach out to us today so that our lawyers can help guide you through this process! In conclusion, separation is not as simple as divorce and vice versa.

Division of property, child custody/visitation, spousal support are the main areas where separation and divorce differ.

Legal separation can be cheaper than a divorce process because it’s less formal; however, you will still have to go through a lengthy legal procedure in order to finalize your separation or get divorced by court order.

It is important to know what each type entails before making such an important decision as to whether or not to end your marriage with one another. This way you’ll understand how separation fits into your particular situation at hand and also comprehend that no two cases are ever identical even if both spouses need either separation or divorce for their own separate reasons (ex: abuse). If this sounds like something that may be helpful to you, then please do not hesitate to contact us today so that we can help guide you through this process!

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How Does Minimum Wage Benefit Both Companies and Workers?




A minimum wage is the lowest lawful remuneration that an employer can pay their workers. It is the rate below which an employee might not sell their labour. The concept of minimum wage was formulated back in 1948 with a motive to protect workers against unduly low wages. However, over time, its importance considerably increased as the concept was expanded taking multiple things into account. 

Currently, the counter-wide minimum wage rate of the US is $7.25 per hour. But, some states have their own minimum wages, codified either in a state statute or in the state’s constitution. 

Before going into the depth to know why the minimum wage is important, let me remind you a fact that is if your employer is harassing you with your minimum wage or is purposely creating fuss to restrain your rights, make sure you reach out to workers comp attorney in Oconomowoc to guidance and assistance.

Let’s dive in!

Boosts Productivity

Being able to earn an amount that fills in one’s basic needs boosts the zest to work harder. 

This indeed has nothing directly connected to productivity rather has a psychological impact on a person. A pay that helps you cover the cost of living helps you maintain morale. Which as a result motivates one to work harder, increasing their productivity. 

Reduces Income Inequality

When each employee is paid based on the minimum wage decided by the company or the nationally prevailing one, it helps to reduce income inequality. 

It is even more effective when a high minimum wage is paid to the employees. This is so because the workers are relieved that they aren’t paid less than the others despite putting in an equal amount of effort. 

But at times, companies might not pay accordingly despite the governing rule. In such a scenario make sure you reach out to a workers comp attorney in Oconomowoc for fair treatment. 

Spurs Economic Growth

Paying minimum wage is important because it spurs economic growth. When a person can earn, it indirectly attests that they can spend as well. This adds to the market demand which ultimately increases business revenue, supporting economic growth. 

Facilitate Education and Self-Improvement

The minimum wage ensures a definite source of money generation that can be invested in education and self-improvement. This not only helps the workers to increase their productivity but also improves the attractiveness of the country’s labour pool. Moreover, a more educated workforce promotes innovation and also the germination of the number of small businesses.

Stimulates Worker Retention

The minimum wage laws even benefit individual businesses. Hence the workers are less likely to switch to other high-paying jobs which not only reduces the company’s turnover but also the employee retention costs. 

Final Words

Researches even show that paying minimum wages even helps with employment generation. While businesses either raise this rate or reduce the working hour to tackle the labour costs. This benefits both employees as well as the business. 

However, just remember a fact that if you aren’t being fairly treated when it comes to availing the benefits of minimum wage, contact a workers comp attorney in Oconomowoc today for help.

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Things You Need to Know About Child Support Post Divorce




Divorces are pretty common in the present era, and many couples with children also decide to break a marriage. There are multiple laws to ensure a secured life for a child whose parents have gone through a divorce in the US.

A child support attorney has the ultimate responsibility to check if the child is getting proper support. As per the law in the US, every child must get child support coverage from both parents till the age of 18.

Here are the key facts you need to know about child support after the parents have divorced. 

Considerations When Providing the Child Support Coverage

The following aspects are taken into consideration by the court while providing a divorced couple’s child with the coverage:

  • Total income of both the parents
  • Standard of living of the family and the history of divorce in both parent’s family
  • The custody of the child allotted to both the parents
  • All necessities of the child, like education, healthcare, daycare, and regular needs
  • Factors related to hardship for a parent

In case of a divorce, either one or both of the child’s parents can hire a child support attorney and settle the concerned matter legally.

Child Support and its Modifications

Once the legal format for child support is made, it can be further modified. However, you should never think that you can escape it. Your attorney can adjust your child support liabilities in unavoidable scenarios like disabilities, accidents, etc. It can also be modified if the child develops learning disabilities or any other mental abnormalities. 

Moreover, as a parent, you must convey the attorney accordingly if you hit a lottery as your child is liable to get a part of it. 

Escaping a Child Support Payment

Escaping a child support payment can be legally troublesome. You might end up in jail if you do it. The child’s other parent would always have the right to inform the court that you have failed to pay the coverage amount timely. 

In such a case, you might only get a chance to put up a petition to the judge via your lawyer. By doing so, you can avoid your legal punishment, but you would need to make the complete payment. 

Child Support for Non-Marital Couples

The laws of child support for non-marital couples are majorly the same as the married couples. If a non-marital couple has a child and they want to part ways, the mother gets a chance to tag a person as the biological father of a child. Otherwise, the court calls for a DNA test. The aim of both the attorney and judge remains to provide a child with the best security for a bright future. 

Final Words

If you are a parent planning to divorce your partner, thinking about child support can be your primary concern. Look for a child support attorney who can provide you with the best legal help at affordable rates. The best you can do is search for a lawyer from a local law firm, as it will be easier to communicate with him as the trial runs.

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Don’t Let the Divorce Trauma Get on Your Head with These Tips




Trauma is often caused by a very toxic relationship and can be strengthened by inconsistent positive reinforcement. Yes, getting rid of such a relationship is essential for your internal peace and mental health. 

But at times, the period after getting rid of such a relationship via divorce can be much more painful and hard to recover. Though hiring a professional divorce attorney shortens the period of suffering but can not ease the pain. 

If you have been through this process or someone who is going through this period, make sure you help them overcome this phrase. And to help you do so, we have jotted down a few tips. Read on to know them!

Commit to Living in Reality

If you find yourself fantasizing about what could have happened or what could have been avoided in the past, stop yourself. Think more about the present. Look what you can do right now instead of thinking about what could have been done. 

Commitment to life is true, and one should live in the present to stick to it. This helps you avoid negative thoughts and enables you to focus more on the future, which is necessary. 

Make One Decision at a Time and Execute Them With Full Conviction

Sometimes humans scare themselves by thinking all at once. Make sure you avoid it. Plan things one at a time and execute them with full conviction. Don’t overburden yourself by planning too many things at once. This will create unnecessary stress, and instead of recovering, your health might even worsen. 

Take Decisions that Support Your Self-Care

This is all about avoiding those decisions that hurt you. If you feel weak, don’t betray yourself by reaching out to those you just got rid of. Don’t seek help and support from the people who are the reason you are seeking help. 

Make choices that support self-care that puts your mental health first. 

Build Healthy Connection

One of the best ways to free yourself from the old toxic memories is to build new and healthy connections. 

Develop other close and connected relationships that are far away from drama. This is the best way because healing without support can often take you way back than moving ahead. 

You can even reach out to your divorce attorney for help. They might suggest support groups for recovering from the painful trauma. 

Make a List of Bottom-Line Behavior

One of the best ways to overcome the trauma is to write down what behaviour you will avoid or not repeat. Such as

  1. I will not argue with someone who has been drinking. 
  2. I will not let another person degrade me.
  3. I will not depend on someone else for my finances. 


Yes, recovering from divorce trauma is not easy, and the trauma can further increase when the divorce wasn’t a result of mutual consent. 

Apart from using the tips mentioned above, make sure you hire an experienced divorce attorney who can lessen your period of suffering by getting you the divorce sooner.

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Things to Know Before You Prepare to File Medical Malpractice Charges




Unfortunately, over time medical malpractice has drastically increased in states. Stats even show that due to medical negligence, more than 250000 people die each year. This even puts medical negligence in third place after heart disease and cancer in the US list of causes of death. 

Sadly, medical negligence is one of the most preventive acts, which means those deaths were unnecessary and at the fault of the medical practitioner. 

The most common thing to do or the right thing, to be precise, after facing medical negligence is to file a medical malpractice case against the person. 

Since these cases are quite complex and have many different layers within, you should be aware of certain things before you prepare to file a case with the help of a medical malpractice attorney

To help you know them, we have come up with a few things that you should know. And they are

The burden of evidence lies wholly with you

In medical malpractice cases, the victim carries the burden of evidence. The doctor isn’t liable to prove that the victim was innocent. You and your attorney are liable to prove that it was the medical practitioner’s mistake that led you to unnecessary suffering. 

You are also responsible for showing the actual amount of loss you suffered because of the doctor’s error, such as additional medical treatment, disability (if any), suffering and others. 

There are three basic elements that you need to prove

Before filing a case, you should know three basic elements that you need to prove. And they are

  1. The doctor didn’t meet the required standard of care you needed and also deviated from what he was supposed to do. 
  2. Your suffering is because of the doctor’s negligence.
  3. The injuries you had, caused you significant damages, both physical and mental. 

Most medical malpractice cases settle outside the court

You must be thinking that to seek compensation for the losses you suffered. But that’s a myth! You have to file a case and visit the court of law. 

In real-life situations, most medical malpractice cases are settled outside the court. You need to know the tactics and get expert help by hiring a professional attorney. 

You need a cooked country medical malpractice attorney

To file and win, you would need to hire a cooked country medieval malpractice attorney. 

It combines facts and their knowledge and experience that can help you get your claim settled. So before running to the court to file a case, make sure to visit and consult an experienced attorney. 


The facts mentioned above are a few basic things you should know before filing a medical malpractice case. That is because even after hiring an experienced medical malpractice attorney, these facts will help you get your claim settled as soon as possible. 

Author’s Bio

Shrey Jain is the Co-Founder of Writofy & a Chartered Accountant who works with a team of creative content writers. He holds a forte in creating informative content on niches like crypto, business, fintech, digital marketing, and several others. In addition, his willingness to learn and share his knowledge can immensely help readers get valuable insights on varied topics. 

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How Do I Know If I Have A Good Settlement Offer?




Most personal injury claims are resolved between the plaintiff and the individual that inflicted the injury’s insurance provider. When you settle an injury claim with the insurance provider, you usually relinquish your right to request more compensation or initiate a lawsuit over the injury. 

As a result, you must ensure that the proposed settlement is reasonable. In addition, since the payout is binding, you should consult with a medical malpractice attorney before agreeing with an insurance company’s plea agreement. 

What Influences the Amount of a Personal Injury Allegation?

The health insurer considers several criteria when deciding how much to grant you to resolve your injury claim. The following are some of the reasons that could impact its decision:

  • The nature and magnitude of your injuries.
  • Whether or not you have a long-term impairment or limitation.
  • Liabilities and costs connected with pursuing a personal injury case in court.
  • Any significant flaws in your instances, such as proportional. Culpability charges, underlying conditions, or lapses in medical care following an incident.
  • Whether or not you engaged a medical malpractice attorney. If so, what kind of legal expertise and track record do you have?

If a health insurer suspects a high-value claim, it may provide a rapid, modest settlement to prevent paying a higher sum. Conversely, when an insurance company pushes you to approve a settlement offer before you’ve finished your treatment, it could be a hint that your claim is worth a lot of money. 

What Is a Reasonable Settlement Offer for My Personal Injury Case?

Offers of the settlement are premised on the fact and conditions of your dispute. The ideal resolution offer covers all of your financial losses as well as your misery and suffering. The insurance company’s objective, on the other hand, is to pay the least to settle your claim. Your goal is to acquire as much money as possible for your injury. As a result, a settlement offer is frequently somewhere in the middle of those two figures.

To determine if the insurance firm’s settlement offer is reasonable, you must first assess the value of your losses.

Add up all of the monetary losses, expenditures, and costs associated with the incident, your injuries, and your recuperation to assess potential damages. The following are some examples of economic losses:

  • Charges for burial and cremation services in the event of a wrongful death
  • Health care expenses, such as hospital fees, doctor bills, drugs, treatment charges, ambulance payments, and medical equipment, are all examples of medical costs.
  • Personal attention and aid with regular tasks, such as household duties
  • Revenue and perks are lost.
  • Expenses associated with getting to and from medical visits
  • The price of adapting your residence or vehicle to accommodate a disability or limitation.
  • Future wages and medical/personal care costs are reduced as a result of a disability.

Now You Know!

It can be difficult to ascertain the worth of a personal injury lawsuit. If you’re uncertain how far your lawsuit is worth, consult with a medical malpractice attorney before considering a settlement offer from an insurance provider.

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