Lash Perm Vs Lash Lift: What’s the Difference?

Eyelashes might be a small feature but can have a big impact on your overall look. Thick, long, and curly lashes can make your eyes look wider and beautiful.

But not all women are fortunate enough to enjoy the large and voluminous eyelashes. Don’t get disappointed!

With the technological advancements in the  world of beauty, you can achieve natural-looking and fuller lashes using lash perm and lash lift techniques. 

Though the goal of these two procedures is the same, yet they’re two different things. Keep reading the blog to find out the exact difference between the two options.

Lash perm

Curled and raised lashes throughout the day sound unrealistic. 

You can get curled and gorgeous lashes with the help of a lash perm treatment. 

In this procedure, the lashes are twisted around a cylindrical rod. Additional chemicals are also used to achieve those attractive and desirable curls.

Lash lift

Lash lift is not new to the beauty world. It is a semi-permanent treatment to widen your eyes and to give you the illusion of longer lashes. 

It elevates your lashes up from the roots with the help of an arched fan-like device and a chemical solution.

You can also buy a lash lift kit online and perform the procedure in the comfort of your home.

How are they different:

  1. Lash type

When choosing between an eyelash perm and eyelash lift, consider your lash type.

A lash perm treatment is ideal for women having wider eyes and longer lashes as it tends to make the lashes look slightly shorter.

However, a lash lift procedure can be performed on all types of lashes, except for smaller ones as it raises the lashes up from their base.

  1. Technique

Lash perming is a quick procedure that uses a cylindrical rod to curl your lashes. 

However, a lash lift not only curls the lashes but raises each lash right from its roots with the help of fan-shaped equipment.

  1. Results

Lash perm can cause over-curling, which can slightly reduce the length of your lashes, thus making your eyes look shorter.

On the contrary, lash lift gives you long, luscious, and natural-looking curls.

The result of this treatment lasts longer and can be considered as an upgraded form of the lash perm.

  1. Life

Lash perm can last up to 12 weeks and are inexpensive as compared to lash lift. 

Lash lifts can also last up to 12 weeks and after the first 24 hours of application, you can use makeup and get back to a normal routine. These are life-proof and require less maintenance as compared to lash perm.

In the end…

Both the procedures are safe and can help you achieve the desired look of your lashes.

However, make the decision as per your need, budget, and lash type.

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