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ames River Capital (James River Capital) is a Virginia-based financial firm led by Paul Saunders since 1995. The CEO has won a reputation from different clients across the US for his impeccable leadership, making James River Capital their reliable alternative investment partner. The firm’s trading and investment advisory skills have helped numerous businesses achieve their goals through massive returns.

Over the years, Paul has overcome fear and panic despite the challenges experienced in entrepreneurship. Additionally, he has motivated his team through constant work and daily actions to enable the company to remain in business. Such skills have allowed the firm to stay firm despite the global economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The following are some strategies applied by Paul in running the firm during the crisis that has witnessed massive businesses’ closure.

Giving Coronavirus Its Due

According to Saunders, a positive attitude is critical during such times. By extension, it’s impossible to compete with the virus spread regardless of an individual’s leadership skills. Paul continues to explain that the best way to approach a crisis is through crisis management.

Paul looks into the bigger picture and mobilizes his clients and teams to search for different solutions. By extension, he doesn’t lead James River Capital alone, but he involves everyone in making the company strong. Leaders who make decisions alone have experienced difficulties keeping their companies afloat amidst the pandemic.

Maintaining Positive Leadership

So far, investors and other global economic players have realized that the virus could stay for a while. Positive leaders should motivate their teams by reassuring them that the company or business is stable despite the situation.

However, they should enhance employees’ safety to sustain productivity. As a result, they should emulate the leader and stay focused instead of focusing on other developments outside the company. Paul Saunders has remained in the frontline in supporting everyone at James River Capital.

Constant Communication Is the Key

Saunders has raised the bar by maintaining smooth communication with both the employees and friends. He explains that leaders must practice such skills for the teams and the companies’ benefits. Additionally, it’s the best therapy for healthy well-being.

Saunders notes that the time has come for leaders who lead their businesses from offices to change tactics and increase their face time with employees. The process would boost the team’s morale by feeling appreciated in the company.

Besides, understanding their leaders’ progress in managing the virus helps them feel safe at workplaces. Saunders communicates with his team through Zoom, emails, and phone calls when he isn’t available on the ground. Therefore, other leaders should emulate him.

Taking Safety Precautions

Leaders should ensure that the company applies the safety measures applied elsewhere. Social distancing, usage of PPEs, and personal hygiene should remain mandatory. They could rearrange the work schedules by facilitating shifts to reduce gatherings. Additionally, contracting professional cleaners is an excellent idea. Saunders ensures that James River Capital maintains safety as a priority.

Readjusting Expectations and Goals

Despite the pressure to recover lost time and revenue, Saunders advises leaders to scale down their expectations. In other words, they shouldn’t exercise their powers to hike productivity expectations. Lowering deadlines could also empower employees to work hard. Additionally, setting up an emergency relief fund and mental health counseling programs could boost productivity significantly.

The Bottom Line

The above few tips couldn’t apply in every business because they operate differently. However, they provide a broader picture of managing and sustaining a company during a crisis. Embracing some or all of them could help in one way or another. Besides, there are many more available on different sources that could meet various investors’ expectations.

About James River CapitalFor the last 25 years, the independent investment firm has provided unmatched investment solutions to various businesses. Paul Saunders, the CEO, applies his extensive expertise spanning over two decades in the financial sector to maneuver obstacles and build a strong customer base. It’s (been) one of the reliable private equity firms of all time across the US.

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