JD Rickson removes his hit song Chum with 4 million streams from Spotify

Last week JD Rickson removed his hit song Chum from Spotify. This is surprising because Chum is a big hit, especially in the Asian countries many fans listen to the song with Asian influences. Chum had more than 4 million streams and the song that was released in early 2020 has still been streamed to date.

There is no exact reason why JD Rickson has removed his song from all streaming platforms. Several things are speculated. One thing is that JD Rickson removed Chum for a marketing stunt. In the past and especially towards Chum, JD Rickson has used several surprising marketing techniques to promote his music. Maybe there will be a new version of Chum with different artists on it.

A large group of fans or JD Rickson thinks he is building his own platform on which he wants to release his music exclusively. JD Rickson himself has not yet shared any information why he did this. If there is more information about Chum removal we will post about it.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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