Learn How to Keep Your Nonprofit Employees Motivated

Learn How to Keep Your Nonprofit Employees Motivated

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s challenging for any organization to keep its employees motivated. Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have negatively impacted the mental health of countless employees. It’s also hard for employees to stay inspired for work when working in isolation or with many distractions at home.

It’s even more challenging for nonprofit leaders to keep their staff motivated. Budgets were already tight before the pandemic, but with donations shrinking, nonprofits can provide fewer monetary incentives and bonuses. Many nonprofits also have fewer funds to hire or keep skilled employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted charities that run events and the like to raise funds. Staff and volunteers that specialized in person-to-person engagement find themselves indoors.

Although there’s no perfect formula for boosting employee morale at your nonprofit, there are some motivational steps you can take:

1. Be Open with Your Team

On the next video conferencing meeting, be open and honest with your team. Please talk about the organization’s challenges and let them know that everyone is in it together. Please encourage them to talk about their personal challenges during the pandemic. Studies show that an intimate meeting can help boost company morale and reduce stress.

Here are some keys to a successful motivational meeting:

  • Employees should have the opportunity to express their views without judgment.
  • The team should be kept in the loop about the organization’s challenges.
  • Issues should be managed reasonably.
  • As the leader, you must express empathy and dedication to your team.
  • Have your employees take turns running meetings to make them feel valued and have new agendas.

2. Set Small Weekly Objectives

It might be time to revise your big goals until things get back to normal and set small manageable objectives. By achieving objectives every week, your team may feel more satisfied and motivated.

3. Embrace Remote Working

Encourage your employees to embrace remote working tools. If you run a mental health nonprofit, your peer supporters can meet peers through video chat software like Zoom or on the phone. Remember, not all of your staff will be comfortable with technology. Be patient with them and pair them with more tech-savvy employees.

4. Organize Games

Organize company games once a month with small prizes such as gift cards for meals. The games don’t have to be electronic. You can run a trivia night! Remember to keep it lighthearted and entertaining.

5. Use Modern Tools

A custom fundraising thermometer is an excellent way to motivate your team, donors, and volunteers. A fundraising thermometer is a visual representation of incoming funds and can help your staff stay motivated as they track their objectives.

It can also help your donors stay motivated. Donors can see how much has been raised, how quickly your nonprofit is hitting its objectives, and how significant their donation has been. It’s a simple yet highly effective system that helps build momentum, especially at the end of a campaign when things can slow down.

As the leader of a nonprofit, you play a significant role in motivating your team. With the right attitude, steps, and tools, you can inspire your nonprofit, even when times are tough.

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