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Know all About Flowers and Moods Associated with Them

‘You are a mood’, a current and running fun slang on social media used for people who exhibit swift changes in their personalities and moods. It is all taken in a good sense and is a fun way of interaction through what’s popularly known today as slang. Where in the world of social media mood is a term referred to as the happy, sentimental, rowdy presence, for the time being, spirits in real life are a much more complex part of the conversation. Suffering continuous changes, unknown reasons for being in a mindset without a firm reason can be signs of restlessness and anxiety. The year 2020 has made us witness a lot of such instances in the lives of people that were earlier sorted with their lives and were happy living souls. With the year coming to an end, bring the people in your life who may have suffered a tool on their healthy self by gifting them a bunch of flowers

Here you can find a few flowers that represent certain moods that you can gift to uplift them and fill in liveliness. 

  • Jasmine and Lavender 

The two categories of flowers are widely known to serve a wave of positivity to whoever keeps them nearby. It reduces anxiety which is a big issue in the current lifestyle of this generation. Apart from this, their scent and fragrance help you have a good night’s sleep too. 

  • Sunflower for a good mood 

Thinking of uplifting someone’s mood, go no far than a bunch of sunflowers. The flowers are known to put everyone in a good mood which requires no counter as we all have felt ourselves going into a zone of peace whenever near sunflowers.

  • Gladiolus for strength

If a friend of yours has suffered a decline in the psychological strength they one possessed, try bringing them back to originality by gifting a bunch of gladiolus flowers. They are and have always been an emblem of faith, remembrance, and characteristic strong traits in a person. 

  • Gerbera and Chamomile to heal 

Medicines are one way to heal from physical damage caused to a person, but there is no relation to what an aesthetic pleasure can do for a person’s mental health. Gerbera and chamomile flowers are on similar lines and have a strong reputation for healing people with their presence. 

  • Strelitzia says freedom

Freedom is everyone’s right, yes from the society, but our inner demons as well. The inner voice that restricts us to our true self is our biggest rival. Fight it with a bouquet of strelitzia flowers, water it every day, and think to yourself, you are nurturing your freedom. 

  • The iris flower

The mementos of hope and inspiration, filling each moment with a spirit of betterment and achievement are the perfect companion for you to win your battle with yourself. To take hold and control of your fed decision and to trust yourself to do what’s right. It is the bunch of flowers that will help you through it.

Insightful and dedicated presents like flower arrangements are the ones that show wonders in bringing out the hidden resentment in a person. Nothing better than a flower bouquet to be the hand of help.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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