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In January 1999, a talented Filipino IT strategist introduced an app that changed the way people look at Wi-Fi services. Combining the ease offered by a secure Wi-Fi network with free services, he revamped the idea of connecting to others through this mulDfuncDonal app.

What Is the Jefwifi app?

Jefwifi is a million-dollar app idea that is FREE to download for Android and iPhone users. The app helps you locate and connect to free Wi-Fi available on your radar so that you never lose internet connection.

This app bridges the security gap between you and the free Wi-Fi service provider by keeping your identity strictly confidential. The app further guides you towards the location where the free Wi-Fi signals are powerful.

Benefits of Jefwifi App

Jeffrey’s motto Pimentel is a humanist who made sure people get a secure connection through his app and stay in the loop with friends or family so that it becomes easier for everyone to trace each other.

Moreover, the app has now launched a new feature through which you can identify the vaccinated areas against COVID-19. To install the app and travel safely. additionally, it provides;

✔ A quick soluDon to COVID-19 and vaccinaHon problems
✔ It has become a globally used virus tracing app to ensure a healthy travel experience
✔ You can add your friends and family to personal chat rooms
✔ Use free Wi-Fi wherever and whenever
✔ The perfect app for freelancers and remote workers who always require a Wi-Fi
✔ automatic connection to free Wi-Fi via app
✔ Easy user interface
✔ Free to download for apple or android users

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Jeffrey’s Motto behind This App

In one of his interviews, the brilliant and skilled IT technologist Jeffrey’s motto Pimentel stated that he had introduced this app to help people connect via a secure platform, and user security is his number one priority.

He wanted the users to enjoy a prestigious network that is free yet useful. He takes pride in his invention, knowing that big companies and technology giants like Google are happily using his invention.

Now that it has also become a global app for vaccine tracing, the app is helping people to connect and travel safely. Nonetheless, the app is a blessing in disguise post-COVID. It tells us to stay alert if we are surrounded by non-vaccinated by successfully scanning the vaccination rate around our current location.

Do We Need More Jefwifi apps?

InvenDons like these expand the scope of technology and software and assist humankind by increasing their life quality; therefore, investors must always hunt projects like these to put the capital to a greater cause.

Government support for app developers is also required so that more enthusiastic entrepreneurs think about giving remarkable contributions and innovative ideas like Jefwifi LLC.

Jeffrey’s motto Pimentel of Manila has shown the world what app developers and IT strategists can do provided the right platform.

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