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Skills, be it acquired or inherited, expressing one’s thought is the most labouring among all. A person’s thoughts can be as deep as an ocean or as bland as a hopeless mind. It all depends upon how one observes things. Things happen around us all the time. There is barely a moment without any occurrence, and this is rare and rarity itself. It all comes down to one’s perspective of seeing things, what he able to comprehend, and which he chooses to un-see. Sometimes, one is blessed enough to oversee circumstances that might be too ugly and extreme for someone’s innocent observatory skills.

Talking about one’s ability to comprehend things, and his intense observatory skills can only be established via speaking or writing. The two skills of communication have been known to mankind for ages now, and still are the most esteemed and humbled art of these times. 

Be it a speech, radio talk, a podcast, book writing, or merely writing on appalling essay topics, the art of expressing oneself is an exquisite skill that connects souls. 

For ages, writing has been the medium of establishing a connection between the generations erased and faded, and the generations followed. Praise the architectural and excavation discoveries that led us to the glorious knowledge that once existed. The years that are hundreds and thousands old are still fresh due to the legacy of immortal words that noble authors have left behind.

School and Childhood

All of us have come across a specific phrase whenever we go through the process of learning, pondering about a topic among a bunch of riveting essay topics, and then asked to jot down our thoughts on a white sheet of paper. Well, it was a traditional form of learning how to compose a paper on a particular topic. Even today, if we go through a similar process, we may show how we started our critical reasoning, no matter how easy was it.

The school ritual contains giving several topics from a variety of captivating topics, and scholars managed to showcase their thoughts on the same from their art of writing. As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect. The same applies to the facet of our life. It is through practice during one’s youth that he develops engrossing penning skills.

The Art of Writing

As discussed above, it is no less than the art of writing than what one thinks of, or what one desires to share with the general mass. Over the years, journalists and eminent authors have been able to sway their readers and the mass audience via their magical writing hand. Words are a magical way to captivate a person’s soul and mind, eventually. By making a connection, you can make them see your point of view and thus, make them concede to your opinion readily.

However, it is easier said than done to develop the habit of art and not a mere hobby. Indeed, it is a bit of an old practice to comprehend and grab this skill by penning blogs, articles, essays, thesis on topics.

It furthermore helps in sharpening our language, grammar standards, vocabulary as well as the grip on the language norms while striving to hit the bull’s-eye whenever we desire to present our opinion to his readers.

How to write on Engrossing Essay Topics?

Before jotting anything, one needs to choose and embrace his writing topic. Penning on a topic that is not up to one’s taste or preferred choice is not acceptable. The writer will not justify the assignment if he goes for something he does not approve of, or even worse; if he does not agree to it.

For instance, given a debatable topic, if he is assigned to speak in favour of conservatism when he is a preacher of liberalism, it would be totally bizarre and utterly unfair to write on such a former topic. If you are also facing the same issue, you can consult the essay writing serviceand experts will assist you in framing your essay.

The next and most crucial step is to research the given topic. It graphs the backbone of the written piece. The more you research, the more information you will collect, and the better the outcome will be. You can also conduct your research via the internet, newspaper articles, posts, by interacting with people, or by merely observing the ongoing society rituals.

Once the data is gathered, you can finally start with the writing process. Before doing so, frame the structure to understand how to proceed. As a writer, you need to win the attention of your reader from the very first paragraph. Thus, you have to charm your audience from the beginning. 

Furthermore, knowing how to make a bed for your written piece is equally important because it leaves behind a lasting impression. Generally, composing the crux is a difficult task, and if you face hindrances, then hire our online assignment help professionals to get the best quality papers.


It is thus, not surprising that language, words, writing, and speaking are arts that have been honoured and preached since origin. Begin composing on some enthralling topics if you desire to pursue the field of expressing thoughts in the form of words and penning them down in a journal.

Good luck!

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