Know The Procedure Of Hair Transplant In Turkey

Know The Procedure Of Hair Transplant In Turkey

On a worldwide scale, hair transplantation in Turkey has reached unparalleled levels of success. It has grown to become the most significant medical tourism sector in a short time, drawing hundreds of patients each month for hair transplantation in Turkey.

Many people from Europe, Asia, Canada, and Africa go to Turkey in search of the world’s best hair restoration business. And you’ll find all you need in the following detailed guide on hair transplantation in Turkey.

What Exactly Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that restores naturally growing hair. Hair restoration is performed on parts of the patient’s head that are thinning, balding, or receding. It is an outpatient operation with a low level of invasiveness. Essentially, hair is transplanted from the donor region of the scalp to the thinning areas.

This favorable trait is the basis for hair repair. Hair follicles resistant to hair loss are removed from the donor region and transplanted into the recipient area’s balding areas. It works similarly with beard transplanting. It may utilize the donor area to improve the appearance of an unruly beard or mustache.

What Factors Go Into Choosing a Hair Transplant Treatment Plan?

The development of an appropriate treatment strategy for hair transplantation is contingent upon numerous factors:

  • Consideration of Age
  • Type of Hair
  • Hair Loss Progression
  • The capacity of the donor area
  • Scalp Flexibility
  • Level of the Hamilton-Norwood Scale

Who is a candidate for hair transplantation?

Although hair transplantation is the main treatment option for hair loss, not everyone is a suitable candidate. If you satisfy particular conditions, you are an excellent candidate. Both surgeons and applicants must assess the conditions for achieving the best possible outcomes. These factors vary by individual and are critical for successful surgery and hair regeneration.

Hair transplantation is not permitted in Turkey if the patient has Hepatitis D, HIV, or a similar infection. Before traveling to Turkey for hair transplantation, it is necessary to confirm your eligibility for hair transplantation in Turkey.

Turkey has become a top-rated destination for hair transplant patients from all across the globe. It is not only owing to the low cost of hair transplantation in Turkey but also the country’s highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeons.

You may qualify for a hair transplant in Turkey if you are experiencing hair loss due to traumatic scars, burns, androgenetic alopecia, or traction alopecia marginalis. Patients infected with blood-borne disorders such as Hepatitis C or HIV is not suitable for hair transplantation. Before the hair transplantation, a blood test is performed to assess the operation’s safety.

What is the Procedure for Hair Transplantation?

Medical teams supervised by hair transplant specialists execute the hair transplant operation. The method is varied depending on the approach employed in your therapy.

Numerous hair transplant procedures and approaches exist:

  • Extraction of Follicular Units (FUE)
  • Transplantation of Follicular Units (FUT)
  • Sapphire FUE with Sapphire Blades
  • Unshaven Choi Pen Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

In the majority of hair transplant surgeries, five distinct steps are followed:

Stage Pre-operative

This step begins with a meeting well with a hair transplant specialist. Although hair loss and regrowth are fully standardized events, each person is treated as an individual with a specific treatment strategy.

During the in-person appointment, the hair transplant specialist carefully examines and assesses the phase and density of the patient’s hair loss in light of their specific features. The surgeon assesses the patient’s expectations and develops a treatment plan to achieve those objectives in the most optimal and medically appropriate manner possible.

Stages of shaving and anesthesia

Following the medical examination, the surgeon’s medical team shaves the back of the head. A local anesthetic is then used to sedate the scalp. Anesthesia may be administered in a variety of ways.

A local anesthetic is often administered by injecting sedative drugs into the scalp using a fine needle. The last feeling felt on the scalp is an injection, which is somewhat acceptable discomfort.

Needle-Free Anesthesia is available for people who do not want to be sedated with needles. This approach makes use of a unique pen-like tool. The pen’s high-pressured air can infiltrate the anesthetic into the skin. This approach produces no sensations or reports of discomfort.

Stage of Follicular Unit Extraction

After the scalp is numb, the hair transplant fue surgeon treatment begins the procedure by manually plucking hair follicles from the donor region. The removed grafts are classified according to the number of hairs contained therein. The ones with the most hair are put on the frontal region to produce a dense appearance.

After the Follicular Unit Extraction step, the donor region is decontaminated. The existing hair on the donor region ultimately covers the little spots during the healing process. The donor area’s extraction scars are aesthetically concealed as the hair grows.

Stage of Channel Opening

This step sees the process enter the receiving area. After prepping the grafts, the surgeon sterilizes the recipient region. The surgeon and medical team create small channels with slits on the recipient region using steel blades.

Stage of Hair Transplantation

It is the last step of hair transplantation, during which hair follicles are implanted into the recipient region. Following that, each graft is carefully inserted into each small channel. Here, the surgeon might get assistance from the medical staff.

If you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey, ensure that it is conducted by medical surgeons having an MD degree.


Hair transplantation in Turkey is becoming a living legend in a relatively short amount of time. So the practice’s success results from its excellent services, high-quality treatment, and reasonably priced procedures. All of these reasons contributed to the development of the hair transplant business in Turkey.

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