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MindChamps Early Learning & PreSchool in Parramatta is a family-run, early learning center that combines creativity, discovery and play to help children build the skills they need for early academic success and broad social development. They are all about small kids in safe and stimulating environments. Early learning Center in Parramatta aims at providing the best care and educational learning to your kids. Parramatta early learning center involves different play-based activities to stimulate children’s minds, develop their social abilities and help them discover the world around them. They includes;

1. The Joy of Learning

This is a play-based program for children aged 17 months to 4 years. It combines music, movement, language and color in a dynamic and fun way that encourages cognitive development.

2. The Joy of Discovery

This is an imaginative play program which provides children with dynamic and interactive opportunities to discover nature through their five senses. It integrates art, music, drama and science into age appropriate activities that develop the whole child.

3. The Joy of Living

This is a music-based program for children aged 9 months to 5 years that provides an introduction to language, fine motor skills and social skills through songs, movement and rhymes along with dramatic play activities that help build co-operative social skills in the early childhood years.

4. The Joy of Learning (for 3 & 4 year old)

This program includes language acquisition and fine motor skill development, art and music integrated into age appropriate activities. It also provides a safe and supportive environment that encourages children to discover the world around them.

5. The Joy of Movement & Art (for 3 & 4 year old)

This program is designed to expose children’s senses to the environment through practical experiences in art, movement, drama and music. Through these modalities, children learn about their environment by connecting with their emotions and physical movements.

6. Preschool Program (for 4 year old)

The program offers a safe and secure environment, where your child will enjoy learning and making new friends. They will also become comfortable in moving from a group activity to an independent activity.

7. Kindergarten Program (for 5 year old)

This program provides opportunities for learning about the physical world and its living things, the emotional world of self and others, the intellectual world of numbers, words and ideas and an introduction to the aesthetic world of art, design and structure. Your child will experience fun social interaction while they develop their fine motor skills through practical activities.

8. Kindergarten Playbook (for 5 year old)

This program provides a practical and purposeful approach to education by allowing young children to explore their world through play, working collaboratively to discover new skills and understanding.

9. School Ready Program (for 5 year old)

The Early Learning Center forms part of the MindChamps National Preschool Program, which is Australia’s largest early childhood development program for four and five year old’s. The Early learning center in Parramatta is Australia’s largest early childhood development program for four and five year old’s. It aims at being of great benefit to individual families and communities through hands-on learning experiences that promote social, emotional, physical, musical and creative development.

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