It’s world laughter day and here are the list of some comedy flicks which will tickle your funny bone!

Since the world is fighting with the virus all around the world, and there is nationwide lockdown in india and also some parts of the world . People should not forget to laugh in these tough time and as the day is celebrated as an awareness about laughing and also it’s benifit to our body. So, here are some list of films of Hollywood and Bollywood comic flicks

1. Phir hera pheri

The money fooling and chasing goon game that create a whlle choas which is been directed by neeraj vohra in 2006. The film stars Akshay Kumar, sunil shetty & paresh rawal in the lead roles along with superb suporting team of comic actors like johnny lever , rajpal yadav , manoj joshi, ravi kishan etc. The film was an average by critics but the audiences loved the film and nowadays especially the college audiences are loving the film. The film is available on MX player and zee5.


The aneez bazmee starter which revolved around 2 goons trying their sister to get married with a good guy but soon the guy family opposed the marriage. The whole hillatious incidince that occurs during the whole film and especially the climax. The hillarious dialogue will sureluly make your heart happy. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Katrina kaif, anil Kapoor, nana patekar and paresh rawal . The film is available on MX player and zee5.

3. Singh is kinng

Another hilarious joy ride which os directed by aneez bazmee and starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina kaif in the leads. The film revolves around Happy (Played by Akshay Kumar ) who goes to Australia to bring back his cousin brother ( played by sonu sood) but in return he himself becomes the king of the world. The film is available on Amazon prime video.

4. Andaz apna apna

The film directed by rajkumar santoshi had some memorable characters especially shakti Kapoor crime master gogo. His dhakichiki dhakichiki dialogue is being loved by kids the most. The film stars Salman Khan and aamir khan in the lead role. The film is available on voot app, Netflix, YouTube.

5. Deadpool

Based on Marvel’s comic book, Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) will be remembered as a kickass cool dude superhero who diagnosed with cancer and going under treatment developes self healing factor and becomes an extraordinarily superhero. The marvel film will refresh you for sure . The opening credits of the film and interesting plot will make you more curious to watch the film. The film is available on Disney plus hotstar & YouTube.

6.The Hangover (All parts)

The film which involves around a bachelor party, where three best men and the groom take a road trip to Las Vegas. They wake up the next morning to realise that not only have they lost the groom but also have no recollection. All the three parts are really hilarious snd have some of the moments that we can never forget in our lives! The film trilogy which is directed by academic award nominee director Todd Phillips, is now streaming on Amazon prime video

7. It’s a mad mad mad world

The old vintage film but one of the best and bery funny comedy movie ever made ! Literally the kids will love the film. Very funny this film is and especially the the way they shoot the climax part. This one will tickle all your bones and will force you to forget your problems for a while and enjoy this film. The film is directed by Stanley Kramer and is available on Amazon prime video.

8. Namak Hallal

Another best comic vintage film starring amitabh bachchan , is very funny. This film was loved by our parents and still this movie was a gem. The comic timing of mr. Bachchan ji was perfect alkmg with shammi kapoor. The film was directed by prakash mehra and is available on Netflix.

9. Golmaal film series (old & new)

In 1979 , actor amol palekar starrer comedy film is considered to be the best film of that time. It’s the best classic confusing comedy film. Also the film won many awards . The film is directed by Hrishikesh mukerjee and is available on Sony liv, Netflix & YouTube.

Golmaal film series made by Rohit shetty from 2008 and still counting. The film stars Ajay devgn, kareena Kapoor, arshad warsi, and tushar kapoor in leads. Out the four , golmaal 3 was the best. All the parts will definitely make you laugh in some parts and this series has given memorable characters other than main characters like vasooli bhai, pappi, panduranga. The film dialogues are really very childish but very hilarious too. All parts are directed under rohit shetty and golmaal is available on MX player, golmaal returns on voot app & jio cinema, golmaal 3 on Disney plus hotstar and YouTube & golmaal again on Amazon prime video.

10. Housefull film series

Housefull film series revolve around the same storyline in every part except the fourth which revolves around grandeur of historical epic. The film series are slapstick comedy except fourth one. The first two parts are directed by sajid khan and the remaining two by farad samjhi. The first part of housefull is available on MX player, zee5, jio cinema & YouTube while the remaining three are available on Disney plus hotstar.

11. Scary movie film series

Scary movie which is not thay scary reminds of making spoofs like scream , I know what you did last summer, the sixth sense and matrix. The film is very hilarious and behaving like a perfect teen comedy movie. The film series is available on Netflix.

12. Dhammal film series

One of the best comedy movies in Bollywood. The whole film series is been directed by indira Kumar. There are total 3 parts out of which the first and original part has the best laugh!! Seriously the dialogues especially in the second half… LOL this movie will make your day! Dhamaal first part available on MX player, Netflix, zee5 & YouTube, while double dhamaal on jio cinema and zee5 & total dhamaal on Disney plus hotstar.

13. Malamaal weekly

This film based on lottery ticket wining prize and when they notice the lottery is missing and the winner of the ticket is dead, a whole choss of madness events takes place. The film which is been directed by priyadarshan who is known in Bollywood for making comedy films has made this another village area drametically comedy movie. The audience still loves the film. The film is availabe on amazon prime video and MX player

14. Airplane (1980)

It is considered as the best comedy film ever made. The film is a spoof of the airport disaster movies. When the crew of an airplane are struck by a virus, the fate of the passengers now depend on an ex-war pilot who is the only one able to land the plane safely. The movie is available on Amazon prime video.

15. Main tera hero

The film directed by david dhawan, father of varun dhavan. This film will really make you laugh and the comedy timing of varun dhavan is really paisa vasool. The film is spicy hot combo of comedy and drama. The film is available on Amazon prime video and jio cinema.

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