Kinetic Sand Kit for Kids

The kinetic sand kit for kids is a wonderful way to provide your children with a fun and creative activity they will enjoy. The toy can be used as a soft sand plaster or a hard acrylic plaster. The toy can be thrown into the air and then rolled back down onto the flat surface, which makes it safer to use. In addition, the kids get to make their very own designs on the sand using the included brush and stamp kit. This is an ideal activity for children aged between two to eight years old.

To make this activity you will need a square, round or rectangular wicker rectangle, a round soft sand sponge, and one-eighth teaspoon of fine sea salt. The kit includes a small plastic mold of a beach scene, and instructions for making the sand. Your child will need to mix the salt and water together until it forms a paste consistency. You can either use a teaspoon of powder or mix the ingredients in a separate bowl.

The Sponge Is Clean and Dry

Make sure the sponge is clean and dry before starting your project. Your child should be given some plastic sponges to use for cleanup and to place on the work surface. If desired your child can make a selection of shapes from the clay to add to the finished sand effect.

Lay the sponge on the surface and carefully scoop small amounts of sand into the center of the sponge. The amount your child requires will depend on how much activity time they have. Add more sand to the center of the sponge as your child becomes more adept at using the kinetic sand.

Rubber Bands To Secure

To help your kids enjoy the activity you will need some small rubber bands to secure the sand to the underside of the table. This is an easy enough project to accomplish with your son or daughter. You will need to provide your own supply of rubber bands or your local toy store will have many to choose from.

The toy is designed so that your child will be able to rotate the sponge in its circular motion. They will need a length of rope to guide the sand round the table. The wooden dowels will help the sand to remain in the same position. Each child should be assigned their own block of sand and they should alternate turns as they complete the rotation. Once the circular motion of the sponge has completed the rope will need to be lengthened.

Perimeter Of The Circular Motion

The wooden dowels will help guide the sand in its movement. Place two dowels evenly spaced around the perimeter of the circular motion. As your child completes the rotation, they should rotate the piece of sand in the opposite direction. As they continue the rotations, they will build up pressure in the drum. When this happens the drum will become tighter. Once this pressure has been released, the sand piece will have another circle of circular motion to guide it through.

Kids will enjoy the independence this sand kit provides. You can remove the play sand from the drum and use it to make crafts or toys. This can then be stored in a secure place until needed again. The Rubber Ducky Sand Kit for Kids is a great educational toy that will provide hours of fun and provide exercise for your child.

The Sand Kit For Kids

When you are ready to let your kid play with the Sand Kit for Kids, there are a few things they need to have. First, they will need sand. There are different sized bags of sand that you can purchase. Make sure you do not buy the smallest bag because kids can easily overfill the bag and the sand will not be able to move freely around the drum. Most kits come with protective o-rings so the sand will stay in place.

To give the kids a little idea of what the drum looks like you can draw the design on a piece of paper. This will give you an idea of the types of shapes that are available in the kinetic sand kit for kids. Next, the bag of sand will need to be filled with sand. To do this you can place the sand in the top of the bag of sand and then add some water. When the water runs out, replace it with more water until the sand is full. Then, place the sand piece that you drew on a small round plate and then turn it on the tabletop. The only limit to the uses of the kinetic sand kit for kids is their imagination. They can make anything that goes along with the theme that you have chosen. You can even make a fort or a big circle and make sand castles or fortions. You can also pick a theme and just focus on that for the kinetic sand kit for kids. The possibilities are endless.

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