Key Aspects of Rare Earth Moissanite Gem Stone

Moissanite: The Rare Gem

Marriage is the event where two souls are united each other and this is an important event in almost all the human’s life and in all cultures. Depending on the culture, marriage tradition may vary but the act called exchanging the rings is same. Exchanging the rings is the European tradition and slowly spread all over the world. In the act, meaningful and valuable rings will be exchanged between the bride and groom. In engagement or wedding rings what kind of stones are embedded into is also important and that will grace the occasion furthermore.  When it comes to stones then the options are either diamond or moissanite. We may hear a lot about the diamond which is more popular and costlier too. But what is moissanite? Moissanite is mineral of silicon carbide and is rarely available in nature.  But its attractive properties find the place in the jewelry. Hence, the methodology has been developed by Charles & Colvard to produce in the laboratory for further use. Moissanite is a suitable substitute for diamond in all aspects such as Glittering nature (sparkle), scratch resistance, hardness, durability, etc.

Different Aspects of Moissanite

Glittering Nature (Sparkle):  Refractive index is the important property responsible for the glittering nature of any material. In this point of view, the refractive index for a diamond is 2.42 a high value that depicts exactly the large scattering of light happening inside and generate a great amount of sparkle and the high dispersion of light in diamond helps the white light split into a spectrum of colors and flash it out. These all properties are high in moissanite which possesses the refractive index of 2.65, higher than diamond. This is itself will justify its name as Diamond substitute. 

Durability:  Both moissanite and diamond are highly durable and can be used as a family heirloom. The physical Properties called toughness and hardness are the major reasons for this extended durability. 

Hardness: The hardness of any material can be represented in the Mohs scale. The 

hardness value for  Moissanite is 9.25 but for diamond, it is 10. The difference between the 

value may be less but practically looks it creates a huge difference where moissanite is less hard than the diamond. Hence moissanite has better scratch resistance property but not better than diamond.

Toughness: It is a measure of how much pressure it holds, and it will be denoted in the 

PSI scale. The toughness value for Moissanite is two times lesser than the diamond. With 

the figures, we could say that the moissanite has lesser toughness than the diamond.  But 

the other way is that because of less hardness, moissanite may be tougher one. 

Moissainte: Where to Procure?With these aspects, where can we procure the moissanite ring for the engagement or wedding event? Though there are certain companies are offering moissanite jewels, Moissaniteco is the site having a huge collection of moissanite collections including the ring, bracelets, pendants, etc. Interested buyers can visit the site and can pick the right pair that is suitable for couples.

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