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Jada Finance Launches a Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Driven by Artificial Intelligence

TIJUANA, August 14, 2021 – Jada Finance is launching a cryptocurrency ecosystem designed to create economic growth for everyone with the help of artificial intelligence. With this platform, Jada Finance hopes to make hardship obsolete and bring prosperity to life everywhere.

Families from different socio-economic backgrounds face different financial struggles. Moreover, highly skilled professionals struggle to fit into the economy and make money from their skills. The current COVID-19 situation has only worsened an already bad situation. With businesses closing, families losing their sources of income, and people being forced to limit the way they live, things are worse than ever before.

“Throughout my life I’ve seen individuals and families losing their livelihoods, accumulating exorbitant amounts of debt and succumbing to mental illness as a result,” says Jada Finance founder Diego Torres. “Jada Finance is designed to help people make their money work for them through smart banking. More importantly, the ecosystem is built to drive economic growth, thus helping people sustain themselves.”

The Jada ecosystem does not discriminate, judge or steal for profit at the cost of others. This is a good alternative for people who want to grow their money but are tired of conventional financial institutions. Banks are notorious for freezing accounts when the owners need them most, taking weeks to credit deposits, or denying that there is any money available. Unlike these institutions that always look to benefit themselves first, Jada Finance helps communities grow and is available for everyone.

The native currency of the Jada ecosystem is already available for purchase. Jades are designed to help users to trade as well as access and participate in the Jada economy. Jades run through Maro, a liquidity protocol designed to achieve participant-specific goals and power network operations at all levels. Fortuno, an economic-driver protocol, runs parallel to Maro and drives economic growth for all participants. Fortuno creates new opportunities for participants to earn more value, including job and business opportunities. Positive contributions in both Maro and Fortuno are awarded in Aura, Jada’s second currency.

Jada’s artificial intelligence solution, Jada Ai, creates, oversees, and rules every protocol in the ecosystem. Jada Ai analyses economic and financial behavior on the platform and uses this analysis to make decisions that drive economic growth for all participants. In addition to adjusting to network events and economic changes, Jada Ai keeps the grid safe from malicious attacks.

Jada Finance is committed to promoting sustainable economic growth for everyone while being friendly to the environment. With Jada Finance, solutions to every financial and economic problem are just a thought away.

About Jada Finance

Jada Finance is a new financial ecosystem designed to eliminate hardship by helping people achieve sustainable economic growth. By issuing participants with the native currency, Jades, the platform enables people to participate in the economy, earn value and achieve economic growth.

Web: https://jada.finance/

Telegram: https://t.me/JadaFinanceAi

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/jada.finance

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jada.finance

Explainer video: https://vimeo.com/575710444

Media Contact: Diego Torres

Email: hello@jada.finance

Phone:+52 (664) 800-7858

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