Karen Radio Host Fired

Karen Radio Host Fired From KROQ After Complaining About a Salesman’s Advertising

Last week there was an article written about Karen Pryor, a hate-filled radio host who used to espouse white supremacy and other highly divisive white-supremacy views on her popular talk show. This news really shocks many people because she is a well-known personality on the air. She has been on the air for many years and continues to be a controversial figure. But this news really shocks many people because it’s not very common knowledge that she was once fired from her job as a radio host.

Karen Pryor was fired from her job as a Spanish/Radio Show Host for stating offensive and inflammatory material on her show. She stated in one of her shows that blacks in America are the reason why there is violence against whites in the United States of America. She specifically stated that blacks in the United States do not want to be called niggers anymore. The left-leaning media found this to be completely inappropriate and they called her out on the air and had her fired immediately.

The same left-leaning media outlets then excused her bad and racist remarks on the air and gave her a free pass. They also gave her a pass for saying that all Americans are equal. Now some people wonder how someone with a white-power hate message could ever be considered a professional speaker at a Spanish/Rural Housing Center or Senior Community Centers. But that’s just the interesting part in all of this.

Karen Pryor had been scheduled to do a program in January at a Hispanic senior center in downtown Fresno, California. Her booking agent sent out the information about the event on her radio show. Then on her show she mentioned the event and said that she would like to go to the event if she could not make it. She was fired the very next day. The very next day she posted on her blog that she had been fired from KROQ Radio but refused to give details of the event or her firing.

Apparently, one of her complaints was that she did not speak well in Spanish and she thought that would not fly in her new career as a Spanish/English radio host. I suppose it is possible that she thought that if she tried hard enough she could be bilingual. Maybe she should try hard enough to learn Spanish? Although, I doubt that will ever work in an American workplace. That is too strange a dream for me.

There were no shows on the dial during the entire time she was there. There were only two shows when she was hired and those were only thirty minutes apart. It does not make sense to have the most skilled Spanish speaking radio personality on the air while someone else who cannot speak a word of Spanish is hosting. The whole point of having a radio station is to have quality entertainment with quality musicians and if you cannot play your instruments well you cannot be a radio personality.

Karen radio host fired from KROQ was one of many that lost their jobs at this station. This is a huge blow to the thousands of people who are now losing their jobs in this troubled economy. If these people had any skill in the use of English then they too could find employment at a much better company. Many are turning to the internet to find employment because they are aware that there are more companies that hire people in the United States and Canada that do not need a live receptionist than there are places that actually want an actual person on the phone answering the phone.

My question is why on earth did she get fired from this popular radio station? She had every right to be let go and I would like to see how this whole thing has gotten resolved. Will this case be resolved by social media, will she sue or will it be settled out of court?

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