Know About All Types of Fitness Insurance Valid in Australia

Know About All Types of Fitness Insurance Valid in Australia

If you’re associated with the fitness industry in Australia, then you must have fitness insurance. Whether you are a trainer, a coach, or a gym owner, having the relevant coverage is crucial. Because you never know when things can turn around. Anything can happen in just a second. Like one tiny mistake may end your whole career.

Having insurance coverage can help you in such a situation. Plus, as a bonus, this insurance serves as a good foundation for your professional career. But, there are several types of insurance available in the market. It is a little challenging to choose one that serves you best.

To help you make a wise decision, below we have given the key points of all the options you have:

Fitness Student Insurance

If you are still completing your fitness studies (diploma or certification), you can have free student insurance through a non-profit industry association known as Fitness Australia. You can use it alongside your work experience while completing your fitness education. The application process for this insurance is very simple; you just have to go to the official website of Fitness Australia and register yourself. This association also has a “help centre” on its website that guides students with the complete process and resolves their queries.

The coverage period of this free student insurance policy is 12 months, provided that you are enrolled in the studies throughout this period. The coverage amount is $10 million for public liability, product liability, professional indemnity cover, and $100,000 to cover legal fees.

After you get the certification or the diploma, this insurance won’t work for you anymore. Then you will have to buy a personal trainer insurance policy. The policy you choose should at least contain the Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

Insurance For Professional Indemnity

This insurance covers you against the claims from a third party (clients) stating that your service, advice, or assistance as an instructor or trainer was irresponsible and caused them physical or financial damage. Examples of such claims are – claim for personal injury due to the instructor’s carelessness, a claim for a training program that is ineffective or unsuitable to the client.

Public Liability Insurance

This type of insurance protects your profession against the claim made by a public member that alleges that the person was injured on your premises or the person’s property is damaged due to your business tradings. For example, if someone slips over gym equipment and gets hurt, the person can demand you compensation for physical damage, medical expenses, and the loss of earnings.

Although no one would want something like this to happen, it’s crucial to have coverage for any such unlikely event.

Additional Policies

There are also several additional insurance policies available for personal trainers. You can consider these policies to ensure that you are financially covered for any undesired situation. Let us unpack some of these that we recommend taking into account:

Equipment or Contents Insurance

If you have your personal fitness equipment, then you must consider having this insurance. Nowadays, high-quality fitness machines are quite expensive, so it’s wise to get a cover against any damage, theft, or loss.

Insurance For Income Protection

The job of a personal trainer demands the person to be physically healthy. God forbids, but if someday an injury or illness happens to you, you will require some time off from work to return to health. And for that time, you will be unable to earn. That’s where income protection insurance comes into the picture. This insurance offers you a replacement amount of your regular income when you can’t work due to an injury or bad health. Having this insurance will ensure that you can pay for your living expenses even when you’re not in the right condition to work.

Final Thoughts

Almost every gym and fitness centre in Australia requires trainers to have their own insurance. Also, having personal trainer insurance is a prerequisite for obtaining council permits and working outdoors. So, think through your requirements and choose all or either of the fitness insurance given above.

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