Joy of Virgin Beauty (JOVS) line, a global personal care brand leads the charge in smooth skin

Joy of Virgin Beauty (JOVS) line, a global personal care brand that has partnered and sold exclusively on our website and via our partner CurrentBody, leading “Beauty Device Experts.” The pandemic caused many to look to “do-it-yourself” treatment measurements as salons around the globe remained closed due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic. While many places have been reopened for a while and travel once again on the move, many busy women are playing catch up and spending endless hours on waxes isn’t on the menu. JOVS is offering one-of-a-kind technology that protects the skin as well as removes unwanted hair all from the comfort of your home or hotel room. 

JOVS has created innovative products at the intersection of beauty and technology in a new emerging “beauty tech” category. Whether in the throes of summer or preparing for fall and winter the VenusPro is a must have for all seasons. Founded in 2019, JOVS Beauty provides professionally designed beauty devices that can be easily and effectively used for overall personal grooming and hygiene practices. The product line features the first-ever hair remover / skin care hybrid and touts itself as second to none. Offering a redefinition of what makes a good personal care product, JOVS leads the charge in personal grooming brands. Here are just a few on why they lead the competition:  

  • The first business to consolidate hair removal + skin care.
  • The VenusPro is creating such innovation that we’ve created a new sub-category of beauty products just for this known as “beauty tech.”  
  • The IPL (intense pulsed light) technology that can be found in most JOVS hair removal products safely treats undesirable hair and skin conditions and is generally gentler than laser hair removal.
  • Equipped with a 180-degree rotating head for optimal precision
  • six treatment heads and six energy modes for a totally customizable hair removal experience
  • built in cooling technology
  • a collagen boosting skin rejuvenation attachment

The JOVS Beauty products make great gifts for any occasion. Smooth skin is always in. You can visit to learn more. 

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