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Key Trends in Office Design



Key Trends in Office Design

The trend for renovation has been continuously changing or evolving with time. Before, the classic office came with uniform cubicles that provided the necessary privacy to the employees. But that design feels a bit claustrophobic, as it might hinder your ability to collaborate with others. Then came the completely open workspaces that gave you that much-needed room without feeling claustrophobic but blurred the line between social and personal life. There is no relief from constant chatter or the much-needed quietness to complete your work in privacy.

Modern office designs tend to incorporate the best elements of both styles. Providing the employees a comfortable environment that is warm, welcoming, and sophisticated in design helps them be more efficient and thrive. A design like that provides flexibility and gives a positive vibe to its occupants.

Modern Key Trends in Office Design:

Embrace The Latest Technology:

Laptops and modern desktops do not occupy as much space as those clunky old computers did. How long ago did you use that old monitor? The new office layout has to be designed to give the maximum room to the working staff without hindering any modern technology. The furniture that is used is also technology friendly nowadays.

Enliven The Work Space:

Gone are the days where you have to sit in the same, drab white square boxes with short lightning. Today, many designers prefer to enliven the atmosphere by adding colors and trendy, comfortable furniture. Add in some decoration and art, and you get an open, welcoming environment that does not makes you feel closed in or claustrophobic.

Light up the Place Naturally:

Nowadays, many companies prefer to build open workspaces filled with natural light instead of harsh, artificial lightning. This gives off a relatively relaxed and happy environment.

Fill it With Green:

Filling up your workplace can have a very soothing effect on you. Plants’ addition is more helpful if the office building is located in a very densely populated city surrounded by tall buildings from all sides.

Add Flexibility in the Space:

Instead of thinking about how many desks you can fit on a floor per person, companies think about how much flexibility they can add while giving an employee a workspace. Every person can have a different type of place for their work. Depending upon the nature of their work, they can easily change their location. This trend is also helpful for a continuously growing staff or rapid downsizing. There is also the fact that the office should be designed to adapt to any changes that might occur.

Installing Private Spaces:

Many people have complained about the noisy environment in the office where they easily get distracted. Modern workplaces install the individual workplace for the employees to work without listening to phone calls and constant chatter of other people. Many businesses consider the idea of ‘privacy pods’ that block out all the directions without completely removing the private work station but instead can be used with them.

Providing Communal Spaces:

Not every project has to be done alone in privacy. Many types of work require the staff to bounce off the ideas from each other. Gone are the days when you have to work independently. A modern office comes with open spaces like communal areas, conference rooms, or lounges where you can hold discussions, debate with each other, or hold meetings to discuss a project’s specifics.

Use of Furniture:

The furniture in the office used nowadays is supposed to be more tech-friendly. Not only that, but it also has to be comfortable. Along with comfy chairs and stools, the desks also need to be on an adjustable height so that a person can work in both sitting and standing positions. The reason for this is that studies suggest that sitting all day can be very harmful to the human body. Then there is the look of the office that has to be considered too. Use of the trendy and comfortable furniture can make a great impression on an outsider.

Keeping the Human Comfort and Health in Mind:

Productivity can only increase when your employees are happy. And they can only be satisfied when they are provided with basic comforts and a positive work environment. The new designs would need to incorporate techniques and safety measures that working staff might need in the mid and post-pandemic world. A real example of this is making sanitization easier and incorporation of proper distance between everyone.

How can Casco Design Studio help you?

Casco Design Studio is a leading organization that provides you with top designers and innovative design plans. If you want to provide your employees with a warm, open work environment, you can contact us. We will give you with a customized design that adds modern but playful touches to the workplace.

You can contact us through our official website.

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Quick Internet Money – Online Casinos



The roulette bet is usually thought to get unbeatable. Here I will attempt to show you that action just incorrect. Some roulette systems play “cold” numbers or numbers that have not yet been shown for a few times and felt staying “due.” Other systems play “hot” numbers, or numbers have got repeated and occurred regularly over a brief period. They consume it partly effectively. To beat roulette, you must combine each method. It also doesn’t hurt if the zero(s) is roofed to beat the house beginning. Below is an easy roulette strategy designed for you to do just that.

There can be that challenge to sector other competitors. A lot of people around the globe log, as well as play, consist of games you do and without the need of giving choice the right challenge you need to stay on your game everyday.

The reason why online casino bonuses in  are great everywhere derives from how net-based casinos are going to require to encourage an individual to take having a look at every single piece of the features that a site has the offer. The casino will like a person to view what is going on in distinct types of rooms as well as other kinds of games from all of the parts of the casino. Capabilities will are the involving allowing somebody to see what will on and likewise to try one’s hand out at all the online casino games. The enthusiasm and interest that could come from these games can encourage any person to help visit a particular casino frequently.

Go for the highest payback possible: It is a game of chance; when lady luck shines on you, get the biggest compensation. The player has a far better chance of winning on online slot machines when payback percentages are bigger.

The percentage bonus differs according to the sum of the deposit. The sum of bonus commonly between 50% – 500%. The bonus of 100% is the match bonus. The match bonus is the money advantage.

When you playing roulette, you for you to take any odds can get, therefore salvaging important to spin as much as a place. The more you spin, the improve your chances of winning remain.

The bonuses are even the best to gain access to Silver Dollar Casino. They’ve regular promotions for all players so which you may enjoy associated with what they store too. Plus, contain a $5 No Deposit Bonus, 100% doing $550 to get your first deposit, and entirely more!

Remember, that although you will discover that online casino bonus that pays out big, you should first break on your own, ask some questions, and acquire a feel for what’s to choose from – that makes it not YOU providing the payout to your casino.

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How to Find a Career You Love



If you’re currently in the process of switching careers, the task may seem daunting. After feeling so stuck in a line of work that doesn’t fulfill you, you’re beyond ready to move forward.

It won’t help if you dwell on why you didn’t select the right career path the first time. Instead, look to the future and be thankful you realized that you were going in the wrong direction. 

Now it’ll be fun discovering where to go next. You’re about to go on a journey of discovery that’ll lead you to a job that fulfills you! 

1. Focus on Your Current Interests

An excellent place to start is by focusing on your current interests. 

For example, if you love to paint, then being an art gallery curator or art lecturer could be a good fit for you. Or, if you’re passionate about design work, then consider becoming a graphic designer.

Think about all your interests — not only the main ones. There may be some hobbies that you’ve dabbled in but haven’t dedicated enough time to. Spend time doing these hobbies to see if they’re worth exploring further for a career. 

Don’t take anything off the table before considering what makes you happy and gets you excited. 

2. Figure Out Who You Are 

You’re never going to completely figure out who you are, as we are always learning and growing. But there are ways to discover more about yourself. What you find out can point you in the right direction for your career. 

Various tools provide guidance. The more you learn about yourself, the better. A few tools to look into are The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test and Enneagram. 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test helps people discern what their personality type is. 

It’s based on psychological types described by C. G. Jung. Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test to help people learn about their personality types. 

Using the test will be an excellent way for you to ask yourself the tough questions. The results will ensure you figure out what type of career is a good fit for you. 

There are 16 personality outcomes. Depending on what personality type you have, it’ll shed some light. It can provide insight into how you would fit in specific organizations. 


Enneagram is another test that helps you learn more about your personality. Taking the test reveals what your strengths and weaknesses are. 

Based on your type of personality, there are different levels of development. These levels reveal healthy, average, and unhealthy levels. Depending on the level you experience, you can work to improve yourself. 

Again, understanding more about yourself is vital. You’ll have a better idea of what type of work will fulfill you.

3. Get Your Feet Wet in Different Industries 

You don’t want to commit yourself to a new career path right away. After all, you’re still discovering which direction to go.

That’s why you should get your feet wet by trying different career avenues. To get your feet wet, volunteer, intern, or take an online course to learn about new industries

Once you figure out whether a particular line of work is for you or not, move on to dabble in another field. If you’re still unsure, consult with your mentor and take more time to mull things over. 

4. Find a Mentor Who Pushes You

Another way to figure out what type of career to select is by finding a mentor. This person can be someone who is in your life already or another person. 

Here are a few ideas in regards to what type of person you could select as a mentor: 

  • A fitness instructor who has a lot of energy and eagerness to learn.
  • A close coworker who has advised you on specific projects and listened to you in times of need. 
  • A friend or family member who believes in you and makes a good confidant and sounding board.
  • A professional who can provide insight into the industry you want to learn more about. 

Select a mentor who will push you to grow and decide on a career that’ll fulfill you. 

They should be enthusiastic and eager to encourage you to meet your goals. 

Having someone who is an expert in their field is also helpful. A professional can teach you about their career. If you’re interested in the same industry, you’ll learn all about it through your mentor. 

5. Don’t Allow Money to Get in the Way

Sure, it’d be nice to make a lot of money in your new career. If you’re in debt or want to buy a house soon, making a decent income is likely on your mind.

Yet, as you search for your niche, don’t make having a high-paying salary your sole priority. 

Sometimes doing something you’re passionate about means taking a pay cut. The career you choose will likely allow you to grow. You may have to take an entry position for now, but you’ll have a lucrative career in the end. 

So, even if you get paid less initially, it doesn’t mean you can’t make more money in the future. 

Taking a pay cut will be worth it because you’ll be a lot happier in the long run. 


As you go through a journey of self-discovery, realize that it won’t be in vain. It may take a while to figure out which path to take. Even so, while searching for your dream career, you’ll learn plenty along the way. 

Learn more about yourself, listen to a mentor, and follow the other advice I mentioned in this article. Soon enough, you’ll discover an ideal career that makes you happy and fulfilled.

[Author bio]
Amber Smith is the Leasing Manager at Catalyst Houston. With over seven years of experience at luxury apartment communities, this Houston native has true pride in her city and understands why Catalyst is the perfect place to call home.

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JD logistics Drives China Logistics Ecosystem Development




Would you want to discover one of the best ecommerce platforms across the world? Among the world’s great e-commerce platforms, JD Company is at the lead line. The company works in close association with a European association that is involved in the provision of pallets across China. The company provides cloud services that improve the online experience of the customers as well as the employees.

How does JD serve a larger scale of customers? Transactions can not only be conducted onsite but through online platforms to ensure a large number of customers are served across the globe. The JD logistics have helped set standards for the global e-commerce with the JD stock available within every locality in China. The Company is at the lead line in devising automated and robotics strategies for its operations.

How do you think JD has transformed EPA? JD has also facilitated the operations of the European pallets association so that the provision of pallets is manufactured as fast as possible and circulated as soon as needed. The European company has the responsibility of providing logistics services in China logistics and through the strong transport systems associated with transportation of customers in JD, then the delivery of services can be done as fast as possible to achieve consumers satisfaction as fast as possible. Real information is disseminated to improve the efficient delivery and circulation of pallets.

Do you think the Cloud plans by JD brought positive outcomes? Through the cloud box plans for the JD Company, the supply chain network within the China logistics can provide licensed production for the products in European Pallets Association. Throughout the supply chain networks of JD Company, it uses the EPAL products to provide cloud services for a more integrated and cross-border logistics operation. The joint operation helps of the sharing of the related costs like transportation costs hence increasing the amount of profits yield through cost reduction.

What is the role of the partnership with the two firms? The partnership with the company has further helped JD company to attain a smart leader realm in the provision of logistics services across China and hence the world at large. The head of JD cloud box services claims that the partnership will not only make a huge amount of profits through cost reduction but will also attain one of the best global performance in the discharge of logistics services.

Do you now understand the role JD played in growing EPAL? The raising of China’s logistics services in JD Company has helped the company to gain control of the pallets growing its operations through the partnership. In the production of pallets, JD has become one of the facilitators of EPAL Company leading to the growth of the company to match the global performance of related companies. The existence of a long outstanding commitment to quality experienced by JD Company has helped the EPAL Company to embrace the culture through the partnership and create a long-lasting commitment that improves its operations.

How has the reputation changed on the part of EPAL? The president of EPAL attributes the great performance of JD Company with a high reputation from the businesses and customers leading to its fast growth. The strong local expertise associated with the company has created global networks of the company as well as the partnership. The partnership has come at a very turbulent situation that the entire world undergoes due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease.

The bottom-line 

The partnership will enable the partners to survive the harsh economic condition that many companies are struggling with. As a result, outstanding performance through the provision of high-quality goods and quality services will be achieved making the partnership to expand the operations and hence the market served.

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Importance of Using Custom Debit Cards for Your Company




Debit Cards


Are you a small businessman? And what kind of cards do you use for business transactions? If you are a businessman then a debit card will play a very important role. The most successful merchants so far use debit cards in their business. But why should you use a custom debit card for business? Debit cards help you to fully implement the various interests of your business. If you do not have a debit card, you should get one now. This article will help you to understand the importance of debit cards. So in no way do you skip without finishing this article.

About Custom Prepaid Debit Cards

The main advantage of a custom debit card is that you can raise funds from your account balance. You can only spend your own money. Debit cards work exclusively to balance the business. Also, be able to pay the monthly salary properly. But you need to know exactly how much you need to be aware of to balance your business. Using a debit card puts your money at the top of your business. If you want to take a debit card then it is good because there is no interest and a low fee on the debit card. You can withdraw cash from any networked ATM via debit card. You can even withdraw cash from your bank ATM if needed. The debit card is completely your own money, so you don’t have to borrow money from the card issuer. So you do not have to pay an annual fee to use the card on interest gain. However, you may have to pay a maintenance fee for the card. You must understand the importance of Custom Prepaid Debit Cards. If you are serious about the success of your business, you should pay attention to your debit card. Large business companies use debit cards to keep their employees happy and to maintain the structure of the business. Since many large transactions are done with debit cards, its security system is also very strong. No worries, debit cards are much easier to use. A business custom debit card is a better solution than a credit card. Provides you with some convenience that allows you to make any kind of purchase effortlessly and transfer the balance from here to collect the goods of business transactions. If you have a custom debit card, you can transfer deposits to any other bank very quickly. You will notice that most Americans have a debit card. The benefits that you can enjoy on a debit card will not be possible with a credit card. By entering the website you can get detailed information about debit cards.

Last words:

Hopefully, you realize how important a debit card can be to improving your business. To better represent your future, debit cards will play an important role. If you want to get a debit card without any hassle, and you can do it through our website. Our team will do everything you can to help you get a debit card and make your business a success. If you want to get a debit card, message us now or confirm by calling.

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Shopper Marketing During A Pandemic: How to Engage with Your Customers?



What Is Shopper Marketing

Shopper marketing is a type of marketing that occurs at the point-of-purchase. It focuses on driving sales when the customer is about to make the purchase. It is different from other marketing disciplines because it makes last-minute appeals to the customers, on the other hand, traditional marketing campaigns and promotions develop overall awareness for a brand. Around 61% of shoppers visit in-store because they have a physical location. Companies are using shopper marketing to keep shoppers going to stores after the pandemic. 

Take one example, while walking down the coffee aisle, your consumers see a lot of varieties of different brands. In the end, they will pick one despite the prices and tastes are almost the same for every option available. So, what you are doing to get picked by them is what we call shopper marketing. 

Successful brands across the world use shopper marketing tactics to engage their customers. According to Shaun Brown, SVP of Momentum, North America, estimated that 80% of brands’ focus and expenditure was on in-store experience and 20% on the digital alternatives before the pandemic. But with the insane outbreak of coronavirus, both retailers and consumers have to adjust to the new normal. A huge proportion of the customers are going back to stores. Thinking positively, now this is the opportunity for brands to support the customers and bring back joy to them. 

You should know that shopper marketing is about driving conversion, no matter what the channel is. There are many things that consumers don’t notice while walking through a store. But they are very well implemented and thought out by an in-store marketer. These include the smell, music, lighting, and layout. They entice the consumer who has hit the store in the mood of shopping and persuade them to buy more. 

Let us take a look at how you can successfully engage with your customers through this technique.

1. Convenience and Value

The pandemic has accelerated the need for convenience in all domains; be it grocery or healthcare. It has spiked the demand for immediacy. People want to spend more and the difference between what is considered a luxury vs what is considered essential will be impacted. So, it depends on brands how well they communicate the importance of their brand to the customers.

2. Delivering Convenience

During the pre-pandemic days, home delivery was considered a luxury, but now, it has become a necessity. Every retailer should offer this necessary option. According to Statista, downloads of the retail apps offering home delivery services have increased by around 200% percent. From this, we infer that developing a delivery platform is the need of the hour. So, make sure you promote multiple delivery options.

3. Health and Safety Best Practices

The weak economy has led to buying store labels and has made the ‘need’ more critical as compared to the ‘want.’ Not only the urgency of having high immunity, COVID-19 has brought safety, wellness, and cleanliness to the forefront. In order to attract more customers, use better-quality ingredients.

4. Using Digital Technology

You can be very creative here and utilize the best in-store promotion practices. You can take advantage of the physical proximity and use push notifications to deliver custom content every time the consumer is near a store. All above, it is one of the best opportunities to highlight the USP of your products and services. Keep up with the trends and offer your customers an unforgettable experience.

5. Personalized Options

This one can help you outshine the competition to a great extent. By letting the users receive what they want, say, the softness of tomatoes, color of the bananas, you can make them fall in love with your store. The pinch of newness added can take your business from where it is to where you want it to be. If you need help in actualizing the above-given practices, choose Tokinomo. It provides in-store marketing robots to help you tell your brand story and engage more with shoppers. The customizable movement, lighting, and great audio messages by our experts can put your story in the limelight. 

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