Lawyer Explains Auto Negligence, in Simple Words

Lawyer Explains Auto Negligence, in Simple Words

Justin Hickman ran his car off the road twice in 1 night.

Tennesse resident, Justin Hickman, was in the car with his 2 friends, when he drove the vehicle off the road, 2 separate times. The 2nd time, the car ran into a tree and while Justin was able to survive the crash, both of his friends lost their lives.

The fatal car accident is a prime example of auto negligence, at its worst. If you are being accused of causing an accident, or you were recently in a crash where the other driver was at fault, then this article for you. By fully understanding what automobile negligence is all about, you can make the wisest legal decisions moving forward.

So take a look. Instead of having to wonder what qualifies as driving negligence, you’ll be able to know for sure!

What Is Auto Negligence?

When a driver doesn’t practice safe driving behaviors that help protect them, and others, it can be auto negligence. An example of negligent driving would be careless driving. Careless driving includes doing things such as rolling through a stop sign or tailgating another driver.

When careless driving escalates it turns into reckless driving. Examples of reckless driving would be things such as excessive speeding or running red lights altogether. If you even suspect the other driver was behaving negligently, you should make your attorney aware. Attorneys, like the ones at Hale Law Accident Attorneys, will be able to assess whether or not negligence is playing a role in your case. If it is, you could wind up increasing your settlement payout by the time it’s all said and done.

Proving Automobile Negligence

Moving on, duty of care, breach of care, and causation are the 3 things a lawyer has to prove in a negligence case. First, your lawyer has to establish that the other driver had a duty to drive safely.

Next, there needs to be proof that the other driver stopped behaving safely at some point. Next, lawyers have to establish that the unsafe driving behaviors contributed to the crash. The last step is to tie the impact of the crash to whatever injuries you’re dealing with.

Negligent Case Examples

What’s an example of a auto negligence case? Anytime a driver takes their eyes off the road would be a prime example. If you suspect the other driver wasn’t watching the road, let your lawyer know. The smallest detail regarding the case can help prove automobile negligence in a major way.

For instance, let’s say the other driver sideswiped you while you were going through an intersection. If the other driver states in the police report that they were changing the radio station before the impact took place, this could be seen as an example of distracted driving (aka negligent driving).

Protecting Your Rights

There you have it! The legal ins and outs of what auto negligence is, and how to prove it. Whether you’re being accused of causing the crash, or the other way around, it’s a good idea to seek legal help.

Reach out to a lawyer who specializes in car accidents today. Make sure to tell them all of the details of your case, since a tiny detail could turn the tides in your favor. Are you ready for more tips like these? Check out the rest of our site.

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