J Muzique: A Music Industry Gem Eager To Get Noticed

Jonathan Harrigan better known by his stage name J Muzique is an on the rise Artist/Producer
and Songwriter from Worcester, Massachusetts. J Muzique caters very well to many genres
within music such as Hip Hop/Rap, R&BN, Pop, Alternative and EDM. This individual is very
versatile and quite clever with the way he creates content. After hearing a record that featured
mainstream artists Kanye West and Chance The Rapper, J Muzique was eager to create his
own music. His cousin granted him that chance at a studio he engineered at and gave J
Muzique a recording session. After working a shift he had his music playing in his car while
driving a client around, she did not know it was Jonathan. Listening to the song she began to cry
and asked who was the artist on the record. Once she found out it was J Muzique she told him
never to stop following his passion and the song had touched her very deeply. He knew that he
had an ability to reach and inspire others with his musical talent and that was the start of his

He began to purchase his own equipment and teach himself how to engineer his own content.
April 19,2020 was his first full year of recording and mixing his own music. After upgrading his
equipment and gaining more producer knowledge he finished his EP called “A Very Very Boring
Session” Prod. OG_Bay, Black Beat, Rolan Joe C and Distro released on May 15th. Since a kid
Jonathan has always been surrounded by music, but he wasn’t always a just a musician. He
used to play Football and do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but due to knee surgeries had to hang up his
cleats. He kept his positivity after hitting a downward spiral and that’s when his new admiration
for music really peaked and he became this musical mastermind we see today. His music has
been heard in 69 countries and he has over 200,00 streams on Spotify. He states ” Trust is
something I’ve learned more about and had keep a level head and a eye open, not everyone
out to fail you. It’s all hit or miss, making, producing, engineering music is a business you have
to take risks to achieve results whether is a W or Loss. Opened myself to more criticism,
criticism is everything from ya best friend to a family member, or random person. You have to be
open to criticism it’s only gunna make you better as a person and artist. Your gunna run into real
n fake people, ones who are ready to work and the ones that “say they ready to work”. I really
don’t see them as principles or values but more so lessons. It’s all a learning process at the end
of the day. I’m learning more and more everyday whether it’s through a right or wrong move. It’s
teaches more and more, I learn how to move differently, I know how to Handle music/ business
moves the right way. Who to work with who not to.” Wise words from this talented artist.

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