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James River Capital



ames River Capital (James River Capital) is a Virginia-based financial firm led by Paul Saunders since 1995. The CEO has won a reputation from different clients across the US for his impeccable leadership, making James River Capital their reliable alternative investment partner. The firm’s trading and investment advisory skills have helped numerous businesses achieve their goals through massive returns.

Over the years, Paul has overcome fear and panic despite the challenges experienced in entrepreneurship. Additionally, he has motivated his team through constant work and daily actions to enable the company to remain in business. Such skills have allowed the firm to stay firm despite the global economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The following are some strategies applied by Paul in running the firm during the crisis that has witnessed massive businesses’ closure.

Giving Coronavirus Its Due

According to Saunders, a positive attitude is critical during such times. By extension, it’s impossible to compete with the virus spread regardless of an individual’s leadership skills. Paul continues to explain that the best way to approach a crisis is through crisis management.

Paul looks into the bigger picture and mobilizes his clients and teams to search for different solutions. By extension, he doesn’t lead James River Capital alone, but he involves everyone in making the company strong. Leaders who make decisions alone have experienced difficulties keeping their companies afloat amidst the pandemic.

Maintaining Positive Leadership

So far, investors and other global economic players have realized that the virus could stay for a while. Positive leaders should motivate their teams by reassuring them that the company or business is stable despite the situation.

However, they should enhance employees’ safety to sustain productivity. As a result, they should emulate the leader and stay focused instead of focusing on other developments outside the company. Paul Saunders has remained in the frontline in supporting everyone at James River Capital.

Constant Communication Is the Key

Saunders has raised the bar by maintaining smooth communication with both the employees and friends. He explains that leaders must practice such skills for the teams and the companies’ benefits. Additionally, it’s the best therapy for healthy well-being.

Saunders notes that the time has come for leaders who lead their businesses from offices to change tactics and increase their face time with employees. The process would boost the team’s morale by feeling appreciated in the company.

Besides, understanding their leaders’ progress in managing the virus helps them feel safe at workplaces. Saunders communicates with his team through Zoom, emails, and phone calls when he isn’t available on the ground. Therefore, other leaders should emulate him.

Taking Safety Precautions

Leaders should ensure that the company applies the safety measures applied elsewhere. Social distancing, usage of PPEs, and personal hygiene should remain mandatory. They could rearrange the work schedules by facilitating shifts to reduce gatherings. Additionally, contracting professional cleaners is an excellent idea. Saunders ensures that James River Capital maintains safety as a priority.

Readjusting Expectations and Goals

Despite the pressure to recover lost time and revenue, Saunders advises leaders to scale down their expectations. In other words, they shouldn’t exercise their powers to hike productivity expectations. Lowering deadlines could also empower employees to work hard. Additionally, setting up an emergency relief fund and mental health counseling programs could boost productivity significantly.

The Bottom Line

The above few tips couldn’t apply in every business because they operate differently. However, they provide a broader picture of managing and sustaining a company during a crisis. Embracing some or all of them could help in one way or another. Besides, there are many more available on different sources that could meet various investors’ expectations.

About James River CapitalFor the last 25 years, the independent investment firm has provided unmatched investment solutions to various businesses. Paul Saunders, the CEO, applies his extensive expertise spanning over two decades in the financial sector to maneuver obstacles and build a strong customer base. It’s (been) one of the reliable private equity firms of all time across the US.

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Heritage Watches Designed to Last




Heritage Watches Designed to Last

Mechanical watches have always been regarded as nostalgic products. They are the famous survivor of a very long age that started when the earliest timepieces were made for monasteries. These are the timeless watches of the Middle Age that came to a sweet end when the quartz watches were introduced in the 1960s.

It’s no doubt that watches are more like miniature pieces of art that boast a combination of practical functionality, the latest advancement in metal technology, and traditional technique. Over the years, these factors have progressively backed up the production of electronics and watches with utmost precision. Watch design and production is a product of changes and trends. The heritage watches were once complete vintage but have found their way back to the limelight. It’s a fact that they are dominating the global space in terms of fashion and watches. The reason for this may not be too far-fetched. These watches are timeless indeed, and they are designed to last forever.

Why Heritage Watches are a Perfect Choice for You

For men and women of fashion, the whole ensemble is not complete without the proper accessories. There are no better accessories for the wrist than the watch. No doubt, there are different brands and designs of watches, but heritage watches are in a class of their own. When you talk about vintage aesthetics, refined watch complications, and unique color options, heritage watches come right into the picture. So are you looking to introduce the vintage neo-dandy style to your collection again? A heritage watch is a good choice to go for. Here are some unique features of the watch that makes it the perfect choice for you.

Chronograph Design

Heritage watches come with the latest chronograph design featuring a domed-looking colored dial with dark rhodium-coated numerals in Arabic and dots for indexes. The chronograph has been designed to provide exceptional visibility with its luminescent hands for the hours and minutes, as well as the contrasting steel baton second’s hand. You’ll find the heritage timepiece with its 42mm stainless steel case and polished satin-finishes. It also features a domed sapphire glass-like box and a distinctive embossing on the back case. Other unique features that make heritage watches include the dial, movement, crown, and case. 

Options of Heritage Watches to Explore


If you’re looking for heritage watches designed to last, the Montblanc Heritage range is a good choice. It comes with the Pulsograph and a stunning chronograph with a salmon-colored dial and steel case. It features a pulsometer scale, which dates back to the time when doctors travel to take the pulse of their patients, counting. This is not the only nostalgic element incorporated in the heritage watch. It also comes with a display window that shows the mono-pusher chronograph caliber. Montblanc heritage watches are limited edition with only 100 pieces available for sale.

Carl F. Bucherer

With an added feature of an annual calendar, the Heritage BiCompax Annual from Carl F. Bucherer is a practical and attractive timepiece. Featuring a 41mm size, it looks as authentic as the 3mm of the original vintage watch. It features a silver-pink dial and rectangular pushers. The annual calendar has also been fused discreetly with the dial design. It also features a distinctive rotor and a movement with perfect precision. You’ll find two limited editions of this brand of heritage watches, with one coming in gold and champagne/pink dial while the other is in steel with dark subdials.


Heritage watches have come to stay. Apart from these two brands, you can also find other brands that offer heritage watches to men and women of fashion.

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What Is Baroque Architecture? Definition, History & More




What Is Baroque Architecture? Definition, History & More


Baroque architecture is an extremely luxurious style of construction, design, and art that emerged in Italy during the 17th century and spread to other parts of Europe and, finally, the United States. This architecture is distinct by highly complex shapes, granite, illumination on a broad scale, and vivid colors. The design of the Baroque style is to reflect the Roman Catholic Church’s pride.

The baroque architecture reflects Renaissance building methods. Baroque architects, furthermore, became distinctly more dramatic. They modified classical style purposely so that buildings became more extravagant and captivating.

Beginning of baroque period.

In Rome, Italy, the Baroque era of architecture happened in the late 16th century. It took the Roman language of Renaissance architecture. It used it, mostly to express the Catholic Church’s victory and the extremist state, in a modern rhetorical and dramatic fashion. Modern discoveries of shape, light and dark, and spectacular intensity have categorized it.

On the one hand, Baroque architecture and its adornments became more open to sentiments and, but on the other hand, a noticeable assertion of the Catholic Church’s riches and influence.

Expansion of baroque period.

Spanish Baroque is a Baroque architecture branch that originated in the late 17th century in Spain and its regions and colonial powers, especially Spanish America and Belgium. As Italian Baroque elements dispersed through the Pyrenees Mountains, the vogue trend since the late 16th century eventually superseded them.

Baroque architecture in Europe.

After the Pope and other Catholic rulers started to create, the style rapidly spread across Europe due to colonialism. Based on the location, baroque architecture has stark contrasts. As the Baroque style became mainstream, they have modified the basic features of areas to support their narrative and fashion. Buildings are extensively painted in most cases and combine elements that appear unique and even incomplete.

Characteristics of Baroque architecture.

Live Enhanced carried out every minute detail of this baroque architecture and stated the detailed info for you!

Giant domes – These domes are typically located in the middle of a structure.

Extravagant decorations – The details are incredibly complex, contributing to the structure’s lavishness and preciousness.

Embellished sculpture – They have made the Monuments of plaster or stone, and usage of strongly complementary colors and patterns are created.

Attention-grabbing qualities – Contoured walls, stained beams, vaulted ceilings, columns, statues, spires, niches, waterfalls, spinning, damaged pediments, etc., could include these.

Mansard, dual roof – This roofing component has been integrated into many chateaux or country palaces and is a central aspect of French Architectural style.

Some little known facts about baroque architecture.  

The practitioners of illumination were Baroque designers and architects.

One of the very first periods artists paid careful attention to light was the Baroque era. Finishes were selected based on how they would represent the sun. Often, to display comparison and generate drama, they added areas of extreme darkness and light. In the art world, Chiaroscuro’s impact is recognized.

There is a connection between Baroque architecture and colonization.

Any of the extravagance found in Baroque architecture helped finance European colonialism. Colonial money, especially in Spain and France, helped rulers create extensive temples and houses to highlight their strength.

There are distinct Baroque architectural styles and eras.

Different kinds can be separated into the Baroque style: absolute Baroque and restrained Baroque. Within the first millennium of the Baroque era, the previous was more widespread in southwestern Europe. During the Late Baroque Era, they have restrained Baroque in northwestern Europe.

Inherently flawed crystal implies the term baroque.

They have chosen the Baroque process to capture the intense pomp and suspense of the age generations. To sum up, Baroque architecture is a dramatic architectural style that emerged in the 17th century in Italy. Baroque-style buildings were primarily temples, luxury homes, and palaces designed to reflect money, influence, and an eye for elegance.

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Invigorating Outdoor Shower Ideas for Swimming Pools Areas




Invigorating Outdoor Shower Ideas for Swimming Pools Areas

Outdoor showers are a seemingly hot trend where you can change your shower design to suit your home and surrounding architectural theme.

Have you been fortunate enough to experience an outdoor hot tub for a while? Although it may feel a little naked and awkward initially, there is nothing as calming as outdoor swimming. Have you yet influenced? I have been saying so. For among the outdoor shower ideas for swimming pool areas, keep reading. From elegant and industrial to retro and organic, outdoor shower styles differ.

They also can stand out as a unique garden element, contributing to your outdoor entertaining space’s overall elegance.

1.Wooden shower.

This wooden outdoor shower idea for swimming pool areas is pretty traditional but appealing, but that makes it so unique. The shower is a complete sealed circle, and the wooden cedar boards make it feel amazing too!

2.Make it luxurious.

Let your exterior shower stretch to your yard if you have plenty of space to deal with. Using stone for the walls, some stonework work is needed. Face the shower for moss to settle on them. It sounds like an alternative from the forest and the best spot for a getaway.

3.Showerhead Of Waterfall

Let your exterior showers look like a luxurious getaway by adding a waterfall-like showerhead.

4.Extension Shower

Broaden the sides of your house with quad pallets designed to create your shower walls, and two piled on top of each other. For additional ease, cover the bottom with grit and wide building blocks. In turn, protect the room with plants that enjoy moisture.

  5. Bamboo Cage Outdoor Tub

Encircle tall communities of live or previously cultivated bamboo in your outdoor pool shower. It sets off a tropical vibe for sure and gives you exposure to mother nature. The Architectural Designs are always ready to provide you with these beautiful concepts.

 6. The Bottles of Glass

Recycle loads of old plastic containers and then use them by building your shower framework for them. It is one of the most exciting and pocket-friendly tips to make an outdoor bathroom.

7. Small Cottage

Off the sides of your home, build a mini-cabin that you can shower in. To finish the theme, you can also adorn it with lots of different potential confounders.

8. Rock of Lava

Attach the bathroom walls with volcanic rock and lots of warm, lush plants. If chosen, you might also cover the roof with pine beams. It is one of the loveliest showers for outdoor use.


For an incredibly luxurious soaking atmosphere, cover the streets of your outdoor stone tub. These kinds of outdoor showers ideas are adorable and loved by everyone.

10. Greenery Lush

Whether you have the storage and atmosphere required to completely cover your outdoor pool shower with live plants to make it happen, banana trees will do a fine job, and Fiddle Leaf Figs would do something like that.

11. Surfing Boards

Place them in the field and build an outdoor walk-in shower fitted if you are an old surf-boarder with lots of old decks lying.

12 . Colored Wash of Slate

For an ultra-modern theme, paint the slate-colored walls of your bathroom. It is one of my favorite showers for outdoor use!

13. Archway of Metal

A shower that does not really look like a shower until it is flipped on uses a metallic walkway.

14.Ancient Tree

For a fun and creative wash, run a shower to match up the trunk of a dead tree. As walking blocks, use river rocks.

15.Enclosure of Curtain

Do not think about your shower forming a sealed structure. Using a curved shower rod and a curtain for protection from the outside of your building. to cover properly

16.Enclosure Circled

Build an outdoor pool shower and tub that loops around one bath for something particularly spa-like. It will produce a reasonably luxurious outdoor tub.


By exchanging the bathroom’s bottom for a large and spacious tub, make all of the concepts above suitable for a bath. When swimming, it is among the best choices for pool shower ideas.

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The 15 Best things to do in Safaris of Dubai Desert




Let’s explore the 17 best ways to enjoy the Dubai desert ! Find out all about the best desert safaris in Dubai, including activities you can do, if there are combo tickets, and other important things to keep in mind.Things to do in Dobai

1 – Go on a Jeep safari.

Travel through the desert in a 4 × 4 so you can explore the desert comfortably and accompanied by a driver. The Jeep safari in the desert costs around € 40. These tours are typically combined with many other activities such as Dune Bashing and sandboarding, so consider checking out these all-inclusive tours.

2 – Be brave and try the «Dune Bashing»

Hop in a 4 × 4 so you can experience the “dune bashing” with a professional driver. This activity is perfect for those who love adrenaline; you will feel the excitement in the jeep going up and down the dunes. This type of activity is included in Jeep tours, so check Tour Scanner for the best deals

3 – Motocross ride

Hit the sand dunes on a desert motocross ride. An introductory lesson for beginners is included, as well as all equipment to be safe. These tours are quite expensive, but if you are a motorcycle lover and want to experience something with adrenaline, this is perfect for you.

4 – Try a bike with big wheels

Explore the desert of Dubai on two wheels or even better: a bike with big wheels! With an expert guide, you can explore the desert on these bikes that have oversized wheels designed to ride the desert sand. There are bike tours that take you for 5 hours through the desert, so if you have the audacity, test your fitness on this type of tour!

5 – Get on a hot air balloon and contemplate the desert from the sky

Experience the desert safari with a different perspective by boarding a hot air balloon. These tours usually start early in the morning to get an even more beautiful view as the sun begins to rise. If you have the courage, get on board a hot air balloon and don’t forget your camera to capture this unique moment!

6 – Surf in sand waves (sandboarding)

Try sandboarding , a popular activity in the desert. It is fun to slide down the dunes on a surfboard, an activity that is absolutely necessary to include in your trip through the dunes of Dubai!

7 – Camel excursion and desert exploration

You will likely see camels in the desert in Dubai, why not experience riding one? They are known to be calm animals and the camel owners will give you instructions on how to ride the camel. You should definitely include the camel ride to your desert safari in Dubai.

There are also camel farms that you can visit if you are interested in learning more about these animals.

8 – Ride a horse

Similar to camel tours, you also have the option of horseback riding through the desert. These types of experiences are very unique and perfect for relaxing. The duration of the excursions are around 90 minutes and will be accompanied by a guide.

9 – Drive a quad or buggy

Tour the desert on a quad bike, which will undoubtedly be an exciting experience. They will give you instructions on how to use the quad and they will provide you with all the protective equipment.

Or if you prefer, you can also ride a buggy that can be more comfortable. Both are a bit pricey, but you can search TourScanner for the best deals that usually include other activities to do in the desert.

10 – Get in a vintage Land Rover

If you’re looking for something even more luxurious, explore the desert safari in style in a vintage Land Rover. This type of excursion tends to be expensive but worth it, as it includes many other activities to maximize your desert safari experience.

11 – Discover the local fauna in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

Board a Range Rover with a professional safari guide who will take you through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. In this way, you will discover the desert ecosystem and the local fauna, which is the most conserved area in the United Arab Emirates.

12 – Spend a night in a desert camp.

Spend the night in the desert for an even more unique experience. You can sleep in a luxurious refuge in the desert of Dubai and relax after all the activities throughout the day. Check TourScanner for the best deals for an overnight stay as many can vary depending on the level of luxury you desire.

13 – Taste the local cuisine and enjoy a show.

Although spending time in the desert doing interesting activities can be exhausting, in the evening you can relax and enjoy a delicious traditional meal and a show.

There is nothing better than trying the typical food of a different culture and learning more about the culture and traditions.

14 – Gaze at the stars

There is nothing more unique than stargazing in the desert. It is one of the most beautiful experiences and the best way to relax after the heat and adrenaline of the activities.

If you want to enjoy stargazing to the fullest, an expert can give you an astronomy lesson while you admire a beautiful sky at night.

15 – Try a night safari in the desert.

Experience the desert at night on a 5-hour tour, as the sunset can be seen in a private vintage Land Rover to observe the wildlife and beauty of the desert. A professional driver and guide will accompany you at all times to ensure you have a wonderful experience. After the desert tour, it is highly recommended to spend the night in the camp and observe the stars at night with an astronomer guide.

Dubai Marina

One of Dubai’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, Dhow cruise Dubai Marina is set on a two-mile stretch of pristine sand facing the Arabian Gulf. As gleaming yachts bob gently and towering skyscrapers glitter in the desert sun, locals and visitors wander palm-lined promenades, shop in glamorous boutiques and dine al fresco by elegant fountains. It’s here that Jumeirah Living Marina Gate, our new, dynamic destination for urban living, opened its doors in early September 2020. When you’re not relaxing in one of its spacious residential suites, discover the best things to see and do at Dubai Marina.

Hit the beach

Dubai Marina’s two primary beaches are The Beach and The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Both are family-friendly, with activities for children ranging from inflatable waterparks to miniature trains and even camel rides, yet offer plenty for adults, too. Relax in a cabana between dips in the sea; top up your tan during a game of beach volleyball; take to the waves on a jetski or wakeboard; or browse the waterside markets. When it’s time for refreshments, be seated at any number of chic restaurants and bars offering tempting fare with Emirati flair. Prefer to swim in a pool rather than the sea? Jumeirah Living Marina Gate’s very own 23-metre infinity pool, fringed by foliage and overlooking the ocean, is the perfect place to cool off.

Stroll Dubai Marina

Lining the main waterway are broad boulevards ideal for a scenic walk or invigorating jog. Make a loop along the coast, past the marina spotting superyachts berthed at Dubai’s International Marine Club, passing sunbathers on the sands towards Zero Gravity Beach Club, where skydivers and parachutists add a dash of contrasting colour to blue skies. Alternatively, pick up a bicycle and glide along the cosmopolitan canalside and along The Walk, as every bridge and path have a dedicated lane for two-wheeled explorers.

Shop at Dubai Marina Mall

Set across four floors, Dubai Marina Mall is fairly modest by Dubai’s own palatial standards, yet the range of stores on offer won’t disappoint. In the cool of its marbled halls, discover haute couture and high street fashion, organic beauty brands and bespoke jewellers, as well as waterside cafes, restaurants and the 6-screen Reel Cinemas, a popular place to see the latest Hollywood hits.

Take a sunset cruise

Step aboard a luxury boat and take in the stunning sight of the sun sinking as you glide along Marina Canal and through Palm Lagoon. A glass of Champagne in hand, admire the city skyline as you pass landmarks including the Burj Al Arab, the grand gate of the Atlantis and the superyachts casually moored in Dubai Marina. Longer cruises can also be had for those seeking to drink and dance the night away to a backdrop of smartly-lit skyscrapers reflecting on the gentle waves.

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An Insider’s Tips On Keeping Your Home Clean All Year Around




A cluttered home can birth a cluttered mind. If you have goals to accomplish in the year 2021 and are looking forward to doing it with full force, then this year, you have to keep your home space decluttered. By that, we do not mean that you have to go all Marie condo on your home. Instead, choose to declutter a variety of spaces in your home to keep it looking fresh and creative, worthy of stimulating progress in your life through passionate work. Hiring home cleaning services in New York may be the best way for you to use your time. In fact, if you do not have the time to spend cleaning your home, these made services in New York or the apartment cleaning service in New York can easily help you to become a more productive person, worrying only where worrying is needed.

Here are some things that you can do to keep your home looking clean at all times on your own:

●    Declutter your most used space

As you jumpstart your mission to clean in 2021, the best place to begin that process is by picking the busiest, most lived-in space of your home and tackling that area first. It could be whatever room you use the most. It could be the living room or even your kids’ playroom. All you have to do is muster the determination needed to gather each item collected in the appropriate space and take it away for future use or donate if you no longer see a need for it. Ask yourself the question: do you love this item? And next, do you use it regularly? If the answers to these are no, then you may need to donate the item.

●    Use of would you have before buying anything more

As you begin to start filling up all your drawers with multiples of the same items that you may require at a future date in the year 2021, make it a point to look through the supplies that you already have stored and see if you can finish using them up before buying new supplies. Always use up the last bit of toothpaste or the lotion that you already have before spending extra money trying to get more things and being a wasteful person. This will ensure that your home is less cluttered.

●    Clear all surfaces

The possibility of having a cluttered space on the surfaces on your closet, on your nightstand, coffee tables on the dresses, and even your desks and kitchen counters are high. This may be especially true due to the fact that in 2020 you may hardly have stepped out of your home and been doing everything within the comfort of your home due to the pandemic. Surfaces breed with clutter, and cleaning those spaces can clarify your mind and give you the vision and creative space needed to create your next move professionally or personally.

●    Put back your clothes every night

Let’s be honest, most of us have a close chair set up in one corner of our bedrooms. Maybe it’s not a chair for you. It could just be a space where all your clothes are tossed away to be later dealt with. However, You never get around to actually dealing with those clothes later on. They end up becoming a huge pile, and soon they start crawling underneath your bed. You could start by taking that chair away or making it a point to put away all your clothes by the end of the day before you get into bed. Trust that you will thank yourself for doing so by morning.

●    Throw your trash away instantly

This may sound like a simple yet obvious notion. But apparently not! As insiders, we know that the amount of clutter in your home that needs to be thrown away or never recycled really gets recycled. They take up so much space in the home as well as your minds that you have a hard time processing your day to day tasks. We have especially seen this while apartment cleaning in New York.

●    Try and give every new item a new home

Whether you have a buyer’s remorse or contemplation on returning your bought items, they don’t really make it into your closet instead lingering around in common out spaces. While you wait to decide on what to do with the item, make sure that they are not wallowing space in your entryway; instead, declutter them and give them a poor proper and permanent space until they can be moved to the next process of selling it or returning it.

●    Spend about five minutes tidying up your entire space every night

Lastly, make sure that you give yourself five minutes to tidy up before you head to bed. If that’s too hard for you and you’re driven to bed by the end of the day, make sure to set a timer and see the number of things that you can accomplish within five minutes. All you have to do is set your timer and take the time to accomplish the five steps mentioned above. Instantly, You will end up doing so much decluttering that your mornings will look amazing.

If you’re hot pressed with time to do any of these and you stay in New York City, you could always hire home cleaning services in New York City, and we will make your life easy entirely.

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