Just a Bag?

There are times when a handbag will do the trick, but other times you need a bag that has more to it—sometimes you need to carry more than just your phone and your wallet. There are a lot of different styles of bags out there, so it’s important to find one that is well-suited for you and your plans. Aim for a bag that fits your needs and has a style that complements your personality as well. Here are some factors in considering bags for women.

Size of the Bag

Ensure your bag is the right size for what you need to carry. With lots of items to carry, you’ll have to get a bigger bag. Typically, a smaller bag will be a better option if you only plan to leave the house for a short time. Make sure the bag fits your needs by buying the right size.

Color and Style

When choosing a bag, color and style are two other key considerations. Choose something that complements your personal style and works well with your wardrobe in general. What kind of look do you prefer? Are you more casual or formal? Or, is this bag just going to be for the gym? If you choose a bag that does not truly work with your wardrobe, it may only become compatible with a single outfit.


Ideally, a bag should be made of a durable material. What you want is something that holds up over time. In addition to regular wear and tear, it should be able to handle some specialty scenarios, such as being waterproof for use at the beach. Keep in mind that you may want something in a material that you can easily clean.


Think about how the bag functions, too. After all, it is a utility item. Make sure that there are plenty of pockets, as well as a place where you can store precious items. For plans that happen at a moment’s notice, it may be best to have a bag that has removable straps you can tuck away.


More than just shape, structure involves how the bag is constructed and can be carried. Is the base broad enough to stand on its own during a subway commute, or is it narrow? Is the closure zip or magnetic? Is it covered in handles and straps, or is it made with a single strap meant to last its lifetime?

It can be tricky to find the right bag. The same bag will often be with us for years, and we may use it for multiple purposes, like for the gym and school, or as our go-to weekender.

Research the available options so that you can identify the best bag for you. Think about the size of the ideal bag that you would want to carry for a given occasion. The style of the bag you choose may depend on whether you will use it for an evening outing, or a trip to the mall. It is okay for you to care about features that others would dismiss as trivial. A zipper that has a lock, or reflective patches for trips back from the gym at night may be what you need.

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