Legal Age to work as a character performer in Miami Florida

Although there’re some exceptions, in almost every city across the US, young people can start working at the age of 14, according to the federal board of child labor laws. Though, child labor rules in every state might also indicate the minimum child age work as a party character and permits they need to do so. When there’s a conflict among state laws and federal laws, the more restrictive rule will apply.

Legal Age to work as a character performer in Miami, FL 

In Miami, FL, teens don’t need a child employment paper to work for as a party character, but they need to show tangible proof of Age such as a certificate from the district school board, which is one single way of meeting the proof age requirements. Many schools even look to do character rentals and it is a great way for a high-school aged child to make money and still have time to go to school and do their homework.

There, 14 – 15-year-olds can work up to 15hrs each week, but not before 7 am and not more than 3hrs on school days when school day follows. On Fri, Sat, and Sun or non-school days, these teem might work up to 8hrs. On school holidays, when the school day does not follow, they can work until 9 pm. When school timing is not in session. 14 – 15 years old’s can work 8hrs each day and up to 40hrs each week. During these breaks in the years, they can’t work before 7 am.

Miami Florida tends who’s Age 16 – 17 years old might work up to 30hrs each week, but not before 6 am and not after 11mp and not more than eight hours when a school time follow. When a school day does not follow, they don’t restrict how many hours they can work in a single day as a party character.

When school is not session, teenagers of 16 – 17 in Miami, FL, have no restriction on the time they work. Teens on both age limits might not work more than six days each week. Juvenile performers must receive a thirty-minute break after working for four consecutive hours.

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